okay we are gonna show you our outfits
of the day. I’m in gray and black shocking I know.
Savannah’s in a cute target top, the dress is from ross and the shoes are
from ross so she’s gonna cute little dressy today family’s in town chases so
we’re gonna be seeing them here in a little while I’m just wearing this is
from I want to say target and then Walmart these are my seller leggings
Ross shoes so we’re about to head out though oh I think chase isn’t here you
guys have been asking me a lot of questions about the camera he’s up there
he has to do this every time so it’ll fit right but like it stays up there he
just has to adjust what it’s looking at yeah this is we kind of like hold that
up there they keep wanting to know which you guys wanted to know where we were
keeping it so we had it over here but then like a big cord was hanging down
and you could always see it and then when we were gone if he was like over
here in the kitchen at all we couldn’t see him so we got smart and tucked it up
there so we can literally see from when they lay right here all the way through
our house and we can to move it so if we need to like move it down to see them right the reason why we have to adjust
it almost every time we leave is because when we get home we unplug it
so basically so every time I plug it back in it spins around are we talking
about you tiger saying they never never had to have a camera with me with you we
have to watch you like a hawk he lost his privacy you don’t want to talk about
it hmm can you see those muddy poles on my sofa
he’s been outside playing in the pond again you do want to talk about it yeah
he won’t make eye contact with me hello hello tiger will show you – okay we’re
sitting on the car waiting on chase we’re always waiting on him he’s the
last one to the car separates from Sam’s not Ross I was
mistaken I’m telling the vlog we were always waiting for you to finish
primping I believe you are always the last one to
the car like I’m in here plug in and then you go yeah this I was making sure
all the doors were shut that we didn’t have any rolls and plastic bags fetch
over just to get into so we left the other day and we had like.we keep our
food next to our refrigerator sorry there’s a clear and we had been to
Logan’s so we had it like in a ziplock bag we came home and there was like
plastic stuff everywhere and we’re like what is it what is it and there wasn’t a
lot of plastic left finally we realized the roll was gone so he had eaten the
roll and some of the plastic with it like even the zip part he had now I mean
it wasn’t all the plastic bag but that dog is crazy so we have to even be
careful now like what we leave out on the counters because he’ll put his poles
up there yeah I’m just so used to Tiger he can’t reach anything right so we’re
being careful now guys we just had it too far
towards the front of the counter so now anything we have on the counter we have
pushed to the very back so they can’t get to it but yeah he’s tall so he can
reach so we pushed everything back in now but he was able to reach that one
roll guys are so particular about dogs and we love them they’re like our family
but their dogs like they the things I’ve seen them alone you guys are so worried
about like some of the bones we have out and some of the stuff they do and I’m
like their dogs they survived like we’re gonna do our best but like we eat
McDonald’s our dogs are gonna be the healthiest dogs you see because we’re
not the healthiest people you watch by any means
so speaking of which we’re gonna go to lunch so let’s head that way okay chases running into the peel box to
see what we had we had a package delivered but we’re about to take some
books back to the library so I know some of you guys like hearing what she likes
to read she loves these rainbow magic fairy books and ours gets a lot of them
so if you have a little girl or something these are really good books um
she had been learning about lovers in home school so we picked this one up
that she liked and then she loved this one she is all into hair and braids so
she really enjoyed like flipping through this one and just learning at new styles
like I know there’s like YouTube and all that but sometimes it’s just fun for
kids to like get a book and it shows pictures on how to do it so that was fun
for her to have so sometimes like we love for her to get like chapter books
like this to read but it’s also good to get like books that go along with school
especially if you homeschool and then just like activity so they find things
to read that they love that you know goes beyond reading so I was just gosh
up those two days thank you sorry Ella Savannah’s pen pal just sent her a
birthday package and we have not written her in so long we were so sorry I
promise we’ll get on it tomorrow but she even hand-painted this little box for
savanah sent her some Barbie dolls the slime kids Barbie accessories that was
so much fun having a lot of this kinetic sand she does oh one more no more I was
so nice oh I like it already camo sweater like moment but I’ll be
soaking with black leggings we’ll be twins
oh thank you thank you so much that was so nice of you guys I promise
tell her you’re gonna write her soon all right you sit it’s so weird because what’s today
January 8th and it’s like 62 degrees which for us that’s like more this is
like been such a weird winter I don’t know if we’ll eventually get like a ton
of snow but it’s been I think about seven years since we’ve had like a
normal snow that like chasin you know like the way we grew up you could like
make snowmen and sweaty yeah go slutty and Savannah hasn’t really got to do
that so and it’s not looking like it’s gonna happen this year either about
February is our only chance unless the end of January breaks yeah but I am not
complaining you can turn right here so yeah it’s just gorgeous I just love it
so that’s why I was showing span was running in she’s in her dress that’s
what’s crazy shoot that was my point there we go
she’s an address in the beginning of January and it’s beautiful we have like
the sunroof open the windows down I don’t know it’s incredible and I love it
okay it is a lot later in this 620 I think the last time I was talking to you
guys it was like 12:30 it’s been about six hours I’m gonna flip the camera
around there’s some I can’t show you yet but we’re kind of working in here in the
dining room I’m gonna show you what I want and what chase doesn’t want to do
and I need your vote I need your support so let me show you
okay let me rephrase this he wants to do it there’s just not studs to be fair but
we took down the shutters and I’m thinking well what I was wanting was to
put this mirror this way up here and it looks so good it looks so good but we’re
having a hard time finding studs and this is super heavy so that so this is
how we hang the shutters if you guys have asked before I’ve showed it in a
video but I had to take the video down what is this called fresh voice so this
is on the wall and then let me show you turn the light over here so and then on
the back of my shutters it’s pretty much the same thing and then this just sits
on the other one on the wall so it just kind of sits on it so that’s how those
were hung super easy so I don’t know can we use something like that for the
mirror or no can we not put anything on my
to put do the French plates on the back of this it’s like you screw it in see
there’s just a small little chunk a frame like right here and if it’s wood
I might go screw it in but I don’t know it feels plastic yeah I don’t know and
that scares me yeah another note like I said it is 620
and we haven’t had dinner which is like I’m her equate it like 435 but we were
over at chases cousins I think I mentioned that in the beginning of the
video and she had made a cake and it was so good I think she’s gonna leave us the
recipe maybe I’ll make it for you guys one day because it was even gluten-free
and I would have had no idea like it was amazing it was so good so we’re gonna go
ahead if you guys saw our last hour video on Wednesday we made those pork
chops this is actually Thursday we made those Tuesday and today’s Wednesday so
we’re gonna go and heat those up and just make mashed potatoes I’ve like Bob
Evans we can heat up and maybe some green beans or something just cuz it’ll
be quick and easy okay chase is starting to work on we decided on baked potatoes
so he’s working on those but I wanted to thank some subscribers that sent
Savannah some birthday stuff that was so sweet
Yolanda she has been following us for so long since so being a happy birthday
card in some money for her that was so sweet and then this is from Drew
remember yep drew so thank you so much this card is amazing look at that and
she loved these bracelets she’s so excited and then she literally squealed
when she opened this we went to the PIO box because there was a delivery and
both of them were for her and obviously we weren’t expecting them so it was just
a nice little surprise so thank you guys so much okay so this is how it ended up
for now this is still beautiful I still have my shutters I just think it’s I
don’t know it’s one less thing we want to mess with right now I may one day
figure out the hang a mirror but I just rather my house be together right now
this is how we’re gonna leave it okay guys I have been like filling the holes
since we’ve been rearranging and I like to do it all at once like if the putty
is coming out in the paint I’m just gonna do every room so I’ve been going
through and doing that and then I use the sandpaper we always get questions
about our paint so this is a paint we use but this is
what the builder chose so if you can do something different do nicer because
this is like the cheapest paint in the world but until we want to repaint the
whole house we have to use it so we had to go buy a new can
and I’ll probably use the same paint one day but we’ll definitely do a nicer
brand so it doesn’t flake off but I’m going to show you the color real fast so
let me show it to you but I have to cover up our name okay I always get a
million questions about our paint colors so this is it it’s Revere pewter but if
you’re needing like the exact formula there it is right there take a
screenshot so you have it okay I just put a little bit on my brush will might
have this on a plate or something but I’m trying to film and show you guys so
I have this spot right here it’s just gotten bumped so the paint’s come off
which happens a lot because this paint is super cheap and so I just kind of put
it on here real lightly and then I fed it out so that it doesn’t if it doesn’t
match exactly which it should it’s the exact same color but this is a lot
fresher newer paints and what’s on the wall because we’ve lived here three or
four years how long we lived here almost four years so of course ours is getting
a little dirty when it dries you won’t even know but I like to just do it wider
so it’s not just like a perfect circle and then it’ll dry and you have no idea
that ever happened okay we’re sitting here having dinner
and I thought this was so sweet Savannah grabbed a bowl and paper and put like
animals and people and different things and here and we’re paying basically sure
ace with each other during dinner and it is actually so much fun so I highly
suggest throw some stuff in here have everybody write something down because I
don’t know it’s just fun family night okay we’re ready okay model walking
strut your stuff be the girl me it’s not model catwalk universe hasn’t your girl
bed okay I wanted to show you where I painted real fast it’s just been about
10 minutes and you can tell I mean there’s shadows just because of lighting
because my chandelier but it looks perfect in real time right here I can’t
see anything so that’s how I like fill up all my
holes and this is what my house looks like after dinner just a little bit of
everything oh let me show you real fast what I used to fill my holes I’ve showed
it before but I know somebody will ask I just use this and it starts off pink and
then when it’s dry it’s white but I feel like it works really well and this
thing’s tiny but it will last you forever but keep it inside like
underneath your kitchen sink or something cuz it will dry out so I keep
it like in this baggie zipped up underneath my kitchen sink and I’m
telling you you will throw it away because it’ll dry out faster than you
can use it okay I’m gonna show you another thing that I like to paint
around all of our lights which is can you see that how dirty it is like and if
I use a magic eraser it just like takes our pain away I can’t stress to you
enough do not buy the brand of paint that we have and I like to paint around
this so it’s not dirty anymore and then I do the same thing I just kind of like
feather it out because the rest of the wall isn’t
that’s dirty but I’ll go around my theory is why that paints out and the
brush is already dirty paint as much as you can so I’ll go around and paint
around all the lights which is just to freshen it up I’d love to have our house
repainted one day but there’s just so much hung and I want to move my
furniture out so I’m just like making do until it’s like we just have to George’s
playing dress-up with Savi hey George good let me see your pretty tiara George
oh so pretty in pink and your tutu almost matches your pretty fur oh you’re
so good playing with sissy he’s got some pork chops oh he’s uh he’s distracted so
I’ll do anything for a pork chop okay guys I’m just about to clean up the
kitchen they made their smoothies again that
they love every night if you ask me I think it keeps the manna up but it’s
their thing so we need to start it for like a breakfast and I so much every
evening but I’m going to clean up the kitchen since this is a fun cleaning
channel I’m not gonna show it but thank you guys so much for hanging out with me
today don’t forget over on my cleaning channel Sunday I’m doing an itch to
switch you guys don’t want to miss it I do so much like organizing and all of
that in our bedroom so make sure you’re tuned into that and then I’ll see you
guys here again Monday or Tuesday it should be at Monday but we’re also gonna
be gone on vacation so for some reason that’s not it’ll be it by Tuesday but
I’m really shooting for my face so I’ll see you guys in the next one bye is in
your personal space thank you like smoothies founders oh are
you just like being with your family don’t you


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