What the Hell is Cinco De Mayo? TYT History (Professor Rich)

What the Hell is Cinco De Mayo? TYT History (Professor Rich)

blockbuster rich in this issue whitey
history today i will talk about single-minded and why you should care about what it is
if you care about american history uh… first off by the most people have
no idea what’s it about i did you ask people to to answer she
would be it would be i don’t know maxim instead uh… forgive my pronunciation threatens
video because i don’t speak spanish the mexican independence is actually dac
centers today which is this a diversity which is the data actually when their
independence from mexico from space to be back in eighteen twenty one uh… today at its most americans think the
bios in just two hundred mexican beer not this year that usually in the week which of course we like well several years is a celebration of victory of the uh…
group of mexicans over a french army in the city called webmail uh… way back in eighteen sixty two here’s what matters what’s going on the time is i’d spectacle and you’re going to go on
earth has suspended the payment of interest on their debt to their european creditors uh… particularly in the united kingdom
same france sexually dates back to some seasons
there cruise electing coast in eighteen sixty one of
the it’s like the customs duties itself back because max was paid back uh… france reported that there is a
separate empire multiple bonaparte there uh… well decide they’re going to have
a tactical seasonal all time under the name of hang himself this
whole thing united kingdom staying innovative free trade uh… your argues that america has
prayed about lee over trade uh… with the western mister and one thing you may not be aware of is
that america it was kind of the china of the night of the nineteenth century
anybody but america back in the day was discovered coming economic
superpower everybody knew who will not be competing with the big
boys was very lucky to overtake everybody and so while we were friendly
and we’ve got a lot of business with europe they had a a summary of paranoia
about the future of america in a potentially have to make a lot of
money so the economic powers you’re always
looking for an opportunity to cut into america’s markets youths is that there’s always something explode now resemblances four was because of the
eighteen twenty three president changed rotation brought up uh… the threatened quincy apts sectors that the monroe doctrine said that that this half of the world alone will take care of your good to see
happen because the western hemisphere faultless european trip plans so that we only time aren’t taken
over is that we would be important problem and selfishly we had uh… brad europe
if they came over here and i’m almost appears so why did they come over here
in eighteen sixty in the eighteen sixties began to do this well obsolete restricted the civil wars going on to the european
countries dot uh… they become apparent and paul so associated caesar’s the breast their attention to take the
whole country mexico insane withdraw perhaps at that uh… preferably was an army eight
thousand highly trained highly equipment advertisements comedy personal world and also don’t take your christmas
stamps indian market that works best cc cap now all the way institute for life they would be interested r_u_ four
thousand who are growth of the poorly equipped important
from and it’s something a bit of a military miracle happened at the the
mexican army overhauls french soldiers what uh… now believe this hugh hewitt nationalist mexico city
that’s something that david and goliath it is celebrated happily and forgot this
day worker but of course this is just a lot of time
that the french are important in nineteen sixty uh… three is like a mexico city install a dictator uh… vaccinating
first when the civil war america’s entertainers engines true into our world c block we are uh… president johnson wanted to
know your anything good about influences a big ego troops under the command of u_s_ friends of the
mexican border uh… with sections out there clearly
for different movies are lady to blockade external uh… to try to drive for a job witness u_s_ assistance the mexicans are
going to be able to run for a job nineteen sixty seven and when you’re free to process it incidently this is the last land
invasion of any country in the western this year by it really artesian here parts of the uh… vincent worked out
pretty well uh… knapsack wise american catholics americans at the time to leave in many
historians today it one of france’s motives and altman’s was to seize control of mexico in the
news article to supply in a confederates this states quite a bit of sense actually above the earth is commitments
explanation uh… your candidate at this hour uh… bezel trade five percent involve more formally it’s likely to
have it had been to have innovation as opposed to the one involved artistic heat uh… stories this spring they respond
to this along with that but i can’t say that in the eighteen
sixties this is what americans believe so it’ll be really active frances hell
are really the tomorrow americans have been celebrating this
because they see it is theodore dinners because they see a ski to the revisions at the time that this action is a lot of
sense of about twelve miles of that they’ve
made a in eighteen sixty two at this point probably to the dorm macy’s victories uh… around uh… virginia d_c_ today inference would take it back to the
cities in the summer of eighteen sixty two and it begins ones uh… army mean buses fall of eighteen sixty two it’s not that hard to imagine the stock
market uh… bible a the conquest of mexico
city but maybe as much as a year you have time uh… for seven are going to begin to to
slow down its moment you’ll see the rebuilding a kingdom enforces surveys realistic for fall and uh… leafy jennifer it’s a lot of we’ll talk about laws that a lot of the
state which is amazing to see what happens to talk about some uh… but there is a time celebrates the triumph over the next
tuesday uh… kim and i think that problems today support uh… businesses want so i think it makes them out of there their lives up as a response to its history actions

19 thoughts on “What the Hell is Cinco De Mayo? TYT History (Professor Rich)

  1. I have touched on it in my videos on Why We Don't Get Along With Iran, The Golden Gimmick and Arab Nationalism. Check those out, if you haven't already.

  2. Very interesting. The best part is the final minute, so you have to stick around to be rewarded. Sept 16 is not the date Mexico achieved independence in 1821. It's the date that Hidalgo "declared" independence in 1810. I love Mexico, and it lives and breathes this history every day.

  3. Last land invasion? Don't say that to an Argentinian! The English invaded the Malvinas in 1983… and the CIA (a land unto themselves!) invaded Cuba for about 2 hours in the '60's… Another great video. Cheers.

  4. Yeah, when I saw that I wondered about the Falklands but then I asked someone I thought would know and they said it was only naval. They were wrong. So, second to last. As for the CIA, what I meant was a non-western hemisphere nation invading a western hemisphere nation. The US has been in and out of Latin American more than a secret service agent in Cartagena.

  5. The Falklands was a nasty brutal conflict, fought at the end of the world. The USA found itself in a difficult spot, trying to negotiate between Argentina and the UK… not a good idea when it's Margret Thatcher! Great CIA history book by Tim Weiner 'Legacy of Ashes'. Also Richard Aldrich 'GCHQ', about the UK's intelligence agency is amazing if your interested in the cold war – the UK and USA have an incredibly close (but difficult) relationship. If you need research help I'm keen sir!

  6. Nice video Professor Rich. I really love your history discussions. I would have never have known about the French-Mexican conflict during the American Civil War. Seems pretty odd that U.S. history classes (at least for these high schools) don't even bother mentioning such an event in history.

  7. This video made my day. Its so great tyo undestand something that didnt make sense but it wasnt that importanto to do research. I aways wondered why gringos celebrated 5 de mayo more than mexicans.

  8. I was being ironic. Sorry if I offended you. I had hoped you'd have realised that when I also noted that the CIA invaded Cuba for 3 hours (and also that I used the term Malvinas rather than Falklands). I'm a member of the Commomwealth, so am well aware of British history (as it is my history). Calm down okay, it's all going to be alright if we talk things though taking deep breaths.

  9. For a start, what does "you guys" mean? I'm from the nation of Aotearoa (New Zealand), not the United Kingdom nor Britain. My country is a member of the Commonwealth, which is why I am well aware of the Falkland's situation even though my country wasn't involved in that situation. When you start claiming "rightful" ownership of any land you enter a difficult area as there are different meanings. Do you mean legally, historically. The British NEVER invaded Argentina, bogus argument there!

  10. They were fighting for their homes, families and freedom. Those are powerful motivating factors for any soldier.

  11. Then how do you explain the success of the American Revolution? Guns still have to be shot by men and a man defending his home, his family and his liberty is a very, very dangerous person. Thats not even taking into account topography, supply, strategy, leadership, morale or any of a thousand factors that contribute to success or failure. Also, while we are talking about guns, we are talking about muskets, not machine guns and sniper rifles. By that time one musket is about as good as another.

  12. The American Revolution is very similar to Vietnam. The big country just lacked the political will for a war that had fractious support from the beginning. That and the inherent difficulty in controlling a population in a remote land.

  13. That may be true, but you should not discount the will or skill of the people fighting. I don't think The United States, at least in its current form could have come about without the leadership of great generals like Washington and Arnold. America was not Vietnam. America was British colonists revolting against Britain. If Britain had defeated the rebels decisively and then dealt with the colonists concerns effectively history might be very different.

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