What Home Improvements Add The Most Value

What Home Improvements Add The Most Value

Are you curious to know what home
improvements add the most value and what buyers are looking for? Well stay with us
because we’re about to get into. Hi there I’m Krish! I’m a Realtor® and mom in Orlando Florida and I post new videos every Wednesday about real estate and
lifestyle in the Orlando area. At the end of this video I’ll give you a blank copy
of the home improvement template, so make sure you stick around till the end. Have
you decided to do some home renovation here are the top 5 that buyers look for
and that add the most value here in Florida. Number 5 is curve appeal. So
buyers like to walk up to a home and they see that fresh mulch and a
manicured lawn along with flowers lined up. They love seeing that things are done
and they don’t have to think about it and it’s moving ready.
Number four is painting. They like to see that the outdoor and indoor are
painted in particular with neutral colors. Number three are floors.
Buyers like to walk in and there are no dark and dingy carpets. They don’t have
to be new floors they just have to be well-maintained. Number two is the
kitchen. This is the gathering space where everyone eats their meals and
talks about their day and unwind. It’s very very important to have the cabinets
looking good and well-maintained as well as appliances that are in working
condition. They also are looking for granite. Granite is so important! I can’t
emphasize how easy it is to do granite. It’s not even that expensive and if it’s
one thing that you want in the home that is granite. Number one is actually a two in one. The HVAC system and the roof. If these items
are 15 to 20 years old the buyers are going to want to
negotiate this and it’s just going to come up in the inspection period.
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  1. I so agree about the floors! I’ve got some buyers right now and they look at the flooring as soon as they walk in the door.

  2. my daytime job is construction? Yes, I do home repairs and maintenance, renovation, licensed contractor, p.s. I'm the founder of the largest real estate investment group in Polk County Florida ( real estate investor) "corruption czar"

  3. Yep a little bit of bark and some weeding can make the front of the house looks so much more appealing.

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