What’s In My Backpack 🎒 (College Freshman Stationary & Supplies)

Hey guys, it’s Conan and welcome to my rooooooom Today I’m going to be giving you guys a walkthrough of what is in my backpack I did this video last year but I thought it would be interesting to do a College freshman version because I am currently a freshman at the University of California Los Angeles, A real college student The contents of my backpack have changed a lot since I’ve gone to college. You find that you need a lot less when you go to college So let’s just get into it. also before the video starts a super amazing fun awesome announcement I made t-shirts and I’ll talk about it more at the end of the video, but let’s get into it this is My backpack, it is this blue red and yellow color block vans backpack. I’ve had this backpack for About three or four years now It’s super dirty, like insanely dirty, and it’s gone through a lot of stuff in life It has gone all the way across the world with me I take it everywhere all the time, and you know my life motto is if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it It’s a good backpack. It’s a little dirty. It’s a little scuffed up. It’s a little ripped, but it still works, and I love it So why would I get a new one? as you can see on the front I have Many pins all from different places that I’ve been or like different artists that I like some of them are also just like completely Random weird old pins that I found a garage sales and stuff like that I think the pins really make this backpack my backpack so I Had to mention it I think I’m gonna start off with this big top pocket so first thing is definitely My laptop I bring my laptop basically everywhere with me now that I’m in college. I edit a lot of videos on this laptop I use this laptop a lot one of the things that definitely changed when I went to college is I walk a Lot more now so much more like a ridiculous amount of walking every day the UCLA campus is really large and it takes about 30 minutes to walk all the way across it and I walk across it you know like three or four times a day and I Also walk to like the grocery store And I went to my apartment and I walk everywhere I walk a lot because I don’t have a car so lightness of your backpack is a major Component of like what you want to bring inside of it This is the lightest MacBook Pro that they have so I got it do not regret buying this at all my old MacBook was Gigantic and so heavy, and I couldn’t bring it anywhere So this dude is real light enough for my my laptop that is that when you’re walking like five miles a day By like the third mile you’re very tired of having this big giant backpack so you don’t bring things that you don’t need to bring and you get things just because they’re like in high school you have a Locker so you can just like shove everything in a locker and like you can come back to it whenever But not in college you don’t have no locker You just gotta carry your whole entire life with you, and you get very swole in your back muscles next up is this thing Monster this is my tangle of wires that I bring with me everywhere I go it has my macbook charger my harddrive my USB port my SD card drive my iPhone charger it has all of the wires necessary for me to edit tons of videos all the time I don’t have a better way of organizing this. I’m constantly taking things in and out of it, so this is it This is what I this is what’s in my backpack all the time This is the hard drive that I use whenever I edit any of my videos and it has gone through so much stuff it is taped very violently like a mummy on the top because if this Disconnects while I’m editing it will ruin my entire life because the whole video just gets ruined and it’s terrible All of these cords have been through a lot. I do mean good, and they are a big mess. next is a hat I just always have a hat in my backpack Just in case I need it if my hair is super ugly and I want to cover it up or if it’s kind of hot Outside next I have just one notebook in the entire first quarter of me here at UCLA. I only have one notebook It is a little bit surprising because when I was in high school I had like 7 notebooks all the time and I used all of them, but I have one notebook. I’ve Through it like a quarter of the way I’m only in one class that actually takes like physical notes all my other classes are just like online notes It’s our typed things, so I only have one notebook Which is nice because they’re kind of heavy, and I don’t like to lug them around note books kind of become a novelty when you go to college so if you’re in high school And you still got a notebook get some cute ones I have a lot of doodles in here because when I get bored I doodle because it helps me focus I promise it. Helps me focus if I’m doodling that means I’m paying attention. I’m just like trying to pay attention. I got a b-minus On this midterm, so I guess I’m still doing pretty good your boys still a good student, and this notebook is super cute It’s called a decomposition book and it’s made all out of host consumer waste, which is really awesome And I think it’s adorable next I usually have a book in my backpack It’s never really a book that I want to read it’s always just a book that I’m being forced to read Whoo-hoo. This book is very boring and I would not recommend I hate you for making my backpack heavy next in my planner y’all know that I use the heck out of my planner my life is extremely busy and I never know what’s going on ever so I always have to look at my planner to make sure that I’m Not wasting any time because I have no time to waste sometimes I have time to waste though which is nice because I get to like leave this out When I was in high school I always like brought a ton of pens and like fun things to fill out my planner but now with my planners just like do this Conan do it if not as cute as it used to be just because I Don’t even have time to like make it cute like right here. I just have backpack written and pencil That’s it used to be so cute. I used to like work so hard on it, but I don’t time anymore It’s cute planner though, but it’s almost up so I think I’m gonna get a new one kind of soon if you struggle with procrastination if you struggle with time management, and you don’t have a planner yet, then like why Why Next up is my pencil bag my pencil bag is this cute little leather bag. I got it Maybe five years ago while I was in Japan for a dollar, but I think it’s adorable and it’s holding up It’s getting a little a little frail see the thing is when I like something I don’t want to let it go even if it’s time for me to get a new thing I’m the type of person that when I love something or someone or a song or anything. I just love it so Intensely that like it’s too much, and it’s just I just that’s just the way I am okay, and I love this pencil bag So much, I really don’t want to see it die I like it because it’s small so it kind of forces me to restrict what I’m bringing And I don’t really need many things, but let’s take a look at what’s inside of the bag first I have these two highlighters. They are friction light highlighters. They are pastel and erasable They’re amazing they’re perfect for note-taking I only bring two colors with me because I don’t really ever need any more, and they’re just nice They’re just nice and easy and they’re cool next I have this adorable Mechanical pencil yes you heard me, right This is a mechanical pencil isn’t that amazing this is the ottawa’s sharp pencil made in Japan Japan has the best stationery hands down. We all know it’s true. I got this at a stationery shop That’s right by my apartment, and it’s just an amazing mechanical pencil It looks like a wooden pencil, but it has point five LED inside when you write with it, though It totally feels like a normal pencil which is so cool and it’s adorable. I also have another mechanical pencil It’s like a pen tool Wow pencil huh, I use it all through high school It’s a good pencil next I have these two eco tools felt-tip pens I use these in my planner, and I use them sometimes when I’m taking notes, but honestly I don’t use them not much. This is a pen and that’s it. It’s a pen fun story I also have this cute little Muji pen It’s in red Ink and if I’m honest the reason why I bring this around is because it’s really fun to draw with like that’s it It’s also nice for like note-taking and stuff like that cuz it’s really vibrant and really sharp I don’t know I do a lot with this pen got some point 5 lead because necessity and my eraser Which is this cute little black eraser that I got while I was in Japan I get all of my stationary while I’m in Japan and then I just like don’t get any new stationery until I go back to Japan I also have this which you’re probably thinking what is that? This is a very weird thing, but I don’t think anyone else does But whenever I erase anything with this eraser I always collect the eraser shavings And I like smush them into a ball And then it turns into this this like squishy soft thing that I’d like to play with when I went fest out I really don’t know if it’s like an American thing to do this. I don’t think it is but in Japan I distinctly remember while I was going to school in Japan the kids would always do this with their erasers And I’ve done it ever since It’s just like a fun little thing to do while you’re like bored in class and this one has actually gotten so Large so much larger than any other of my eraser shaving balls before it only works with certain types of erasers though, so Sometimes I’ll be like taking notes in class and my friend will just be like can you hand me your weird eraser ball? And I just like hand it to them and they’ll just play with it college woW! I also have like a bunch of random broken pieces of eraser in here and then also some Posted tabs that I can use for like when I’m doing my readings or doing notes or anything like that They have little pandas on them pretty cute that is everything in there and that also concludes everything In the big pocket on the side of my backpack I always have a water bottle all the time I lost my favorite reusable water bottle like two weeks ago, so I’ve just been using this one plastic bottle for like two weeks now Hydration is key y’all make sure you’re drinking your water. If I don’t drink enough water I feel like I’m dying and I can’t do anything so I drink a lot of water Also, my bladders like this big so I pee like 7000 times a day it’s so much fun next up is look this little second pocket. I don’t have much in here I have some plastic bags Because I live in LA and they don’t give you bags at grocery stores anymore So you have to bring your reusable one? Which is good, because yeah environment so I always have got in here all the time. I also have some glasses Which are just low glasses that I use for when I’m editing a ton or something like that Because they have like this film on them that helps not strain your eyes, and you’re looking at a computer screen too much They’re very cute. That is all that’s in there. And now for this red pocket There’s only three pockets in this so this is the last pocket. First is my wallet It is a Steve Madden wallet that my sister got for me one Christmas. Thank You Alyssa. I love you so much you’re beautiful, and I’m so proud of you in it I have personal information and money It’s a wallet I also have some chapstick during the winter my lips always get crazy chapped to the point where like they just bleed Which is so much fun. So I have this chapstick by the brand of hurrah. I love it. I love this brand I’m not sponsored. I just freaking love this chapstick. They’re all vegan and raw and like it’s amazing chapstick I have like seven in my apartment right now. It’s stupid I also have my headphones of course ever since I moved to a big city I listen to music in my headphones So much more. There’s usually never a time that I’m walking around on the street that I’m not listening to music I’m constantly constantly constantly listening music. I’m also constantly singing if you ever see me around on campus I’m usually singing to myself Maybe even dancing a little bit. I am unashamed of my music love. I also notice that everyone else in the city is constantly listening To music I think it’s just kind of like a way for us to cope with the constant sounds everywhere Yes last thing is a granola bar when you are a college student you find that often you forget to eat or you don’t have time maybe because you were Constantly in and out of classes or doing a bunch of stuff so I always carry around a spare Granola bar just to like to make sure that I don’t malnourish myself by just starving myself all the time I’m the type of person that if you don’t tell me to eat I just won’t because I’ll just forget that it’s a thing and then I’ll be like wow I feel terrible and I’m so tired and dizzy and I feel like I might faint and then my friends are like hey have you eaten anything today, and I’m like No that can’t be it always have one. It’s a good thing to have on spare Also, if your friends are dying can like whip it out be like I got you so that is everything in my backpack I hope you enjoyed before this video ends I am super super excited to announce that I finally made t-shirts y’all have been screaming at me for Like so many years to make a t-shirt with my art And so I finally did I made one t-shirt and you can buy it now the link is in the description below I don’t really know how this is gonna go because I’ve never sold t-shirts or anything I’ve never sold any merch before so it’s just like a limited run you can only buy it for two weeks? And then after that they’re never gonna be in existence ever so if you’d like to buy one and get one But if you don’t want to buy one that’s totally chill. I love you Just as much all of that money is going towards me making my EP for you guys So all the money is going like straight back to y’all, but I love it I wanted to do something fun as like a way to raise money for it and also was super fun to make the t-shirt and I really hope you like it It’s a cute little old launch to idol town and to my hometown and to my friends And it’s also really adorable Definitely something I would wear and I will wear and I am wearing you guys have seen the drawing on it before but I’ve added A few things this is like a little a little Easter Egg for all y’all And yeah, if you want to buy a shirt, then that’s cool. That’s awesome. Thank you You guys are the best people on earth, so thank you and with that. I’m going to go Thank you so much for watching this video if you have any questions about anything That’s in my backpack feel free to ask me in the comments below And I will try to respond to as many as I can thank you so much for supporting me it Absolutely changed my whole entire life, so thank you like that. I can’t even say it enough. Thank you I’ll see you guys in a few days of the brand new video. God bless and goodbye

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