What Is Glaze? | Paint Techniques

What Is Glaze? | Paint Techniques

In this segment of Decorative Painting Techniques
we are going to learn something very, very important which actually is the
basis of all of the glazing techniques, and that is what is glaze. First, we find out it’s actually, even though
it looks milky here, it’s a colorless medium which is almost like if you
can imagine paint that has no color in it. And in order for this to be used, you have
to mix color in it. So
you actually go to your hardware store or your paint store or your art
supply store and buy the glaze. It’s not a question of you making the
glaze, this is something you buy it. And the next thing that you have to learn
once you bought your glaze is how to mix color in it. Let’s say we’re going for a burnt sienna color. I have
some fluid acrylics here, and I have my glaze. So what I’m going to do is. . . let’s
say for a typical glaze that I would use for a wall treatment I would put five
teaspoons of glaze to one teaspoon of the burnt sienna. And this is how the
glaze automatically takes on the color of whatever you put in it which is
the beauty of a glaze. And that is the basic way of coloring a glaze.

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  1. Not useful. I came here to know how to make a glaze not buy glaze at stores. What a waste of time being here. Bye.

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