Which Vinyl Should I Use? Determining What Vinyl to use Where

Which Vinyl Should I Use? Determining What Vinyl to use Where

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jessica
with expressionsvinyl.com and today I want to talk to you about what type of vinyl to use where. So, when you have a project in mind, I want you to think of
a couple of questions. What am I going to do with it,
will be the biggest factor. How much it’s going to be
handled, if it’s going to be inside or outside, there’s
several questions to go through. So think about what you’re going to be doing with your
project before you decide. We have a few options. So, over here, we have our
removable adhesive vinyl. It has a matte finish and it comes in a ton of colors, but it is going to be a removable adhesive, so it you’re doing something inside your
house or a decoration that’s going inside your house, this one is a great one. If it’s not going to be handled and you want to be able
to peel it off the wall or whatever you’re using it on later, the removable adhesive is a great one. If it’s outside or it’s
going to be handles a lot, like on a cup, and you want
it to last a long time, you want to choose something
with a permanent adhesive. So, we have all sorts of choices in that. All of our glitters have
a permanent adhesive. The plain colors have a gloss finish and then we have metal ones. So, if you don’t want it to come off, like if you’re doing
it on a car or outside, you want to choose permanent adhesive. The next question is, if
you’re using it on fabric or on clothing, you want
to use heat transfer vinyl and that does not have a sticky side, so you can’t, it’s not like a sticker, you have to heat it up
to activate the adhesive. So, those are ones you
want to use on sweatshirts, or on canvas or burlap,
you want to use the heat transfer vinyl or
it’s also known as HTV. So, if you guys want more
tips and tricks like this, subscribe to our video. If you have any questions,
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64 thoughts on “Which Vinyl Should I Use? Determining What Vinyl to use Where

  1. This can be very confusing to a new user. You laid it out nice and simply. Giving examples of use for each type was very helpful.

  2. I got a silhouette cameo and a package of vinyl .
    Expression vinyl 31 , Oracal 631.
    I cant get proper information what they are for. Please help

  3. So does it mean if you have a shiny solid vinyl that it is permanent? And if you have a matte solid it is removable?

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  6. Hello i know this is an older video but for the outdoor vinyl, can you use that for print then cut or is that an entirely different thing. I am looking at make car decals! Thank you so much

  7. What is the difference between the Oracal 651 removable vinyl and the Expressions 31 removable vinyl?
    I'm wanting to cut out "Living the Dream" to go on the wall in our 5th wheel. Thanks.

  8. Which do I use for decals for customers bc don't want too removable like window cling but not too permanent like rip paint off walls or tint off windows? TIA

  9. I have dies that can make 3D bows..I have a cricut explore if I need to use that also..so I want to make 3D bow..I think I brought the adhesive backing…I should of brought non adhesive…can I add card stock.. or DSP paper to the adhesive to get the vinyl look of the bow?

  10. Just tried to go to your website and no matter what you click on it keeps coming back to the same page, couldn't order anything if I tried

  11. What type of vinyl would you recommend for a wall decal inside a bathroom that is consistently used? I have an Oracal 651 matte finish intermediate vinyl that I purchased at Micheals but I am unsure of what to use for this since it is in a moist environment.

  12. Thank you!! I would love to find out what vinyl is available to use on the underside of glass/windows ("top" of it is sticky rather than the back)…It seems like like all the vinyls I see on videos are applied to the top of a window/glass (what I need it for)….Id like to put some vinyls on the underside/back side of glass so that it can be seen through the glass and not have it on TOP of it. Secondly, is there a difference of such vinyl of one that is removable and one that is more sticky/semi-permanent? Thank you! I can't seem to find this info.

  13. What removable vinyl do I use for a chalkboard frame? I want to be able to re-decorate it without the vinyl leaving permanent residue. It will be outdoors on my covered front porch.

  14. Hi, I'm considering buying a cricut. I don't know much about this, but I would like to start by personalizing Christmas ornaments. For example, putting names on the ornaments. What material should use?.Thank you

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  16. What type of vinyl should be used on a coffee mug? And will it withstand typical use on the mug, like holding HOT coffee, washing by hand or in dishwasher, heating in microwave? I made my first mug and the vinyl came right off in the sink dish water.

  17. Can you use just any Heat Transfer Vinyl? Do some stick better than others? Is one just as good as the other? Can you give any advice on this subject.

  18. I have been using the glitter vinyl on mugs and allowing them to sit for at least 48 hrs before washing but they keep peeling off in parts. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a permanent glitter vinyl that works on mugs or items that get washed?

  19. I am new at this and I am in charge for making my niece sweet 16 shirts. I am scared to death of messing them up. Your tips and vids are so calm and helpful. I think I am ready, I have two weeks to get it right!!! lol

  20. Do the glitter and metallics come with removable adhesive? I'd like to put them on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets but without ruining the paint underneath

  21. Hi, good explanation on this video.
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