What’s Hiding In Your Hotel Room?

What’s Hiding In Your Hotel Room?

I was up guys hang out with my wife this week We’re on a road trip and we stopped off in Oregon at a hotel just to spend the night And we brought with us one of these little investigative tools [this] is a UV flashlight that I used with my cousin with the glowing scorpions project But Uv light also helps identify bodily fluids so we thought it might be fun tonight Just to shine the light around our room and see what kind of things we could dig up Maybe things that we don’t want to find I don’t know because we haven’t actually slept in our beds yet. Go ahead Let’s light up the bed. My wife’s got this little black light flashlight here What this does is it illuminates human fluids should we take a look at the bed? Pretty good all right one point for best western let’s peel back the sheets and see if we can find anything here Well, let’s see what’s here which those just look like they’re marks of some kind This is kind of a good sign guys They’re not seeing anything fluorescing nothing really off-putting the bed is pretty clean let’s go check out the bathroom. Oh Look, there’s a little spot the government’s by the sink there [only] that’s toothpaste or something of that nature on the faucet you can see Like Little remnants of the white towel that was used to wipe it down looking down the floor though You can see it’s actually pretty clean. I don’t see many spots so kudos to the cleaners here So the wall looks completely clean and then we turn off [the] lights [add] a little uv light and now we can see there are Actually spots everywhere. [oh] my goodness look at the light switch. That’s pretty gross There’s all kinds of stuff everywhere So wow how dirty your light switches and you’re touching those things all the time? Huh? [I] [think] [we’ll] be washing those down See it looks relatively normal put the light [on] it looks pretty gross normal Gross wow it all had Right here’s the clean remote and if we do an inspection on that nothing really too concerning the linens all look pretty good I’m actually going to be pretty confident sleeping my bed tonight [that] doesn’t look bad at all so they must really wash these things [it] makes me wonder what the difference [would] be if we got a cheap little motel room, okay? So guys update we were traveling home, and we stopped over here at this little motel the best western passed our test with flying colors So we wondered what a motel would be like in contrast. Let’s go check it out All right [so] this is our first time seeing this guy’s we have no idea what to expect so let me just get this thing turned on boom oh Wow, look at that. You can see right behind the coffee maker again the walls are really dirty. It’s amazing How much stuff is on the walls apparently that cleaners don’t know about so apparently they allow pets in this motel And you can see by sweeping the UV light there’s a spot right there looks like maybe some [mater] right back over here by the door as well in the corner something was cleaned up there at the bed That’s glow in there. Just because there’s a rip in the seam that looks pretty clean on the top. You know let’s see bad He’s like very clean as well. It’s good news. All right. Well can sleep in peace. You know for a motel I’m actually pretty impressed out of the light switches look not too bad actually relatively clean time to see the bathroom Do we have in here? [it] seems like in most of these hotels we’ve been to it’s the walls that get neglected look down here There’s quite a bit of gunk on that wall there when you turn the light on Can tell [alright] looks like we got a fairly decent motel [looks] pretty clean, okay? So it’s a week later, and I’ve just checked into a really expensive hotel here in San Francisco It’s about four times as expensive as any of the hotels We’re at earlier, and you can see it’s quite a bit smaller as well So now I am really curious to know how does a really posh Hotel hold up compared to just a little motel like we were in the other day I brought my UV flashlights, so let’s close the blinds and check it out It is dark in here as we can starting over in the bed area and they make all the bed sheets white Very hard actually to pick up anything on white sheets [cuz] whites about as reflective to get so far so good though, huh? Oh look on the pillow there who knows what that is but [that] just popped into view even with the daylight on it if you shine in the UV light those spots appear three spots of Who knows what and who knows if it’s been cleaned or not, but I probably won’t be using that pillow tonight all right now here’s a fun one the remote control do we even want to see this you can see it’s covered in little flecks all over the Place I’m assuming that’s from the cotton rag that they used to wipe it down So maybe they do clean the remotes that’s reassuring Could be pretty nasty if they didn’t look at that right there on the floor that looks kind of nasty [I] just popped up out of nowhere. We’ve got hairs. We’ve got bits of fluff There’s quite a bit of dirt in there as well It doesn’t look like it’s a very well taken care of there is something on that card, and I don’t know what it is But you can see how it starts glowing under the light there well look at that water for six dollars and [fifty] cents Per bottle wow that’s pretty grimy. Look at those buttons guys the buttons on the thermostat [oh], wow look at this by the entryway here. There’s all kinds of [nasty] stuff in the carpet there. It almost looks like Something took a leak on the carpet something spilled for sure maybe vomit maybe somebody threw up here There’s like little trails [within] here all right Let’s check out the bathroom next here’s what the light switch looks like with the light on doesn’t really look that bad [I] mean everything in general looks pretty nice The Walls here. Oh man, just like every hotel We’ve been to it almost [looks] [like] toothpaste residue Or some kind of fluid looking at the side of the toilet here looks relatively clean right doesn’t look too [bad] But you put a uv light [on] it and all the dirt and grime jumps right out at you this corner is hideous With a dirty that is Amazing so disgusting under Uv light have to say this is one of the dirtiest hotels we’ve been [at] yet And it’s four times the price. So there you have a guys There’s a little more insight into your living conditions when you’re away from home And if you want to get one of these Uv flashlights off the internet for about 20 bucks [try] doing a tour of the hotel Room the motel room or if you’re feeling really brave try doing a tour of your own house in the dark That’s a very eye-opening experience anyway Thanks for joining me for this experiment guys, and I’ll be looking for you in the next video. Talk to you then

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  1. Doing a quick sweep with a UV light should be standard procedure tbh. Or managers should do random room checks with UV lights to make sure standards are kept up to

  2. Put a UV light on your UV light, see what you have been hiding on the thing that sees messes

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