What to do when the paint on your stem wall is failing

Today, we’re talking about the minor failure of substrate on the foundation or stem wall of your home. Hi, Mike Ricker. I’m the owner of Crash of Rhinos Painting. Today, we’re talking about minor failures of substrate on the foundation or stem wall of your house. Two main kinds of stem wall or foundations in Arizona: a post-tension slab or what we call a monolithic slab. Those details aren’t important for today’s topic. What we are talking about is the very minor issues that can happen on the very outside of those slabs. Let’s take a look at one of the issues we have right down here. As you can see down in this area here, there’s some exposed aggregate. What aggregate is, is actually just the rock that’s in concrete. One of the things that can happen, just simply over time, is a bit of this rock becomes exposed. There is a term used: “spawling.” Spawling can be a much more serious issue, typically due to house fires or excessive flooding or moisture. We don’t really deal with that too much in Arizona, and all we want to talk about today is how to fix these minor issues. One of the things you saw down there is the failure of paint on this substrate. What we do at Crash of Rhinos Painting is that we’re going to do hand-scraping of that to remove all loose, peeling paint in any potentially damaged areas. We will then do a low-pressure rinse, let it dry, and we’re then going to apply a coat of what’s called DRYLOK. DRYLOK is a really great product primarily used for the waterproofing of basements. After that, as the house continues to be painted, we’re going to put on two top coats of that. What this process does is help to prevent any further degradation of that foundation or the stem wall on your home. That’s how we handle issues with your stem wall and foundation.

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