WHY Is Goddess Asuna Overpowered? Every Goddess Powers RANKED | SAO Alicization War of Underworld

WHY Is Goddess Asuna Overpowered? Every Goddess Powers RANKED | SAO Alicization War of Underworld

How powerful is Goddess Asuna and every
underworld goddess? This includes a certain twisted blonde fellow. So what’s
up guys Foxen here let’s go ahead and dive into this juicy SAO topic but first
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You’ve recently saw Asuna login as Goddess Stacia the goddess of creation.
Fun fact marriages in the Underworld are dedicated to goddess Stacia. Then for the
goddess account power which is the full metal alchemist divine ability of
creation or destruction for land complete with that bright light show in
the sky. So far you’ve seen Asuna split the ground creating this Canyon along
with making that giant separating wall if you actually want to compare that to
other underworld abilities what goddess Asuna can do actually exceeds whatever
10000 sacred arts users working together could accomplish. Not even
Quinella could achieve this level of land manipulation. As a nice little bonus
her ability could even get limited control over large objects for a few
seconds for example statues. That’ll be until the pain kicks in and now yes the
pain aka the restriction on this divine ability. In the sao anime you were told
that this can overload Asuna’s fluctlight. The anime explanation or lack
thereof was actually far more generous than the actual risk that Asuna is
taking. Keep in mind Asuna is connected via this soul translator. Each time causes
this colossal strain on her fluctlight leading to those horrendous headaches.
Asuna described as feeling as if she were being stabbed by sharp needles. If
she keeps going past the headaches that could forcefully disconnect Asuna or
worse potentially even physically damaged Asuna’s brain. Yeah
this is no joke and really just going based off the anime’s display of Asuna’s
almighty power it really feels like destruction comes much easier.
Perhaps that’s due to data destruction rather than adding to the heap. Besides the
special goddess ability don’t forget about her HP practically at the near max impossible for the underworld even a few hundred swords penetrating
Asuna wouldn’t be able to take her out although pain is a completely different
matter. For the goddess Asuna weapon it’s called the Radient rapier this is a
high priority weapon even surpassing Alice’s divine weapon in other words
this is much more powerful than any divine weapon from the integrity Knights.
The cherry on top here is having GM level gear with the goddess account. Then
for other fun bonuses Asuna still has all her SAO experience plus muscle
memory which also includes any SAO move or skill. Asuna herself is used to
fighting SAO bosses that have taken hours to finish in other words she has
the endurance for drawn-out battles from her skills this does include the horse
riding skill and you actually seen her using that. Next up let me actually talk
about incarnation first off incarnation as a weakness.
You’ve actually seen a very clear example already when Asuna got her arm
chopped off. Under normal circumstances Asuna should have been fine
perhaps tanking the hit however at that time Asuna felt fear seeing that huge battle axe. Asuna envisioned that axe easily slicing her arm off and in turn
that actually became a reality in other words do not doubt yourself. On the flip
side you do have incarnation as a strength you’ve actually already seen
this healing Asuna did happen to restore her arm after getting it sliced off. This
was actually post meeting up with Kirito again unfortunately the anime cut
out this scene in fact in the anime Asuna instead he or herself as a
low-level healing sacred arts. Keep in mind via the incarnation system Asuna
also does have access to her mother’s Rosario skill. Oh yes you’re about to get
a badass us in a moment soon enough hopefully an anime return for Yuuki too.
Last little tip it for Asuna her main opponent that’s actually gonna be
Vassago. come on Asuna better open up another
hole for this a-hole. Next Goddess Sinon Goddess aka goddess Solus. For the goddess Sinon special ability that is unlimited flight which is actually very similar to
Alfhiem online. I have a feeling that Reki might have given this goddess
account to Sinon otherwise Leafa would have been much more overpowered with
this flight ability. For the goddess Sinon account all her
equipment is GM level gear especially her GM bow. Her powerful bow is
called the annihilation Ray goddess Sinon has been given this wide
range annihilation attack. You’ve seen the complete devastation from Sinon
wielding this. Her Kill count over 5000 red knights so ruthless but you might be
thinking what are the restrictions? Sinon has mentioned this bow lacking
any rapid-fire but honestly do you even need that. The weapon does actually need
to recharge which takes about two to three minutes to fully recharge although
not a problem the bow automatically gathers sacred resources in other words
no problem recharging during the day. I wish my iPhone could do that. On top of
this the good news is that goddess Sinon doesn’t need to wait until it’s
full. She could actually add just amount of force she uses to pull on the string
in order to produce as much smaller light arrow when needed. As for any
actual restrictions on goddess Sinon you heard about the recharge time for
her bow so definitely less affected during the night time but how about her
unlimited flight? The only possible restriction to goddess Sinon flying
is Sinon herself not being super experienced using her weapon plus flying
plus taking damage at the same time. Keep in mind flying with damaged plus her
body being in pain will be something completely new to her so yes it doesn’t
sound like too much of a restriction honestly it does feel like Sinon did
got the best deal out of all of the underworld goddess accounts but hold up
there’s more a bonus which is actually a weapon change via Sinon’s own
incarnation. She actually swaps her bow for her beloved rifle the Hecate 2. She’s
much more at home with her sniper anyway. A nice little perk is her sniper
actually keeping the solar recharge ability even in this new form. Then for Goddess Sinon’s main opponent that’s actually gonna be Sinon versus God
vector oh yes that’s why they set it up good luck sniper goddess. Next up goddess
Leafa aka terraria which is the earth goddess so what does this goddess’s
special ability? Leafa actually has nearly infinite HP recovery keep in mind
that Leafa does have to manually activate this. Goddess Leafa absorbs all
the energy around her to fully heal herself this includes the recovery of
lost body parts. Higa did mention that is possible for her to restore people and
objects too. This ability combined with their massive HP
means that it’s virtually impossible for her to die good luck bringing this HP
tank down. Equipment wise Goddess Leafa has
that GM weapon is called the verdurous Anima plus some GM level goddess gear.
As a nice that a bonus either via Leafa’s own incarnation or her goddess
account bonus Leafa did happen to notice her sword skills expanded several
times original length but how about any restrictions for goddess Leafa? Honesty
it was really only partially joking when I mentioned she’s like a tank in terms
of power goddess Leafa is really main to take some heavy abuse her power set has
actually been described as a curse instead of a divine blessing. She is
almost immortal but that doesn’t stop or diminish any of the horrendous pain. For
Leafa this is actually gonna be one of the first times being in this life or
death situation. A major problem for the actual goddess would be Leafa not
being able to stomp the ground to cast a recovery ability so what’s gonna give
out first? The anime or Leafa’s mind and body. Then for the goddess Leafa’s
opponent besides some red knights that is gonna be the dark arts leader Dee.
Better watch out! possible kinky scene coming for the SAO anime here but wait
did I save the best for last? Bring on Gabriel this guy piloting the
dark vector account. The dark vector account was actually set up by the RATH
engineers so they could control the dark territory directly. According to Dee this
God was actually the founder of the dark arts on the dark territory side. The dark
vector account does have near maximum HP along with the high priority GM sword +
obsidian armor and I know you’re dying to know what could this demon of a God
do. First off this passive like ability. A very powerful protection which is the
inability to be an arts target or designator for a command based attack.
Keep in mind this was only briefly mentioned vaguely sounds like it meant
being targeted by sacred arts usage. Then for God vectors real dark power. God
vector could affect and even control the fluctlight of underworld people.
Previously this has been used to alter people’s memories within their
fluctlight then move them around the map which is actually the origins of that
lost child of vector story. Keep in mind ability to influence others
fluctlight even include other goddesses themselves but wait it
actually gets better. Gabriel took this power one step further
the combination of God vectors power + Gabriel’s own unique incarnation
resulted in something even Rath couldn’t predict which is ability to absorb,
consume, and suck up incarnation or fluctlight.
Really this vacuum cleaner of the Underworld. You’ve already seen Gabriel do
this twice once for Lipia and the second time was an almighty Display of power
against Shasta. The reason for this really goes back to Gabriel having
this literal void within his own fluctlight. Ironically part of the reason
this powerful ability came about is due to Gabriel trying to fill that
bottomless void with others people’s incarnation or their soul. Keep in mind
Gabriel could do this without using any special sacred arts but hold up there
should be some weakness or restriction to this to counter this? Just have a
super strong incarnation yourself that’s able to resist this mofo otherwise good
luck. Sinon did happen to known as that gun type of attacks were actually pretty
effective. This is likely due to keepers own real-life military experience that
plays a factor. Then for the god vector opponents you’re not gonna be surprised
that there’s a good list. That does include Bercouli, Sinon and and of course
naturally Kirito. All these battles have potential for amazing animation
don’t let us down anyone studio. Next up surprise goddess account number
5 Lunaria the moon goddess. This is actually only been mentioned like once
naturally. No one has actually used this account if it even exists at all
according to Eugeo this lunar goddess decides the dreams of people which does
imply some dream or nightmare influence. Sounds similar to what vector could do
although far less sinister. I got a feeling that Reki may actually bring
this moon goddess into play if he ever does revisit the Underworld or who
knows it might just be some BS that the axion Church made up. Getting back to the
topic of incarnation as a strength incarnation being ones determination and
willpower Bercouli hasn’t made a potato Kirito
having this stronger incarnation compared to himself
Bercouli being the strongest being in the on the Underworld. The reason for this
comes from the fact of all the countless times that Kirito has spent fighting for
his life that’s right all of this connects back to sao
but you might be thinking what’s the reason that this fact is so important
looking back at the underworld goddesses that does happen to include one special
sao survivor Asuna. Asuna here is actually pretty similar to Kirito
it is true that Asuna does lack experience building her incarnation but
just comparing incarnations Asuna would also stand above Bercouli easily too. As
for general weaknesses for all the underworld goddess
and God first of the lack of experience in the underworld.
Gabriel technically has spent the most time from all of them in the unroot
followed by Asuna just a little bit more us not being a little bit more in the
underworld compared to the other two Sinon and Leafa are mostly tied this lack
of expertise in the underworld leads to something more important not at all
being used to fighting here one very clear example you saw was from Asuna
recently clearly Asuna is used to fight in VR but when you have so many other
factors to consider such as blooded things could get slippery from the
bloody mess Asuna notice how the underworld actually took into account
countless more parameters that both SAO and Alfheim online ignored without this
handicapped person that would have been able to easily block anything due to her
reaction speed and goddess stance let’s also not forget about incarnation
overall as he sent me note earlier Asuna would be far above everyone else
just due to being trapped in SAO constantly fighting in this life or
death situation Sinon and Leif I have none of that experience
Gabriel technically doesn’t either since this guy’s not from SAO although the guy
is a military man is there a potential carryover effect not that the guy is
lacking in incarnation by the way definitely don’t give in then
how about your burning question how about Quinella how to each of the
underworld super accounts compared to her and reality quenelle was perhaps on
top in terms of anyone born in the actual underworld but in the end
quinella was still a just an Undwerworld human if you compare raw stats each of
the underworld goddess easily out classes Quinella then when you combine each of
the goddesses special powers it is get game Quinella and I know some of you
will point out even Kirito beat her technically just a normal human
quote unquote normal. You also notice I didn’t mention God vector Gabriel.
Throughout SAO Alicization quite a few characters actually compare Quinella to
Gabriel. The majority was always Gabriel being much darker especially with that
void in his own fluctlight soul but hold up Quinella is just taking a
beating here let’s be a little fair to this underworld granny. Quinella does in
fact have one advantage which is hundreds of years of experience bending
the underworld to her will which means Quinella does have one edge to fall on
tons of experience if you were to give Quinella enough time she could
realistically Batman a win here Quinella would just have to move extremely
quickly who knows perhaps Reki could write this site story one day so getting
back to the original question at the beginning who is the most powerful God
comparing goddess abilities plus experience God back there would be at
the very top goddess Sinon would be in second place. I
mean flight plus that amount of destruction.
Third place goddess Asuna with her creation ability and at the very bottom
goddess Leafa the tank. honestly goddess Asuna would rank much
higher if only she didn’t have that headache restriction in theory Asuna
should be much stronger due to her incarnation alone let me go ahead and
give a huge thank you to book walker but wait there’s more bookwalker is
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definitely head over to book walker now come on guys let’s make this SAO series
happen watch my best anime of 2019 and potato Kirito video too and I’ll see
you guys later!

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