What The Biggest Fans Never Knew About Home Improvement

What The Biggest Fans Never Knew About Home Improvement

Few people in the entertainment industry of
the ’90s had “more power” than Tim Allen. In addition to a thriving career in stand-up
comedy and roles in movies like The Santa Clause, Galaxy Quest, and Toy Story, he starred
on ABC’s Home Improvement, one of the most-watched TV shows of the decade. Based on a major element of his comedy act
that men were still essentially ill-equipped cavemen and had evolved only enough to enjoy
power tools Allen played Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. Tim was a bumbling husband and father, and
host of Tool Time, a Michigan-based home improvement show which invariably ended with him breaking
something. Here’s a look behind the scenes of ABC’s eight-season
smash. “Ohhhrahhahrahhaha” A tale of two Jills Patricia Richardson wasn’t the first actress
to play the role of Tim Taylor’s long-suffering wife, Jill. “Who’s that supposed to be? Is that supposed to be me?” “No! That’s not you.” Actress Frances Fisher originally landed the
role and performed it for the pilot taping. While the inaugural episode was successful
enough to get the show on ABC’s schedule, test audiences didn’t like Fisher in the role. So, with little time to spare before production
started, the showrunners replaced Fisher with Richardson, even though it wasn’t ideal timing. “I had just given birth to two babies, and
I really was supposed to do another show for ABC. And that was supposed to happen nine months
later, so I was going to have all this time to lose the weight, and go be with my babies.” The other show was cancelled, though, so they
offered her double salary to star as Jill. Richardson warned producers that there might
be set delay as a result of her new motherhood. “I said ‘Look, I’m nursing twins, you have
to wait for me for forty minutes while I’m doing that.’ And they said, ‘Oh, well, yeah, we’ll do anything.'” And so the new mom started raising her on-screen
kids alongside her real-life babies. You can (almost) call him Al You probably know character actor Stephen
Tobolowsky from… just about everything, from Groundhog Day to Silicon Valley to The
Goldbergs. But the actor could have had a long-lasting
regular gig on Home Improvement if he’d wanted it. Tobolowsky originally won the role of Al Borland,
Tim Taylor’s long-suffering, extra-competent Tool Time assistant. He walked away, however, when they couldn’t
assure him of a proper start date and still wanted an exclusive contract. Tobolowsky told Splitsider: “I couldn’t do any other work, any other shows,
which is normal on a regular show. But my wife was pregnant, we had a baby coming. I had auditioned for a couple of movies and
was waiting on them, and they said I couldn’t do movies.” Rather than risk being broke for months, Tobolowsky
parted ways with Home Improvement, and the part of being the butt of every joke went
to Richard Karn instead. “Whew! Look at that butt crack you got going there.” Ashley Judd needs no Improvement Pamela Anderson’s high-profile career really
started when she played Lisa, the “Tool Girl” on Tool Time, the show-within-a-show on Home
Improvement. But award-winning star and activist Ashley
Judd also tried out for the part. When she auditioned for the show, creator
Matt Williams thought she was “so talented” even too talented for the somewhat thankless,
eye-candy role of Lisa. Williams called Judd’s agent and said that
while she didn’t get the part, he was going to create a role just for her as Tim Taylor’s
sister. But that offer was declined, and she went
on to star in NBC’s drama Sisters instead. Chappelle’s (first) Show Home Improvement might not seem like the kind
of vehicle to propel the career of one of the most incendiary comedians of all time,
but it did. On a 1995 episode of Home Improvement, Tim
Taylor’s Tool Time descended, as it often did, into a discussion about how marriage
can be tough. Tim asked if anyone in the studio audience
had, like him, been tricked into a fight with their significant other. Two guys named “Dave” and “Jim” could relate,
and Tim pulled them up on stage. “Well, what were you thinking?” “I was thinking of calling you.” “No you weren’t.” “Yes I was!” “No you weren’t!” As Dave, Chappelle lit up the screen, impressing
ABC executives so much that they commissioned a show about the duo called Buddies. It debuted in 1996, with some changes including
the replacement of Jim Breuer with Christopher Gartin. Only a few episodes aired before Buddies was
canceled, but landing a primetime network TV show couldn’t have hurt Chappelle’s early
exposure efforts. Emmy snafu Most TV fans probably don’t know that performers
have to submit their own names for consideration for the Emmy Awards, and apparently, neither
did Tim Allen. Home Improvement was the actor’s first major
small screen role, and he didn’t know how the Emmys worked at first. When Emmy nominations were released in the
summer of 1992, after Home Improvement’s first season, Allen wasn’t snubbed for Outstanding
Lead Actor in a Comedy Series he just hadn’t submitted his paperwork. After somebody told him the rules, Allen made
sure to get his name onto the ballot the next year. He was eventually nominated for that year
but lost out to Ted Danson from Cheers. But Allen just couldn’t win: his team forgot
to submit his name for consideration the following year, much to his disappointment. “Oh no.” “Oh no.” “Oh no.” “Uh-oh.” “Uh-oh.” “Uh-oh.” “Not a word you wanna hear in this house.” Tool Time meets game time Sitcoms aren’t easy to turn into video games,
but Home Improvement was so popular during its run, that a game called Power Tool Pursuit
debuted in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. The plot of the game is that a new line of
power tools by Tool Time sponsor Binford Tools has been stolen right before Tim Taylor is
supposed to unveil them on the air. Tim goes on a quest in search of the tools,
using other power tools to defeat enemies like dinosaurs, mummies, ghosts, and other
creatures which definitely weren’t a part of the average Home Improvement episode. In keeping with the show, which often touted
the dumb, macho, off-the-cuff ways that “real men” should act, the game’s “manual” consisted
entirely of the message: “Real men don’t need instructions.” “Now there is raw power!” Whither JTT? Home Improvement played to a lot of different
demographics. Adult fans loved Tim Allen’s destructive antics,
while many tween girls tuned in for Jonathan Taylor Thomas. “HEH?” Of the three young actors playing the Taylor
kids, JTT is the one who became the major teen idol. His face appeared on the cover of all the
major magazines and poster fold-outs, and he was the stuff young crushes were made of. Despite the overnight fame he earned from
the show, though, Thomas left the show in 1998. He told People Magazine: “I’d been going nonstop since I was eight
years old. I wanted to go to school, to travel, and have
a bit of a break.” He enrolled at Harvard, studying philosophy
and history… but he also acted in a couple of movies. That didn’t sit well with Allen, who was confused
as to why the young star had left. Allen told TV Guide: “He said it was about going to school, but
then he did some films. Did he want to do films? Did he want to go to school?” After Allen confronted Thomas on-set, their
feud became so bad that the young actor opted not to return for the series finale. Thomas and Allen must have patched things
up at some point since then, however, because Thomas guested on four episodes of Allen’s
sitcom, Last Man Standing, and his appearances even included some cheeky references to their
history. “You know, a lot of times, that middle child
ends up being the funny one because he wants the attention.” “Man, you look familiar.” The season that never was Home Improvement wrapped up after eight successful
seasons in 1999 and it was a decision made by the cast and crew, rather than ABC. While he grew sentimental and upset as the
finale neared Allen also regretted not ending the show a year earlier, when the show was
still a top-five ratings hit. In its final season, Home Improvement fell
to 11th place in Nielsen ratings, but ABC wanted to go even longer. The network even reportedly offered Allen
as much as $50 million and Patricia Richardson $25 million to return for one more season. Somehow, though, Allen and Richardson managed
to leave that money on the table, and the world’s time with the toolman was done. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  8. Completely left out the fact that the show within a show concept was completely different at the beginning. Ashley Judd's character was actually going to be an actress playing Tim's wife on a sitcom that Tim Taylor starred in. But the producers didn't think the audience was smart enough to comprehend the idea of a show within a show.

  9. It was a really good show but I'm glad it ended when it did, because family shows almost always turn bad in later seasons as they desperately try to find storylines with the kids getting older.

  10. Interesting that he did Home Improvement for 8 seasons, and ABC was desperate for a 9th… only to bring him back a few years later with Last Man Standing (a very similar show). Only to be canceled 5 years later and replaced by a show that could not get his ratings. Now he is going to Fox to do Last Man Standing for them.

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  28. Alway loved Tim. Saw him perform in Eugene Oregon. Great show. Always Broadcasting Crap. Really messed up canceling new show over political reasons. Theses channels and actors need to leave the politics behind and just entertain like they are paid to do.

  29. One of the best shows! If one person in that cast was somebody else, it wouldn't have been as good as it was. Its still on Dish twice a day in mini marathons. Channel 188 M-F from 11am-3pm and 8-11pm and ch 166 from 2pm-5pm. Then 3-11pm on 188 on Sundays. Hafta admit, I still watch most of 'em.

  30. Did u know? For those who never ever knew, Tim Allen was a former drug & substance abuser with cocaine & heroin back in 1978 – 1982? Nasty shit isn’t? He went to rehab in 1982 & remained clean & sober since! Sorry to reveal the truth but it’s fucking true! Still, Tim Allen is still my favourite actor & comedian & always will be! Remember kids, don’t do drugs! Unless u want weed…

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