What’s Your Style? Industrial Living Room | MF Home TV

What’s Your Style? Industrial Living Room | MF Home TV

Hello homeowners!
And welcome back to MF Home TV! And of course don’t forget to give us some of that love by hitting the subscribe button, and stay with us until the end of this episode as we
announce this week’s giveaway and last week’s winners. So, watch out! In today’s episode we will be designing using the industrial style! Nothing says cool and effortless as well as low maintenance as a industrial style living room. So, let’s begin! Industrial style as its name suggests gets its inspirations from warehouses and urban lofts. So if you want to get that industrial style look,
you have to remember these important elements. 1.) It should have a neutral color scheme and earth tones. 2.) The design should involve the use of
warm, natural wood and cool, sleek metal. 3.) Furniture should have clean lines
and should only be metal, leather or wood. Most industrial spaces feature a
neutral palette, letting bold architectural features and energetic
textures take the room. Dark grey, brown, black are must-haves. For a pop of color, incorporate it on the decors like this coffee table and a wall art piece. However, when it comes to large elements like a sofa, it’s all about natural wood
finishes or neutral upholstery. Metal furniture and decor are the focal points
in industrial spaces. Material of choice is metal but to make it more rustic,
choose furniture with a wooden top and a metal base. And that’s it!
The place just got industrialized. What do you think of this industrial setup using the Mandaue Foam products? Hit the thumbs up and comment your thoughts below! But most importantly, hit the subscribe button! Thanks again for watching, this is Bianca for MF Home TV, inspiring your home.

74 thoughts on “What’s Your Style? Industrial Living Room | MF Home TV

  1. Love this week's episode! Super helpful as we're currently building our industrial theme home. The clock will be perfect for our living room 💕

  2. Thanks for another learnings! Industrial is in between of minimalist and maximalist which is very chic looking yet their is no gender specifications. I love industrial looks it is very modern with a touch of a little vintage vibe. 😍😍😍

  3. My small home is now industrial + minimal chic. I love how the timeless and elegant feel. Thanks Mandaue foam for the tips!!

  4. I'm always a fan of industrial look since it's in between minimalist and extremist. But with its neutral tone, it feels homey and elegant. Not to mention the incorporation of metal and wood always gives you that modern edge in designs and feel.

  5. Im soooo excited to visit your shop soon I would love to buy lots of items from MF looking forward tO see you guys and to give tips how to decor our house 😍😍😍😍

  6. I love window shopping in MF stand alone stores. Kahit unan lang nabibili ko at the end of the day. Sarap mag daydream for your dream house kasi and you can sit on their displays and linger in their model units.

  7. I am moving to my own condo unit this month. These tips are really helpful for me to achieve the kind of aesthetics and designs I want for my place. Mandaue foams has really great of furniture options to achieve this setup. I love the cozy vibe industrial/ rustic setup, this truly is #inspiringmyhome. ❤️🙌🏻

  8. Mandaue Foam is my IKEA since. Will definitely take this advise. Actually trying making my room industrial/minimal 😱

  9. Hello again MF 🤗 thanks for all the tips. Will take note that for my future buss.
    For now i am hoping to win for this week giveaway, i liked the wall clock – black perfect on my unit (black & white theme). Last week nasira yung wall clock namin.😣 need new one. Thanks again MF. ❤

  10. Mas maganda at nagkaroon ng buhay yung industrial living room nang dahil sa Mandaue Foam products…I love it! Thank you so much for this video, I learned a lot of tips…Joined your giveaway promo po, hoping to win this time, maganda po kasi yung prize na black wallclock sana palarin po akong manalo 😇🙏
    FB: Imelda Jaylo Palad

  11. I really love neutral colors. Gives an elegant look. Thank you for sharing your tips. I will definitely try this in our living room. 😊

  12. Hi!!! I wish to win the price!! I wasn’t able to buy the wall clock that looks like your giveaway, when i went to your q.ave and shaw blvd branch,was out of stock 😞 love all your videos!!! More power!

  13. This is exactly what I’m going for in the condo my siblings and I are leasing. I have just bought a bookcase with metal frame and wooden tops.

  14. I think to look more industrial yung space siguro we can change the wall color or add wall paper na more on black or gray. Just sharing. 😂😂

  15. Hi Bianca! Any tips on what wall color paint matches a black L-shaped Gamuza Sofa? 🙂 Also, ano kayang accessory chair ang bagay i-match dun? Se are going for a rustic industrial look.. ❤️

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