What If You Were A Pokemon Gym Leader? – Normal

What If You Were A Pokemon Gym Leader? – Normal

(energetic game music) (electronic ding) – Hey, Pokemon Masters.
Bird Keeper Toby here. Recently, I made a video
about what all the types of the upcoming gym leaders
will be in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but that got me thinking. What if I was a gym
leader in Sun and Moon? What if Game Freak came to me and said, “You can have any gym
design and type you want.” My good friend Mr. Buddy did a whole video on this last year, talking about how his gym would be a water park. It wouldn’t really in depth
everything from the teams, to the badge, so prepare for
the same thing from me today as I tell you about my
very own Pokemon gym. So the first and most
crucial thing to decide is what kind of Pokemon gym am I going to be, or rather, what is my Pokemon type. Apart from one gym leader
in the whole franchise, every gym has a specific type
to challenge the trainer. So, Bird Keeper Toby,
what’s my type gonna be? Not flying, because believe it or not, flying are not necessarily
my favorite type of Pokemon. I’m called Bird Keeper Toby after a bird keeper called Toby in Johto. My favorite and preferred
type to be a gym leader of is what I believe to be
the most powerful gym type. No, it’s not dragons, psychic or fairy. It’s normal. Normal type gyms are a pain, especially at the early stages in the game when they normally appear. Normally because you don’t have a fighting type at that point. And even if you do, normal type Pokemon come packed with bulk, so
they’re just hard to get past. Whitney is a perfect example
of this with her miltank, which, let’s face it, is
infamously unbeatable. I mean, obviously, it
would’ve beaten Joseph, but the point is, normal
types leave an impact. By the time you get to those
dragons and psychic gyms later in the game, you
normally have at least one STAB move that can
deal with those Pokemon. With that in mind, one thing
to be an actual gym challenger, I want my normal gym to be one of the second or third
gyms that you encounter in the game. So we’re talking Pokemon
around or just under level 20. So the next thing is the theme
and the trainers of the gym. When it comes to the theme, just keep in mind several key words: lazy, sleepy, surprised,
expect the unexpected. These are the things I have in mind going into creating my gym. Let’s talk about the gym trainers. There will be five of them and they all have Pokemon relating to the main theme. We’re talking Jigglypuff,
Slackoth, Muchlax, and Spinda, and for the 5th trainer,
they’re going to have a normal flying type, Swablu. This is so I can give at
least one of them the line, “You know, the gym leader used
to be a bird keeper, too.” I want all of these Pokemon to have moves that would apply status
conditions, or do odd things, and maybe tricky berries
to deal with as well. I really want the gym challenges to think, “How do I get out of this one?” The gym itself is going to be
designed as the lazy forest. We’re talking about the autumn tree colors from Ekretiksity in a gym where the same room repeats
over and over again, except with a different gym trainer, just like the Lost Woods
from The Legend of Zelda. But rather than there being
one correct park you can go, there’s gonna be two or
three to make it easier, and of course, it’s going
to be very, very small. The idea though, of course, is if the trainer goes
through the wrong door, the wrong part of the woods they will enter back to
the beginning of the gym. When the gym trainers
finally reach the end, they’re going to find me, the gym leader, asleep in a hammock. This, like the lazy,
sleepy Pokemon of my gym is reflective of my own personality. I work a lot better after a nap. So the next and most important part, of course, is my team. Which Pokemon am I running? Well, I’m having two,
and as the poem goes, if you go into the woods today, you’ll surely get a surprise. That a poem about bears. My two Pokemon being based off of bears, Teddiursa is the first one. For one, it’s adorable,
but it fits in the theme with a sleepy, woods kind
of feel because it’s got the crescent moon on its head. Please make me a gym leader
in Pokemon Moon, at least? But much like Whitney of
Johto, this type of urse is just a front. It will have some tricky
moves, maybe like a track to try and annoy the opponent, but ultimately Teddiursa is
expected to go down quickly. Then of course, I bring out my big boss. My ace Pokemon of the gym
probably residing somewhere around the level 20 mark, and my favorite Pokemon
of all time, Snorlax. As I say, reflective
of my own personality, food-loving and napping
is just what I do best. Snorlax is just my favorite,
a big, cuddly bear. Snorlax is high HP and
STAB-normal type moves that at this point in the
game are gonna be very tricky for my challenger to deal with. They’re gonna have to
over-level their Pokemon, and you thought that Whitney’s
Miltank was difficult because it had milk drink and
can restore it’s own health. Well here I am with my two, I guess, Super Potions at this point? And as well as rocking body-SLAM, my Snorlax has the moves
rest and sleep talk. This Pokemon is going to leave an impact. It will scar you. And of course, it will be
the highest level Pokemon that you’ll have the ability to encounter at that point in the game. This will be a real gym challenge. So I only mention three
of Snorlax’s moves, and that’s because when you defeat me, you will be getting a TM. TM27, the moves return,
which will be attached to all of the Pokemon that
you encounter in the gym. This is just a personal
favorite move of mine, and it increases the
strength of the attack, depending on the friendship level between the trainer and the Pokemon, and an important thing for
a starting Pokemon trainer. And of course, you’ll get
awarded with your badge, the surprise badge. ‘Cause I like an exclamation mark, this is my own work-up. I know it’s terrible, but
after challenging my gym, I hope the thing you take away from it is to expect the unexpected. You see me there sleeping, being lazy. You don’t think it’s gonna
be much of a challenge. It’s gonna be your biggest challenge. Working around moves like a
tract and rest and status, you’ve got to be thinking on your toes. Don’t look at these cute
sleepy, lazy Pokemon and think, “Oh, I can
take them out easily,” because you won’t be able to. The importance of learning
a lesson from this gym is that you’ve got to
think outside the box. Those are just my feelings anyway. Of course, Game Freak
probably won’t approach me and ask me to be a gym
leader in Southern Moon. They might approach you though,
so why don’t you let me know about your individual gym in the comments, or of course, make a video of your own. And if maybe this is your first video, be sure to hit the Like and the Subscribe. Appreciate it. So hi, Pokemon Masters. – [Voiceover] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video
by Bird Keeper Tony. That makes you a Pokemon Master. (energetic game music)

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  1. (Boy I’m late, but, whatever c;) Mysticin gym || Based off of: A woods || Number: 1st gym || Type: Fairy & Grass || Trainers: Bug catcher, and twins || Pokemon you might find: Cherubi, Oddish, Bounsweet, (rarely) Petilli || Gym leaders: Me and my sister (double battle) || My team: Tangela (Lvl 8), Hoppip (Lvl 9) || Sister’s team: Spritzee (Lvl 6), Morelull (Lvl 7) || When encountering gym leaders: ‘We think that everyone should have a bit of sweetness in them, let’s give you some!’ || After battle: ‘Well, at least we had a good match, here’s the Cherry badge (Shaped like a cherry blossom).’ || TM: Bullet seed (TM09) ||

  2. My gym would be a Ghost type Gym. It would be in a place that they honor the spirits of the past that protected the islands in the past. The location would be on a small mostly wild island. The gym is at a high point and is the biggest building there. Once you enter, you will have to solve puzzles that have to do with illusions. There will be four trainers before the gym leader, each of them having Ghost Pokemon. Haunter, Bannette, Dusclops, and Drifblim would be the Pokemon the trainers have. Once you have beaten all the trainers, you will enter a room that looks completely normal, which is unsettling due to how weird the rooms were before now. A door you didn't know even was there opens, and I come in. I congratulate you for getting this far, and seem completely friendly, probably almost a push over. That will be a mistake, however, due to my team. I would start out with Rotom, which would be my weakest member. After that would be Decideye, and the third will be Haunter. Your last Pokemon to fight will of course be Mimiku. Once you beat me, I will give you the TM Shadow Ball.

  3. In a Normal Type Gym, with Gen 7 now out, you have to include Komala now. You do a good job at these, man.

    I have already posted lengthy comments explaining my own gyms for my own region I am making up on the fly called Atlanada, based on Atlantic Canada. At this point I've detailed my first, sixth, and tenth gyms. Yes, TENTH. I won't be writing up one here because of another new development for the gyms that I've come up with. The first gym was Ice Type, and the sixth was Bug Type, both starring a new Pokemon line I made up based on the Arctic Bumblebee, called Bombee, Bompolar, and Bumbldier. All three are Bug Type, and the latter two are also Ice Type.
    My Normal Type Gym will be number nine, but I won't put my description here because of something I did with numbers nine and ten. In addition to being TWO MORE gyms, they will also both be DOUBLE-TYPE GYMS. Number ten is Grass/Ghost, and you can find my description of it on Toby's Grass Gym video. The ninth will be Normal/Flying Type, so if you want to see that, I'll be putting it up under Toby's Flying Gym video once I watch it. Needless to say, there are enough dual Flying/Normal Type Pokemon to fill a gym.

  4. I be the 6 gym in a volcano. my team

    1. Lv26 growlithe
    2.Lv28 salandit
    3.Lv29 litleo
    4.Lv31 houndoom
    5.Lv29 darumaka
    6.Lv37 charizard

    If you can beat me you get the burner badge and get the tm flamethrower

  5. Normal type gyms leave an impact??? A giga impact? Oh and also I would be an electric type gym leader I will be number 4 and I will have III trainers my gym will be designed like bolts of lightning it will be difficult to traverse through I will have a level 33 Pikachu, a level 35 Raichu, and my signature pokemon a level 40 Jolteon the moves sets are this: Pikachu will have thunder shock, double team, thunder wave, and iron tail, Raichu will have thunder bolt, body slam, double team, and thunder wave and Jolteon will have Thunder bolt, Signal beam, bite, and double kick

  6. Why are everyone's Gym ideas so awesome?! And Return as the prize at the end? Let me challenge your gym! I will face off against Snorlax for that!! DXDX
    Will comment here again after I rework my gym ideas. :3

  7. If I was a normal type gym, this is what my gym would be. It starts out with you going up a staircase. Eventually you reach a split. 1 leads back to the beginning and the other one leads to a trainer. And you can't go back once you choose. The trainer you face has a Lineoone. You then see the next trainer in the distance. But you have to choose whether you want to cross the long way or short way because one makes you fall to the beginning and one leads you to the trainer. The trainer has a Porygon and Watchog. Then you make your way with no tricks up to the gym leader. He has a Miltank, Staraptor, Clefable, and Porygon-Z. Then he gives you the Nothing Badge. And TM57: Poison Claw

  8. My gym:
    Type: water
    Team:-lvl 52 jellicent/jelicent (male/female)
    -lvl 58 primarina (ace)

    First, you see a blue/cyan pattern sphere with two circle windows and a white door
    When you open the white door, you see alot of popplio evolutions posters, statues, and
    A popplio fountain in front of you, and behind the fountain, there is a stair go upstair to
    3 doors you have to choose, 1 of them will go to a parkour to another 3 doors, you
    Have to choose again, one of them will lead to a room with a sphere parkour with a
    Popplio statues blowing a water out of there noses, and locate where the parkour stand
    Is, and it will lead you to another 3 doors, you have to choose again, after you chose
    The right door, this is where i'm sitting, to came to me, you have to battle 5 trainers
    With spheal or frillish, and popplio, the trainers stands is zig-zag, you're standing on a
    Bridge with water down the bridge after defeat 5 trainers, you will cross the bridge
    That you find out, the battle area is a big circle battle arena, and behind it, i'm waiting
    For you to battle me at behind me, there is a metal door with a zigzag pattern behind it
    If you defeated me, i'll give you a fountain badge, and the metal door opens, and you
    Go up tne stairs, and get out of the gym.

  9. I'd be a normal type gym too.
    Thing is, I'm completely cat crazed.
    Pink, fluff, purrple, filled with cat play toys! Litterboxes! aaaaaaaand catfood!

  10. Currently working on this with my brother. We're making a region from scratch, thanks to inspiration from you. – Red

  11. my gym would be a water type gym. it would be the 8th gym. the entire gym would be filled with water and the player has to surf before 10 seconds. if they dont,their pokemon will faint.there will be 5 trainers and all trainers will have 1 pokemon

    Trainer 1:Gyarados Trainer 2: Ludicolo Trainer 3:Poliwrath Trainer 4:Golduck Trainer 5:Vaporeon

    My pokemon:Mega Blastoise, Greninja, Azumarill, Kabutops, Slowking and Waillord

    After the pokemon battle ended i dissapear into the shadows and the badge was where i was standing and the badge is called: The Drowned Badge showing a hand underwater

  12. "You've got to be thinking on your toes. Don't look at these cute, lazy, sleepy pokemon and think 'Oh, I can take them out easily' because you won't be able to."
    Snorlax has no moves that can damage Ghost types

  13. late but

    Gym Type: Bug/Fighting (yeah two types)

    Gym Design: A greenhouse that has large trees in it.

    Puzzle: A maze where you have to collect the steps to a staircase leading up to a hanging platform where I am. The steps have to be collected in order, or else a trainer will jump out of a nearby tree to battle you.

    Trainers(not all of them):
    Bug Catcher Lana
    – Ribombee (Level 27)
    – Dustox (Level 25)
    Battle Girl Cirie
    – Riolu (Level 25)
    – Mienfoo (Level 26)
    Battle Girl Juniper/Black Belt Jack
    – Throh (Level 25)/Sawk (Level 25)

    Gym Leader Battle:
    Mienfoo (Level 31)
    – Force Palm
    – Stone Edge
    – Poison Jab
    – Swords Dance
    Ribombee (Level 32)
    – Pollen Puff
    – Draining Kiss
    – Solar Beam
    – Stun Spore
    Gallade (Level 33)
    – Psycho Cut
    – Brick Break
    – Thunderbolt
    – Poison Jab
    Scizor (Level 34)
    – X-Scissor
    – Steel Wing
    – Toxic
    – Double Team

    Reward: TM52 Focus Blast

    Badge: Forest Badge

  14. I don't remember if I've done this gym yet so if I did sorry for the repeat. My normal gym would be daycare themed. It is the very first gym you go to in the game so there won't be a puzzle. You are free to slip past the trainers if you feel confident enough to fight the gym leader "Maple". If you chooses to battle the trainers you may battle preschooler male with a level 8 lilpup, preschooler female with a level 8 azurill, and daycare employee(forgot their trainer class name) with level 8 cleffa and a lv.9 happiny. When you reach Maple she talks about how must she likes working with children and seeing how they grow as people and trainers. She apologies for getting off track and informs you that as a gym leader it is her duty to fight challengers and see to their growth as well. The battle begins, Maple sends out her first pokemon igglybuff lv.9, after defeating it she sends her ace togepi lv. 13. After defeating her she comments about your growth during the battle and her hopes that you will keep on growing. She the rewards you with the Beginnings badge.

  15. Water Gym – 6th Gym
    In a water chasm with 3 trainers that would have : Staryu, Gyarados, Tentacruel, Wartortle, Politoad
    I would have :
    Milotic Lv42 @Leftovers
    – Scald
    – Ice Beam
    – Recover
    – Toxic

    Tentacruel Lv42 @BlackSludge
    – Scald
    – Sludge Bomb
    – Toxic Spikes
    – Acid Armor

    Azumarill Lv42 @Expert Belt
    – Aqua Jet
    – Play Rough
    – Scald
    – Ice Punch

    Starmie Lv44 @Waterium Z
    – Scald
    – Psyshock
    – Thunderbolt
    – Blizzard

  16. My gym wouldn’t be based around a certain type since I am an evil team leader til you beat me and then fight my elite team when I become champion my gym like my evil team (Team Moone) will have pokemon that evolve with moon stones, evolved with a moon stone, have other Pokémon in their evo line that evolve with moon stone, or Pokémon themed with the moon. The gym would take place in the moon where you could jump around to get farther now for the trainers

    Moone grunt Max

    1. Clefairy
    2. Nidorina

    Moone grunt Alex

    1. Wigglytuff
    2. Nidorino

    Moone grunt Cassie

    1. Jigglypuff
    2. Clefairy
    3. Nidoran M

    Moone Admins Peyton and James


    1. Wigglytuff
    2. Nidorina
    3. Nidoran M


    1. Clefable
    2. Nidorino
    3. Nidoran F

    8th leader Black

    1. Nidoking
    2. Nidoqueen
    3. Lunatone
    4. Clefable
    5. Wigglytuff
    6. Lunala

    That’s my gym after you beat me I disband team Moone and train to later be fought as champion

  17. My gym: Fighting Gym4
    Team: lv 27 machoke lv27 broomlom lv31 lucario: tm Seismic toss :badge power: theme use strength to move boulders to the right path place: newly built dojo with trainers being pokefans and black belts

  18. My gym:
    Trainers: bug catchers, swimmers,Youngsters,fire breather
    Location:Viridian city
    Puzzle: scavenger hunt
    Alolan Marowak, Rapidash, Magmar, arcanine and charizard
    Badge: Flame badge
    TM:Fire punch

  19. My gym would be a dark/ghost/psychic type. The theme of my gym would be blood magic. For each trainer you defeat in my gym you will need to exit the gym and return with a freshly caught unevolved normal type Pokémon which you will need to kill in front of the trainer for them to complete the spell of luminal space passage (to cross a doorway). At the end of the gym your nerves are so shot you can’t focus and lose. You’re given the revelation this gym was a test which you failed when you killed the first Pokémon. The gym trainer strips you of your Pokémon and you are barred from any official Pokémon competition, all gyms, leagues, events and contests. Your life as a Pokémon trainer is OVER!

  20. My gym would be the 3rd gym in the region and would look very standard but with a medium sized cafe attached to the side, if you enter the gym first then you will find an empty gym with only the gym guide inside. He would say something like "Oh, have you come to challenge the (insert town/city name here) gym? Well sorry but the gym leaders not here right now. You could try the cafe next door, he's often in there" After that the player would go into the cafe and see an old man on the over side of the cafe eating with a Munchlax, the player must then navigate and battle the people in the cafe. After battling the people in the cafe the player talks to the old man and he say's "Hello there young person, can I do something for you? Oh! your looking to have a gym battle!! Come on Munchlax we better get back to the gym right away!!!) The old man and Munchlax quickly past the player, now when the player enters the gym they will find the gym leader standing standing at the far end of the gym's battle field. He'll then talk about how his name is Myles, that this is a normal type gym and he hopes this will be a fun battle. Then the battle begins, Myles's Pokemon would be Aipom with Fake out/Headbutt/Sand attack and one of the elemental punches (the punch would change depending on what starter the player picks), a Munchlax with Bodyslam/Stockpile/Swallow/Rest and finally a Swellow with Aerial ace/Quick attack/Focus energy/Whirlwind. After the battle Myles will thank the play for the battle, give them the luck bage and the TM for Protect. Well?

  21. My normal type gym would go like this. You go to a small postal area where you meet a postman. He tells you that if you help him send letters he’ll show you where he Gym Leader is, because he’s not at the gym.

    You go to each house, which all have trainers who will battle you. Before they battle you, they all seem very giggly.

    Eventually the postman takes you to the gym where he reveals he is the gym leader. All those people were in on his act, he finds tricking trainers funny.

    Each Gym Leader is based on an Olympian and this one is based on Hermes, that’s why he’s a postman (Hermes is the God of Messengers) and that’s why he tricked you (Hermes is the God of Trickery).

    You have a gym battle with him and his Pokémon and you win!

  22. typical, my favorite type is fire, not sure how popular the 3 starter types are but childhood. So obviously it would be fire, maybe the 5th or 6th gym u face. If i could, my ace pokemon would be infernape, since its my favorite pokemon of all time, but if starters dont apply in gyms cos they are starters, them probably Chandelure, along with Talonflame and flareon, my favorite eeveelution. It would also be inside a volcano, with moving platforms, with different layers, about 4, similar to the electric gym of Kalos. the further down you go, the less effective pokemon are, reducing stats. the only pokemon that wont be affected by this are fire types and types that are super effective, with pokemon like grass types taht are weak agaisnt fire having the most impact.

  23. For my normal type gym it would be a 2nd gym and it would be showing the adaptaion of normal types to environments so the 3 trainers would have a variety of litleo, deerling, pidgey, farfetchd, stuffel a variety of normal types and it would be similar to the striaton city gym with questions about types effect on normal. Then the last question is are you ready to battle and the moment you answer yes I appear right behind the curtains and say I love variety as its the spice of life but are you ready to fight that variety. Three Pokemon 1st pokemon Lv15 Girafarig-confusion, Echoed voice, hypnosis. 2nd Pokemon Lv15 Alolan rattata- Quick attack, bite, super fang Then finally a Lv 18 Bibarel- water gun, echoed voice, super fang and tackle. You earn the tm echoed voice power up the longer the fight goes on. You get the adept badge shaped like a double helix.

  24. My Pokémon gym 8th gym
    My ace would be reuniclus
    Confuse ray
    Confuse ray

    The reward
    Tm for psychic
    The galaxy badge
    The theme world be traveling through space and landing on planets think the rollercoaster from black and white 2 but rocket ships and landing on planets
    The trainers would be psychics and pokemainiac

  25. My Normal Gym ( 1st Gym )
    Is a Playground you battling a Preschooler and the gym leader at inside the School if you battle each Preschooler the door will open per quart Gym leader Esku ( Orginated at la ESKUwela spanish word for school )

    Happiny ( Level 7 ) – Softboiled , Tackle , Defense Curl
    Munchlax ( Level 10 ) – Bite , Slack Off , Slam
    Oranguru ( Level 14 ) – Confusion , Slam , Trick Room

    Badge : Grading Badge

  26. My Gym: 8th

    Pokemon type: ANYTHING

    Badge: Noob Badge

    Reward: TM: Draco Meteor

    Trainers: 100

    Dalga (primal)
    PalIkea (Loppius orb)
    Girlytina (Orgeon form)
    Grewdon (primal)
    KeeOGRE (primal)
    Shenron (mega)


    ALL LV.100

    Gym name: Noob gym


  27. I know there might be a lot of these in the pokémon games but my gym would be a ghost type gym and it will be the 4th gym you challenge. The background on the outside would resemble a haunted house, and to get to the room where the gym leader is which is the attic you’ll have to try and go through a huge conundrum of revolving walls, floating objects blocking doors, and trap doors. If you step on a trap door you will be sent down one room of the gym, but don’t think it will be impossible since the trap doors will be hidden, luckily there will be a map with Xs on them that will tell you where the trap doors are. (Just cause I’m a nice guy) And about the trainers you face along the way they will be seen wearing monster costumes such as ghosts, vampires, and mummies, there will be 3 of them to face, their teams will be a couple pre-volved ghost Pokémon such as either Gastly, Shuppet, golett, or phantump. Once you reach the attic you will see a single ray of moonlight shining down on a single spot on the end of the room where you see a man in a black suit with a cloak and top hat, and that’s when you see me. I will say to you: “I’m impressed you made it this far. You’ve shown true courage navigating your way through this gym, but do you still have enough left to take on my spooky team? Call out your Pokémon and let’s find out.” We then initiate our battle between each other. My team to battle you will be a Gengar, A male Jellicent, a Banette, and a Drifblim. Keep in mind that each of my pokémon were taught the move hex. If you manage to defeat me I will marvel at how well you trained your Pokémon and that you never lost the courage to carry on with your journey thus far, I then award you with the gym badge called the curse badge which will raise the evasion of your pokémon team by 2.

  28. My gym would be a ground gym
    My gym would be based around a mountain where you make it to the middle of the mountain
    4 trainers with donphan's phanpy and trapinch
    I would have Donphan, vibrava, and dugtrio
    The badge would be called the range badge. After a mountain range it would be the 5 gym you face

  29. My Gym: It would be the 7th gym, and it would look like a mansion with various rooms where other psychic trainers practice their divinations. There's also a large library where I sit at a table with a crystal ball and tarot cards – waiting for the next challenger to arrive.
    Type: Psychic (& one fire type – Ninetales, noted to have psychic powers)
    Pokemon: Espeon, Hypno, Grumpig, and Ninetales.
    Badge: The Hekate badge – the Evil Eye with two crescent moons going opposite directions.
    TM: Psychic Attack

  30. My gym would be a water or dark type gym
    The water design: a wave park and every trainer you beat and puzzle you solve a wave will push you forward get anything wrong you get pushed back and have to start again.
    The dark design:a small forest or beach that has all life sucked out of it and is pitch black and you can’t see anything and have to get through a maze

  31. My Pokemon type :ghost
    Location and puzzle:you are in a haunted mansion and it's pitch black you have to find the lights it would be the 8th gym
    Pokemon trainers in there would have: haunter and decidueye
    My Pokemon team:lv 47 ghastly lv 98 aloaon marowak lv 100 decidueye. Lv 99 gengar lv 33 haunter and a lv 100 decidueye another one

    TM:shadow ball

    Badge:old badge

  32. My gym would be a mix of electric,fire,and ice where you the player would have to complete 3 floors of these natural disasters,first is fire and when you go in the first floor there will be pillers of fire and lava Bridges and the trainers there will have magmars,torkoal,and litwicks all LV22 and when you get to the end of the fire tunnel you meet Nicholas one of my friends who has a torkoal LV23 and a lampentLV22 once you beat him he says this "better hope you have a fire type kid cause next opponent is quite chilly." So next floor will be ice and there will be a blizzard and sharp pieces of ice which will damage Pokemon but not the player and the trainers there will be aces and Pokemon are Lapras LV21 and seems LV23 and there you will find mitsuhide another one of my friends who has a Lapras LV24 and a dewgong LV23 and when defeated he says this "well lad next and second to last opponent is behind this door."
    Then when player goes thru the door they see a huge staircase going up to my last defense and his name is Jaydin and the trainers there have Electabuzz and raichus all LV 24 and Jaydin has a electavire and pachirisu LV24 and once beaten he says "kid it was nice knowing you but next opponent will be the last face you see." Once you go into a door you see a tornado that is filled with fire,lightning and hail and you see it clear up and then you see the gym leader me,and my quote is "well kid welcome to my disasterios domain and your gonna lose!" And the battle starts and my team is a magmorter LV22,a electavire LV23,and a Lapras LV24. And when you win you get the disaster badge and the tms thunderbolt,fireblast,and ice beam. And I'm the 3rd gym leader

  33. My gym would be using my favorite type… Ghost. My gym would be the local cemetery. I will be the 7th gym leader and there will be 4 trainers. The gravestones will be in a maze like pattern and once u hit a dead end there will b on of the trainers.
    Trainer1 will have a Haunter and a Duskclops
    Trainer 2 will have Trevanent and Drifblim
    Trainer3 will have Drifblim and Duoblade
    Trainer4 will have Haunter Trevanent and Duoblade
    Then u will finally reach me. I will ask u if u have chill bumps after ur quest to find me then will say There is no winning ur just asking to be haunted
    My team will consist of
    Lvl 38 Haunter
    Lvl 41 Gengar
    Lvl 41Trevanet
    Lvl 43 Dusknoir
    Lvl 47 Aegislash
    Once u beat me I'll give the ShadowBadge and TM30 Shadow Ball
    I won't be a total pushover due to the dual typings but my gym I believe seems like a very fun gym so I'd definitely would like to see it in a real game like if u agree and share ur thoughts with me

  34. My pokemon gym would be a psychic type gym, around mid-game. The theme would all be centered around an abandoned circus/amusement park, where you have to battle performers with Mr Mimes, Abra/Kadabras, and the psychic gorilla thing in sun/moon. You have to traverse through different rides and attractions, and my final battle would be on top of one of the chair-droppy tower thingies. I would have a Hypno (best Pokemon fight me), kadabra, and mawile, plus one hyper-potion

  35. My Electric type gym enjoy 🙂 So after you walked in my gym you will quickly notice that the gym is the shape of a pin ball machine which is a throw back to Pokémon Pin Ball on the Gameboy. You would have to play 3 rounds of pin ball but using Electrodes and if you fail then you have to fight a trainer if you get through then you will battle my team with will be:


    TM reward: Thunder Wave
    Badge: Circuit Badge

  36. hey this is my own pokemon gym video which you inspired me to think about it and came as the result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6OeHUVg_Jc

  37. My Normal-Type Gym:

    You start off in the gym which is a giant office building. In every desk there is a different trainer and since this gym is probably the 7th or 8th gym, most of those trainers will be ace trainers.

    Eventually, you find me, the boss, down the other end of the building. I tell you how I used to dream of being a Normal-Type Gym Leader because my favourite was Normal. I tell you how you are my first challenger that is worthy of going to my Pokémon League. With that, the battle begins.

    I send out my Watchog which can hopefully put a dent in your team to start. It knows Facade if you decided to Poison my team. It knows Thunderbolt which is definitely going to whittle your team down. Then it knows Zen Headbutt to get rid of any Psychic-Types you may have brought. But the final move, Toxic will help my team progress through the battle.

    You will defeat it but here is where the battle splits. So, I made two Pokémon games myself and they are called Pokémon Summer and Pokémon Winter. If you are playing Pokemon Summer then I'll send out Bouffalant. If you are playing Pokémon Winter, I send out Tauros.

    The Bouffalant in Pokémon Summer knows Zen Headbutt, Outrage, Earthquake and Surf. The Tauros in Pokémon Winter knows Zen Headbutt, Flamethrower, Surf and Rock Slide.

    My third Pokémon is the same in Pokémon Summer and Winter. It is Miltank. It knows Milk Drink, Zen Headbutt, Facade and Substitute.

    My final Pokémon is a bulky one. All it's IVs were boosted with candy. It is Snorlax. It knows Facade, Thunderbolt, Zen Headbutt and Submission.

    After that, I give you the Mammal Badge (Have you noticed that all my Pokémon where mammals) and the TM for Facade. I congratulate you and hope you have a safe journey to the Pokémon League.

  38. My gym will be an ice type gym
    I would have 5 trainers each have a spheal
    The first trainer has a snorunt
    The second trainer has a feebas
    The third trainer has a glailie
    The fourth trainer has a frostlass
    The fifth trainer has a milotic
    I have a walrein,a glailie,a frostlass and a milotic all knowing ice beam
    I will be your fifth gym
    I will give you the tm for ice beam and a badge that looks like this 🔰.

  39. I would have a Flying type gym.

    The gym would be in an airplane. You go inside, and you fight trainers of all types. Normal types, Electric types, sometimes Steel types. Then you would enter where you drive the plane, and I’d be there. Well, not me, but Arvor. But she won’t fight you just yet. Arvor is a big pain, being she flys on her pidgeotto to other parts of the plane. This is when the trainers lean to the flying type. Soon pidgeotto will get tired. Then Arvor will fight you, with her Emolga, Pidgeotto and Swablu. Emolga has acrobatics quick attack and iron tail, Pidgeotto has gust, tackle and quick attack and swablu has disarming voice, peck and fury attack. You obviously beat Arvor, and you get the Rebus badge, which is Latin for “Soar.”

    I drew everything in my book, it was a fun concept.

  40. I would actually have a normal type gym at the very start of the game. I would have a gym that relates to a barn and in each pen would be a farmer trainer and a piece of farm equipment [There are 3 trainers]. After fighting the trainer you'll have to place all the equipment in a barrel which would be able to unlock a door to the next room. The next room would be a quiz. So you'll have to answer 3-5 questions correctly in order to confront me which I would be tending to my pokemon [Every time you answer a question incorrectly you'll have to fight another trainer].

    P.s: This team will have egg moves due to the gym being based in a barn

    My team for the gym
    Level: 9
    Run Away
    Tackle, Hidden Power, and Endure

    Level: 10
    Skill Link
    Double Slap, Hidden Power, Tail Whip

    If you are able to defeat my gym you'll be rewarded with the badge which looks like the outline of an Aipom's head that's silver and the eyes are yellow gemstones. With the badge you'll also get the Technical Machine for the attack both if the pokemon have Hidden Power

  41. My Normal Gym – 3rd Gym
    Theme – Day Care
    Glameow LV 19
    -Shadow Ball
    -Feint Attack
    Aipom LV 20
    -Double Team
    Delcatty LV22
    -Disarming Voice

    Friend Badge
    TM 27 (RETURN)

  42. My Normal Type Gym :
    3rd Gym

    Pokemon :
    Jigglypuff Lv . 15
    Clefairy Lv . 14
    Raticate Lv . 20

    Badge : Skull Badge
    TM : Body Slam

  43. Ima going to do a list

    Gym: last one


    Amount of pokemon: 5

    Challenge before gym :a flying maze and hard trainers

    Level 76 – 99

    My pokemon:dragon nair,goodra. Tyrantrum,Kokomo-o,noivern, ace sillvally

  44. For my normal type gym i'd be the 6th gym with a room that has nothing but white fog and you have to find the "keys" to open the white gate then you'll see a white Pokemon battle arena with pillars
    And my team would be

    Cinncino(level 78)
    Aimpom(level 86)
    Zangoose(level 94)
    Pidgeot(level 100/mega evolution)
    Guzzlord(level 100)
    Has – normalium Z, Mega stone, Beastium X

    Gives- Bland Badge, TM – Double Slap

  45. My idea for a normal type gym is that it is the 4th gym. The theme for the gym is about Pokemon which is rarely used by any trainers. The trainers range from School kids, Ace trainers, youngsters and Lasses. The pokemon they use mostly are the rattata line, the sentret line, the zigzagoon line, the bidoof line and the yungoos line. The gym's puzzle is that you have to answer a question from a trainer. If you get it right, you get an X item. If you get it wrong, you have to battle the trainer. The trainer will use their corresponding X item they give you if you answer correctly in battle. When you manage to reach the gym leader room, I will be sitting down checking at my phone. When I noticed you, I told you that Normal types aren't to be messes with. My team consists of
    Raticate Level 32
    Linoone Level 33
    Zangoose Level 35
    Drampa Level 37
    When you defeat me, I praise your talent. For defeating me, you get the Average Badge. You also get the TM for False Swipe. In the post game when I rematch you, I will keep the same Pokemon but at the early 80s. The 2 pokemon I added for the rematch are Gumshoe and Tauros.

  46. My gym would be a steel types gym and I would have five pokemon and I would be the 5th Pokémon gym and if you bet me I will give you a tm that has flash canon and give you the titanium bag

  47. Mine would be a jungle gym
    8th gym you face
    You have to choose the right path
    Bug types are my types
    My Pokémon
    1.Beedrill (mega Beedrill If megastones are allowed)

  48. My Gym Will Be A Dark Type Gym

    The Boy Trainers will have a : Honchcrow and A Aloan Ratacatie

    The Girl Trainers will have a : Incinaroar And A Aloan Muk

    U Got To find the right Lam Post And Switch On The Light To Get To Me

    I Will Have 6 Pokemon :

    Aloan Ratacate
    Aloan Muk
    And My Ace Umbreon

  49. My first idea was a gym that look like a forest in fall/autumn and it will be a fire gym, i think around 5-ish and my team will be Pansear, Darmanitan and my ace Infernape. The TM i will give will be fire punch and my bagde will look like a maple leaf with a fire pattern.

  50. If I had a Pokemon Gym, mine would be a Dark-type Gym, the sixth in the region. The initial area would be set up identically to the Celadon City Game Corner, though more run-down and none of the machines would work. Aside from the usual guy at the beginning of the gym, the first trainer would be dressed as a Team Rocket Grunt with a Level 20 Rattata and a Level 20 Zubat, as a throwback to the original building. A button behind the poster the fake Rocket was guarding opens a hidden elevator to a very dimly lit sewer-like area. The Trainers on this level are a Punk Boy, a Punk Girl and two Officers, the Officers having lit flashlights while the Punks lurk in the darkness. The Officers would have Houndour and Houndoom; the Punk Boy would have a Bisharp and a Scrafty, while the Punk Girl would have a Krokorok and a Skuntank. The Punk Boy and Punk Girl would be relatively encouraging and nicer after their battles, while the Officers would be more rude and condescending. With each defeated trainer the area becomes brighter, until the challenger enters the room at the far end of the sewer. There they would face me, in a room similar to Giovanni's office from the Rocket Hideout. My team would consist of a Level 38 Skuntank, a Level 40 Scrafty, a Level 42 Mandibuzz and a Level 44 Absol. After their victory, another hidden elevator would open up that the player can use to return to the entrance. The player would also receive the Shade Badge and TM97, Dark Pulse.

  51. Toby, you do know that Alola doesn't have any gyms (aside from the one in USUM, however it isn't a proper one).

  52. Gym type:Poison
    Place: Swamp
    Gym Number: fourth Gym
    Pokémon: lv 20. Ekans first one out
    lv 22. Nidorino second one out
    lv 22. Nidarino final one out
    Puzzle: health needs to keep up if the health bar runs out you need to start over rooms are safety zones
    Badge: it’s a skull symbol
    TM: all the poison Pokémon will know poison fang and poison fang will be the TM.

  53. My gym is Grass
    I have Dhelmise
    Grookey’s final evolution
    And Kartana
    The badge is called Photosynth Badge
    The gym is 5th gym
    The gym is a big garden and you have to dig up plants and some plants when you dig them will have a hole you can go in and you go deeper and deeper underground until you find me and fight me
    Levels of my Pokémon are around 30
    TM is Hyper Beam I’m pretty sure that’s grass type

  54. My normal gym would be the first one.My team would be:
    lvl 12 Munchlax
    lvl 13 Litleo
    lvl 15 Stufful
    The gym would be a straight line with no trainers…thats what you think.Every five steps you would be returned to the start,however there are some safe stops.When you get returned to the start,you fight a trainer

    After defeating me,you would get the Heart badge and the tm for charm.

  55. My gym would be repurposed building designed as a maze that each room would have something different for the Challenger to experience. Possibly an art studio of Smeargle and trainers painting or a work spa with computers hooked up to internet with porigon transmitting data. The next room a feeding room for Pokemon and gym trainers to relax. On the roof nest on the roof for Pidgey, spearow to perch. Assuming that the gym leaders is on the room the Challenger is told to take an elevator to were the gym leaders is waiting to accept the next challenger. The door opens and trainer walks off and gym leaders welcomes the trainer to the final challenge before the Pokemon league I warn the trainer not to take the eight gym lightly even though the leader uses normal type it wouldn't be easy.

    1. Ursaring
    2. Zangoose
    3. Staraptor
    4. Smeargle
    5. Exploud
    6. Snorlax

  56. My normal gym is disguised as a normal house. The old woman who lives there is the gym leader, and the trainers you face are her 3 young grandchildren. They use teddiursa and stufful, Pokémon that resemble Teddy Bears. This is around the 2nd or third gym. The old woman challenges you to a battle. She uses Meowth, Skitty, and Glameow. If you win she gives you a cookie, the Trill badge, and the TM for retaliate

  57. My gym type:Electric Theme: A power plant Puzzle:Confusing Wired tunnels Entrance to my battlefield: A Magnetic slide Pokemon that the gym trainers relate to have: Pikachu Eelektrik Luxio and Electabuzz Battlefield: a battlefield that is surrounded by wires and on the roof is an electric terrain Pokemon that I will have: A level 45 Electivire, A level 47 Vikavolt,A level 49 Magnezone,A level 50 Jolteon,and a level 52 Mega Ampharos Gym placement:7th Gym badge: The Connection Badge How to get out: By a elevator related plate Tm:25,Thunder What happens if you get to the wrong tunnel:There will be a dead end and a Gym trainer will come out of the dead end

  58. Mine would be a rock type 8th gym 6 pokemon onix level 42 umm tyrantrum level 44 golem level 44 rhydon level 46 master level 48 mega aurodactal level 49 I did make spelling mistakes but I think it's fine? Anyway my gym would be unbeatable🐒🐒🐒😊

  59. Your oratory skill has improved so much since this video. Good video but I like your later videos better. You should update these videos for gen 8.

  60. Gym: Types Mixed
    Gym theme: Theatre
    Gym Number: 8th
    Pokemon Level: 50+
    Trainers: Audience Members, Actors
    Trainers Pokemon: Gothitelle, Mr Mime, Smeargle And Zoroark
    My Team: Escavalier, Slowking, Salamence, Gardevoir, Mudstale And Mismagius
    Gym Badge: A Crown Thats Rainbow called the Drama Badge
    TM: Skill Swap
    Edit: check the comments for more detail

  61. I would be a bug type gym leader.It would be the first gym you fight.
    The gym would be a forest-like gym where you would have to find some Spinirak,Ledybas,Kakunas,Metapods and Spewpas in the trees.Once you cath 10 of them,you can fight the gym leader.
    I would use
    Spinirak (lvl 10)
    Ledyba (lvl 10)
    Beedrill (lvl 12)

    when you beat me,you would obtain the Tree Badge and the tm for u turn.

  62. Fire type gym 🔥
    6th gym
    Level 42 Magcargo
    Level 40 Magmar
    Level 45 Rapidash
    Level 43 Emboar
    Level 41 Volcarona
    Badge: Magma Badge
    Theme: Volcano 🌋
    TM: Lava plume

    Lava plume
    Rock blast
    Shell Smash

    Fire punch
    Thunder Punch
    Poison Gas

    Extreme speed
    Flame charge

    Brick break
    lava plume

    Volcarona: (Ace Pokemon)
    Fiery Dance
    Signal Beam
    Quiver Dance

  63. Type: Flying

    To Beat It You Have To Go Onto Wings That Go Up.
    Trainers Have A Spearow And A Pidgeotto.
    At The Top Will Be Skyon The Gym Leader.
    Skyon Has The Pokémon Listed And If You Win You Get The Sky Badge.
    And The TM For Air Slash.
    The Trainers Are Parachuters.
    One With…


    One With…


    And One With…


  64. Fighting type

    Team : Machoke – Bullet Punch, Submission, Comet Punch, Mach Punch
    Hitmonlee (only three moves)
    – Mega kick, Low kick, High Jump Kick
    Hitmonchan – mach punch , comet punch ,Thunder punch
    Hitmontop – Rapid spin, Giga impact, Mega punch , Mega kick
    Machamp – Submission, Karate Chop, Cross Chop, swords Dance
    Lucario (Mega) – Extreme Speed, Reversal, Swords Dance, Return

  65. My gym would not have a type it would being made with the only white pokemon it would be available at every town the puzzle is every step can be a fight it is a way to lessed those odds by battling traner after every traner all wild pokemon odd get smaller I start with ditto then the spearow line if I was the 4 or 5 gym I have a Durant 6 or 7 i have a pre evaluation of garchomp 8th I've all full evolution of all pokemon line plus a greninja and if your 4th gym is the water gym I would bring greninja pre evaluationwhen you win you get the red orb and say this lands were from the orb leaders the reason this is happening is were in a cave and after trader battles wild pokmon are remove

  66. Type:water
    Plot: you are on a island with no clue how you got there you find a fake rock ( foreshadowing ) and this random caveman comes out of a cave and says that you need to solve puzzles like how to cool down on a scorching beach how to turn salty sea water into something drinkable and even how to survive a jellyfish sting also if you fail one of those challenge you face a trainer and then a neon building come out of the ground it is black with neon lighting comes up as you see a platform going down to you location as fast as a falling elevator and then you see me the gym leader I say hello hello hello you survived the fake dangers that the caveman gave you that’s right viewers all of that was fake and the show is cancelled! But time for the grand finale! Attack of the water master!
    Mega blastoise
    Hydro pump
    Ice beam
    Zen headbutt
    Sleep talk
    Draco meteor
    Hydro pump
    Ice beam
    Mega blastoise:
    Hydro pump
    Skull bash
    Milotic:cute charm
    Slowking:own tempo
    Mega blastoise:rain dish
    TM:hydro pump
    Badge: survival badge

  67. probably no one will see this, but okay
    my gym would be normal type, there would be 6 differently colored hexagonal rooms in a circle, each with a trainer that uses a different type pokemon that matches the room's color. the types would be(in no particular order): electric, grass, psychic, fairy, water, and dragon. once all the trainers are defeated, you can go into another room in the middle of all the other rooms that has the gym leader and you battle them.
    their pokemon are all dual typed normal type pokemon, with the other type being a type used in one of the 6 previous rooms.
    once you beat the gym, you recieve the [i dont know what to call it] badge and a tm
    the end
    it would be the 8th gym
    the gym leader's name is Joe
    t h e a v e r a g e j o e

  68. Mine would be the 8th Gym
    It is psychic type
    I’m the gym leader
    There is 4 gym trainers
    Number One: Mind Reader Dan
    Pokemon:Kadabra LV.54, Hypno LV.54
    Number Two: Mind Read er Carter
    Pokemon:Solrock LV.56, Grumpig LV.58
    Number 3: Mind Reader Riley
    Pokemon: Lunatone LV.62, Gardevoir LV.63
    Number 4: Cosmic Admin Raihan
    Pokemon: Medicham LV.65, Claydol LV.68, Bronzong LV.72
    Gym Leader Jamie (Me)
    Pokemon: Gallade LV.74, Xatu LV 75, Wobbuffet LV.76, Metagross LV.79, Reuniclus LV.80 and Malamar LV.84.

    Some may be overpowered and some underpowered, so sorry if they are.
    I am planning that the trainer catches Level 75 Cresselia and Level 80 Lugia before the battle, as my door isn’t there and one leads to Lugia and one leads to Cresselia. The trainer catches them both, then I catch up to him. I say “Let’s Battle” and I lead him to the stadium.I then challenge him, and unless he is overpowered, he shouldn’t be able to defeat me. If he does, then I will give him a Mindtricity badge. The trainer then notices that Lugia and Cresselia were on off. They escape their balls and the trainer can then catch legendaries and mythicals in the postgame. I give him power to fly over to the lakes and catch Mesprit, Uxie and Azelph. I also gift him a Mew and Mewtwo and their mega stones.

  69. 4 a normal gym my gym would b about 4th or 5th an id have mostly kecleon an a variety of flying types since most have normal typing layout would b similar 2 saphire an rubies normal gym. an 4 my pokemon i would have 3. 1st kecleon with the colour change ability an the moves shadow ball, psybeam, shadow claw, an protect kecleon would b mostly to tire out my opponents. 2nd would b tauros (ability anger point) moves take down, iron tail, earthquake, an leer tauros is to take out the tired pokemon of my opponents an can handle most things..finally i have stoutland (ability scrappy so it can hit ghosts) moves crunch, ice fang, fire fang, an i taught it giga impact. so if challengers get past the 1st 2 stoutland will give them lots of trouble

  70. I'd be a 4th gym
    TM – Take Down

    •Litleo – Fire/Normal – 30
    Flamethrower: Fire
    Work Up: Normal
    Payback: Dark
    Take Down: Normal

    •Bibarel – Normal/Water – 28
    Water Gun: Water
    Hyper Fang: Normal
    Yawn: Normal
    Crunch: Dark

    •Rufflet – Normal/Flying – 26
    Scary Face: Normal
    Wing Attack: Flying
    Hone Claws: Dark
    Peck: Flying

    •Teddiursa – Normal – 25
    Play Nice: Normal
    Feint Attack: Dark
    Fury Swipes: Normal
    Sweet Scent: Normal

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