What TVs Did We Put In Our New House?

What TVs Did We Put In Our New House?

93 thoughts on “What TVs Did We Put In Our New House?

  1. Ok so first they build a million dollar home and then they open it to every robber in the state to let them scout it out…. SMART

  2. Oh OK whats inside I will proudly go to your hout

    This is a revrence to the last clip of the video where he says hout not house

  3. I'm happy for them & what not, but how much did this house cost?!! Does working as a YouTubeer really pay that well?? What does Leslie do for work?! 🤯🤯

  4. Try Viewing this Vlog on you new Wallpaper TV Via Youtube as you can select in the options to select viewing in 4k, I viewed this Volg this way and On my Samsung QLED 55” and on My 27” 5K iMac Pro I must say your New Home and the OLED TV's are Mind Blowingly, Stunning though you could do with a Shave, He He . To see your New TV st Up Working Is Thrriling & AMAZING . I have watch it 4 Times now before I Edtied the comment here. Kind Regrads https://twitter.com/HE15RGP

  5. Kobe Bryant is burning in hell! Have you done anything or even thanked the Lord for any of this? What have you done for the Lord ?

  6. LG be like: oh you guys have enough money to build a giant house from scratch take 5 of our most expensive tvs for free and let's raise the prices for normal people

  7. TV's mounted above fireplaces are a known fire hazard.

    If I were you I'd put a temperature sensor behind the TV above the fireplace and hook it to an alert/alarm if it gets above the operating range of the TV. Unless there's no heat transfer through the wall when a fire is going in the hearth.

  8. Must be nice for companies to just give you $10,000 worth of gear like that. That's my entire income for 3/4 of the year.

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