Why Pink Diamond Looks Different From Her Mural REVEALED!? [Steven Universe Stranded Theory]

Why Pink Diamond Looks Different From Her Mural REVEALED!? [Steven Universe Stranded Theory]

I think just about everyone was somewhat dumbfounded when we got our very first look at Pink Diamond, only to discover: “Uhhh, she looks nothing like her mural.” Seriously, one glance at this pink mamajama, you see whatever chumps delivery of creating these murals seriously missed the mark. What is the reason for such a drastic change? Could it be more than just a few artistic liberties? Let’s talk about it today on Crystal Clear! Before we dive in, check out our feature patron: Scratch and Quit. They produced a webcomic: Chasm Calypso. Created by Alejandro Gonzalez and art by Nalan Navadny. This follows the tale of duo Scratch and Quit and a future work global population has skyrocketed. Crime rates have hit an all-time high, and there’s a mysterious sinkhole lying in the midst of Dear Metal City. The art looks great, the characters are awesome. It’s a good read. So what are you waiting for? Check out volume one, link in the description. If you want a shout out or just want to support us, check out our patreon for more information: patreon.com/roundtablevids Welcome back to Crystal Clear on the Round Table. I’m Awestruck Vox, and what’s the deal with Pink Diamond’s mural? I mean I know Blue Diamond in present day is off from her mural, but the Crewniverse stated her design was still being figured out by the time her mural and flashback made an appearance. Yet, at its core the design is pretty similar. Only the hair is different. Appearing dark, long, and flowing in the mural; only to be white, short, and uh, very unique in the flesh. Gems don’t have flesh, but you know what I mean. I’d also like to think the Crewniverse would have kept Blue Diamond’s final design in mind for Pink and White Diamond, to have their designs more in line with their murals. But what really messes with me is that Gemcation, which was only a few episodes before Jungle Moon, sports a Pink Diamond silhouette that’s more in line of her mural. Considering they plan their seasons out in advance, they had to have Pink Diamond’s finalized design around when Gemcation was being storyboarded. Having it not resemble the mural in the end was a conscious and intentional decision and my mind can’t help but to wonder: Does this reason tie back to the overall lore of Steven Universe? Now before you go “Vox, you’re looking way too deeply into things.” Isn’t that what theories of the Steven Universe kind are all about? Looking way past the surface to extract a hidden meaning? The secrets of the show’s universe and seeing a bigger picture? Plus my ADHD and imagination need an outlet. Anywho how did this translate to this? Well, I’ve heard some pretty interesting ideas. First off, I’ve heard the idea that Pink Diamonds mural was constructed before her emergence. That simply, the finished product wasn’t like the plan, rubbing salt in the wound of her being a defect: an off-color diamond. And while this would make for juicy drama the Earth and Moon being present in Pink’s mural serves as a direct contradiction considering Jungle Moon showcased that Pink had virtually nothing to her name. The earth colony came much after her emergence and seemingly wasn’t a part of the plan. Because as far as the Diamonds were concerned, initially, there was no plan for pink to have any colonies. She had to fight just to get one! Second, another interesting concept is that Pink Diamond shaped shifted into the form she possesses in her mural. Very similar to Amethyst. How she shaped it into Jasper or Purple Puma. Maintaining this form around her subjects and resorting back to her true, small, defect appearance behind closed doors. That, like Amethyst, she would constantly exhaust herself of energy around her subjects and Couldn’t put on that facade for long. I really dig this idea. Although it’s not one I’m a hundred percent on board with. As Amethyst had based purple Puma off of other wrestlers and Jasper off of, well, Jasper. You could argue Pink based her mural depiction off of the other Diamonds But this seems to distinct to be influenced off of others. Third, and an easy angle to take, is that Pink Diamond at one point poofed and Reformed to the look we associated her with for so long. This is also feasible. But we’re not sure the diamonds can necessarily poof like other gems.
Matt Burnett teased this wasn’t possible about two years back on Twitter. Although he could just been pulling legs and insinuating that a Diamond poofing Is just something Homeworld’s general public has never seen before. I think both avenues are a possibility Because the Diamonds are different than the rest of gemkind. In fact, The Diamonds are so different that we’re not quite sure who made them. Or how they look and behave when they first emerge Who’s to say a diamonds appearance can’t evolve over time? Let’s address Blue Diamonds mural again. Her hair, and arguably her dress, does not line up with how she appears currently, yet Yellow diamond is very spot on. Behind the scenes, mumbo-jumbo aside, the Crew would be wise to have a canonical explanation for this. Well that explanation could already exist in plain sight. Allow me to jog your memory and open up your eyes. We said it on this channel over and over Steven Universe loves its parallels. While it wasn’t super in-your-face until recently, There’s a buttload of similarities between our titular Character: Steven and the fallen Pink Diamond. The very first time of parallel stuck out to me was in the episode It Could Have Been Great, where Peridot remarks: “That chair is only for the most elite gems you can’t go around sitting where an elite would sit.” Only for Steven to retort “Well, they aren’t here now right?” I tried to ignore this the first time because Long-term viewers would know I already speculated this was a diamond base, although White Diamond’s at the time. I thought that line was feeding into the whole Rose Quartz’s Pink Diamond craze This throne’s meant for a diamond and Steven just happens to sit in it as Peridot calls out that fact? After it was stated this was Pink Diamond’s base in Back to the Moon I started sweating more and more at this little line of dialogue. It’s right up the show’s level of foreshadowing. Now, I’m not saying Steven is Pink Diamond or any of that kind of speculation. But you can’t deny they have a lot in common. Both are the run of their respective groups, Underestimated by their superiors, yet wanting to be treated as an equal. Steven’s iconic “I’m a Crystal Gem too!” and Pink Diamond through Stevonnie’s “I’m just as important as you!” Are absolutely parallels to each other. Both are Constantly asking their motherly figures questions about the world around them, how things work. Both are very eager and excited to be involved even without necessarily being granted permission. Pink Diamond’s impulsive, bubbly nature and easy to upset attitude is also very reflective of Steven. Especially in season one. So I imagine, like Steven, Pink Diamond had a life-changing incident that caused her to begin to mature. Whether that was obtaining the Earth or the inciting of the rebellion is yet to be seen. Again, “History repeats itself” is an ongoing motif in the series. When firing off all these factors between Steven and Pink Diamond’s personality I think Steven stunted growth finds a way into conversation. As we’ve come to know Steven doesn’t age quite like a human being. His age is relative to his maturity and how old he feels he is. This was the focal point to the episodes “So Many Birthdays” and “Steven’s Birthday”. If Steven feels old his physical appearance will reflect as such. If he feels he’s like a child, Well, the exact same thing happens. But I think the extremes of both ends isn’t ideal. However, as “Steven’s Birthday” revealed, if Steven acts a certain age, forcing himself to behave in a manner that isn’t a true reflection of who he is, then it’s more or less like when Amethyst shape-shifts. It’s not a permanent change. He can’t hold it forever. It’s not genuine It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors. He’s exerting more energy than natural for his gem. Now, let’s relate this back to Pink Diamond. I think we’ve all been where Pink Diamonds been before. In a situation were belittled, feel neglected, and not treated with as much respect as we all should. In these situations, you’ve probably felt small, like a child, no matter how old you actually were. And depending on the person, you may have decided to give in to that stigma and act as childish as possible or try to prove the others wrong and act mature, that you possessed more than meets the eye. I believe that while Pink Diamond’s defective, the physical state we meet her in is also a reflection of how she feels she is. It’s been established that, while a gem size is simply fixed, their appearance alters depending on their mindset. We’ve seen this throughout this series with the many regenerations the Crystal Gems have cycled through. Adding stars and other features to their design. Adding a star is more than just a cute little accessory, it shows their allegiance and place in life. Despite that straying from Homeworld’s conformity, the Diamonds themselves don’t seem to follow any particular template. They ARE their own template. Yellow is very militant And that shows in her design. Blue’s veil matches her mourning and jury personality. And Pink’s tutu illustrates a bubbly, free spirit. And all of these carry on and reflect onto the Diamonds own gems. But it’s always in a uniform manner. And a bubbly, free spirit very much falls in line of a certain kind of gem that stems from Pinks court. I believe Pink Diamonds form evolved as she gained more responsibilities and her first colony. Over time she began to mature and her physical features were altered as a result. very similar to Steven’s own aging process, setting up another parallel between the two. This could have been something as simple as her dress changing in various finer aspects to eventually her hair going from the short pixie cut it is in Jungle Moon, to the more large, jagged hair she sports in both her mural and the flashback in Gemcation. I do think it’s also possible that Pink’s physical properties could have also changed in scale, going from absolutely miniscule for a diamond to, still small, but have a noticeable increase in mass. This transformation may have been abnormal to the Diamonds and serve as another reason for one of them to get rid of Pink. Sure, Blue Diamond’s hair could have changed over time to reflect her mental state, but she never changed to the extent that Pink would’ve. We obviously haven’t seen the last of Stevens bizarre dream powers or the hallucinatory fever dreams that occur when fused as Stevonnie, as that’ll be the key for us to learn more about Pink Diamond. Information that would otherwise be impossible for us to figure out. By the end of these flashbacks, And we’ve solved the puzzle that is Pink Diamond, I anticipate she’ll go from a fluffy haired pink bean to a fierce matriarch that’s a lot more reflective of her mural. But as always, these are just my thoughts and I’d love to hear yours. This is one of those situations where if the reality was different from my own ideas, I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’d be content with the shape-shifting theories. But again, with so many parallels of Steven you have to wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or tweet them to me @AwestruckVox or at the RoundTable on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all at RoundTable vids if you enjoy this video, please throw it a like, share, and if you’re new here subscribe. Hit that bell for notifications to stay in the loop with all things Steven. And if you’re interested swing by our teespring store. Pick up one of our Steven Universe inspired designs. Link in the description I hope you all have a beautiful day. AwestruckVox signing out.

100 thoughts on “Why Pink Diamond Looks Different From Her Mural REVEALED!? [Steven Universe Stranded Theory]

  1. Expectation vs reality much?

    READ CHASM CALYPSO: https://tapas.io/series/chasmcalypso
    THUMBNAIL ART: https://mariarojass.deviantart.com/art/Pink-Diamond-Mural-724206785

  2. σя мαувє тнє мυяαℓ ωαѕη'т тнαт яєαℓ ι мєαη ℓιкє мυяαℓѕ αяєη'т тнαт яєαℓ

  3. Pink doesn’t look that different. Mostly the hair, but she could have changed her looks after the mural. Plus, it looks similar to Egyptian art and those don’t look exactly like the humans they depict.

  4. Was it possible that the mural was made before pink diamond was? Kind of like setting up a baby’s room before it’s born

  5. Honestly, I don't think the mural looks that much different. The mural all sharp and angular, and Pink's hair is definitely…not. For what it is it actually depicts the poofiness pretty well

  6. Since pink got in trouble so much with yellow and blue they could've poofed her a lot so therefore she reformed into what we see today

  7. 5:33 "now im not saying steven IS pink diamond,"
    Pink diamond became rose quarts ( The same rq as stevens mom.)
    And rq BECAME steven, she needed to become him for him to exist
    which means steven IS PINK DIAMOND,
    sorry, just had to get that out ;-;

  8. I think that a more logical reason is that we see everthing from steven's eyes/perspective, at the time when garnet tell him about pink diamond he dind't know how she loked like, he only know the mural apearance that he saw in the lunar base/diamond base.

  9. If you don’t want to spend 11 minutes figuring out why she looks different, the diamonds designs were still in development and those old images were not set in stone, your welcome

  10. What if like, the diamonds were embarrassed of how unauthoritarian pink looked so they asked the artists to make her look different

  11. I think why blue is different from her mural is that she poofed after she heard that pink was shattered just like hiw spinel poofed because of a heart break

  12. What if the Murals are not what they were or what if that’s what they will represent in the future like blue diamond 💎 can change into long blueish hair instead of what she has know witch is long white hair with a… unique style what if the murals are what they will become not what they were when they were created

  13. Me on the internet: Rose was Pink Diamond.

    Everyone else: NO SHE WASN'T!!

    Me to my brother: Steven is Pink Diamond.

    Brother: NO HE ISN'T!!

    Me on most Crystal Clear vids about who Pink is: Rose was Pink Diamond.

    Everyone who chooses to Reply: NO SHE ISN'T!!

    Vox before A Single Pale Rose: Now I'm not saying Steven is Pink Diamond…

    Me before A Single Pale Rose: Yeah, he is.

    Everyone Else: HE ISN'T!!

    A Single Pale Rose: Yeah… Rose was Pink Diamond.

    Everyone: WHAT!?

    Me: Tell me something I didn't know.

  14. What if the Pinked verison of our white diamond in the trailer for 'Steven Universe: Future' is the pink diamond in the mural? Even if it is after she gains Earth, it could be possible that White was eager to have Pink seem as perfect as she was, and made a fake, or a fraud-?

  15. I think she just got reset and maybe has more than one looks,like the gems

    Edit:I was typing this while watching soooooooooooooo….

  16. If she always used a different form in front of her subjects, why would she use her real form when faking her shattering? Nobody would recognize her

  17. Me after watching every episode and the movie: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (omg wait he just talked about steven's growth. Me: NECKKK)

  18. Soooo I have a small theory of my own and I want people to comment if it makes sense or not. What if the reason White diamond has pinks pearl and pink diamond had a more yellowish one was because white diamond took pinks pearl. But not as some of your other theorys she doesn't just get given our pearl. She was given White diamonds pearl and Spinel. But in a spot of anger because her pearl got taken and basically replaced Pink diamond shattered white Pearl. So in return white diamond furious that her original pearl got shattered due to pink being a child- wounded pink pearls eye before giving pink diamond the pearl we know basically telling her 'Hey! I know you care about your old pearl but you break this one I'll shatter her. This is your only warning' so pink goes along with our pearl until she was given a colony.

  19. maybe they just decided to uhh change their hairstyle :/

    Edit: Also what if she actually is a defect because what if she was supposed to be a red diamond?

  20. It is just a style warp, the nurses are glass so making Pinks Hair style out of flat glass shards isn’t early as simple as just making a rough vision. But I do like this shape shifting theory and you should commission for someone to draw the diamonds to look like Their murals

  21. This is my most likely idea-

    What if Pink became extremely emotionally unstable prior to her Pearl being taken. She was so emotional she poofed herself and reformed like how we speculate Spinel did. Maybe this is when she realized she wasn’t taken seriously and so it could also tie into your theorizations and mentions of “So Many Birthdays”. Her form was based on her state of mind, but I personally believe that with the rough past she had (that doesn’t excuse her actions), influenced her poofing into something different.

  22. There is one very simple explanation that works before finding out what happened and before. It isn't theories, but history. They are propaganda poster. Every tyrant on Earth has spectacular arts that depict them as greater than what they really are. These murals are supposed to make the subject look more than what they are, like all propaganda posters. The mural depicts all of the diamonds as equal in size, but that's now how it was. It was supposed to both inspire and suppress 'lesser' gems.

  23. Me: pink and steven are the same, of course they look different
    Talker: i won’t say steven is pink daimond
    Me: lol, he is long in the past

  24. Well since the movie came out, it's proved that diamonds can poof. Spinel was trying to poof Steven who is half diamond

  25. Now that we know Steven IS in fact pink diamond this holds up even better. If Steven's appearance can change based on maturity then at this point it only stands to reason that Pink's could too. That being said i think she just looks different in the mural because of it's art style. both pink and blue look off in the mural and they're the two diamonds with more rounded design aspects, while white and yellow look pretty much spot on and they're more pointy. It's seems like the mural's just stylized, and i feel like if you were drawing pink and blue in a more angular style that's about as close as you can get. I'd also just like to take a moment to mention that yellow and white are designed with more points and sharp angles, which i feel represents their more aggressive personalities, and pink and blue are designed with more curves and softer shapes, which can represent their softer, more forgiving personalities.

  26. No I personally find the hair the same because from what I see on the mural, the art style for its pretty sharp. Of course, the diamond is the same but, Everything is pretty different.

  27. I honestly think they’re supposed to look different from their murals. Blue diamond looks drastically different from her mural as well. I think it’s just artistic and is a representation of them.

  28. Maybe diamonds grow with how many colonies they get and their murals are what they were predicted to look like when they're done 'growing'

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