Why These TV Characters Remained Faceless Throughout The Show

Why These TV Characters Remained Faceless Throughout The Show

Most popular television characters get the
close-up treatment throughout the course of a TV series… but there are a few fan favorites
whose faces we never get to see. “Where you going?” “Nooooo…” Let’s take a look – or at least have a listen
– at some faceless TV characters who still managed to make a lasting impression. Wilson on Home Improvement “Wilson, what are you doing?” “I’m just testing my maracas.” “Usually when I have mine tested, the doctor
makes me turn my head and cough.” Tim Taylor’s trusty next-door neighbor on
Home Improvement was always futzing around in his backyard. Improbably named Wilson W. Wilson, the good-natured
goof inspired some of the show’s most groan-inducing jokes. “What are you doing, Wilson?” “Well, Tim, I’m admiring my yams.” “Should I leave you alone?” During the course of the show, Wilson’s face
was always partially concealed, usually behind a fence. “Wilson, what are you doing up?” “Well, Tim, I couldn’t sleep so I thought
I’d come out and squeeze my apples.” The character was reportedly inspired by Tim
Allen’s real-life neighbor growing up… when he was still too short to see over the fence
and catch a glimpse at his full face. After hiding from audiences for eight seasons,
actor Earl Hindman finally revealed his face in the at the final curtain call. “Playing Wilson is Earl Hindman!” Maris Crane on Frasier “I’m supposed to ask Maris to spend an evening
with a baseball player? Why don’t I just ask her to ‘rub my shoulders?'” Niles Crane’s former wife Maris wasn’t supposed
to be concealed from Frasier viewers forever, but the character’s description quickly became
too bizarre to cast: generally pale, skeletal, tiny, and altogether too strange to be human…
before later becoming morbidly obese. Executive producers Peter Casey and David
Lee explained in a Season 2 DVD extra: “Well, some of the things that had been written
about her in scripts, I don’t know if we could ever find anybody that would match all those
things.” In the Season 5 episode “Voyage of the Damned,”
audiences did get to see a shadow of Maris behind a shower curtain: [gargling] We wonder if David Hyde Pierce is still waiting
for that zany Maris spinoff. “When we go off the air, whenever it is, she’ll
probably have her own show.” Mrs. Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory “Howard, the phone is ringing!” “Here’s a crazy idea, ma, answer it!” Howard Wolowitz’s elusive mother on The Big
Bang Theory was voiced by the late actress Carol Ann Susi… which you can totally hear
in her Season 5 appearance in Grey’s Anatomy: “No, she’s the mean one! I don’t want her!” Debbie Wolowitz is described as a large woman
with a mustache and curly black hair… but that wasn’t in keeping with the appearance
of the actress who voiced her. In Big Bang Theory’s Season 5 finale, we do
briefly see Mrs. Wolowitz in an overhead shot. We also catch a very brief glimpse of her
in the Season 15 episode “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation.” “What’s wrong?” “My mom died.” When Carol Ann Susi sadly passed in 2014,
writers decided Howard’s mother would die, too. Still, her memory lives on. “Nobody likes the pancakes?” “He didn’t try them yet!” Ugly Naked Guy on Friends “Huh.” “What?” “Ugly Naked Guy looks awfully still.” We never learn the real name of Ugly Naked
Guy on Friends, but we certainly get to know him: “I’m sorry, I can’t help but notice that you’re
naked.” In a Season Three episode, the gang even pokes
their bizarre nudist neighbor with a rubber-banded batch of chopsticks… because they think
he’s dead. “He’s alive, he’s alive!” In another Season Three episode, we learn
via flashback that Ugly Naked Guy had a very different nickname three years earlier: “Oh that is so unfortunate.” “What?” “Cute Naked Guy is really starting to put
on weight.” The actor who played Ugly Naked Guy remained
a pop-culture mystery for decades… until HuffPo writer Todd Van Luling cracked the
case in 2016. Meet the man, the myth, the legend… actor
Jon Haugen. He says it took him awhile to come forward
because he was “keeping it mellow.” Plus, Warner Bros. reportedly wanted everybody
to guess who had played the role. That’s so Ugly Naked Guy. George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld “All right, let’s see what I have today. Oh, darn it, it’s ham and cheese again. And she forgot the fancy mustard!” It’s rare for a scripted sitcom to feature
an impression of a real public figure, so when George Costanza wound up working for
Yankees guru George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld, the approach was simple. They only showed Steinbrenner from behind,
with actor Lee Bear appearing as the back of his head, and creator Larry David voicing
the role. The real Steinbrenner loved the schtick so
much, he agreed to tape a cameo as himself. That cameo never aired, but his scenes eventually
made their way onto a Seinfeld DVD. “Wait a minute, young lady, what’s this about
singles’ tables? I don’t sit at singles tables! Singles tables are for losers!” Now let’s compare and contrast. “Want me to say it again, I’ll say it again! I haven’t had a pimple since I was 18, and
I don’t care if you believe me or not. And how’s this, you’re fired!” Isn’t it uncanny?

100 thoughts on “Why These TV Characters Remained Faceless Throughout The Show

  1. The one that comes to mind is Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. You only ever see his claw reacting to the screen or petting his cat, but in the Christmas special you see his posture aswell. He was revealed when they made a toy out of him.

  2. I haven't seen any comment about Orson from Mork and Mindy. You only ever heard his disembodied voice. "Mork calling Orson. Mork calling Orson. Come in your Blimbship."

  3. No mention of Charlie from Charlies Angles and Carlton the Doorman from Roda or Peg's mother from Married with Children. And how about Stanly from Will and Grace?

  4. Richard Diamond, Private Detective had a leggy, sultry secretary that never showed her face. In a “What were the producers thinking?” Revelation it turned out she was… Mary Tyler Moore! Guess they thought she wasn’t pretty enough.

  5. I did it, I supercharged my riding mower. Argh argh argh argh. Oh no, I’ve killed Wilson, looks like it’s back to jail for me. Argh, argh, argh.

  6. What about Stan Walker from Will & Grace? Although he didnt speak he was still a big part of the show.. As Karen's husband, and still is!

  7. Sophia’s husband in flashbacks on Golden Girls?

    Thelma Harper’s husband on the Carol Burnett Show (before Mama’s Family)?

    The Imperious Leader from the original Battlestar: Galactica?

    Laverne and Shirley’s boss at the brewery?

  8. The superhero parody from the 60's, Captain Nice; his father's face was always behind a newspaper, even the time the family was held hostage!

  9. No mention of Carlton the Doorman from "Rhoda"…no credibility. Voiced by Lorenzo Music (also the voice of Garfield the Cat in the cartoon), Carlton was usually drunk…and always hilarious…but was always just a voice on the buzzer. Also…no Charlie from "Charlie's Angels", THE most famous faceless star of any show?

  10. Going way back to the 1950s you had John Beresford Tipton from the series The Millonaire. In the ending credits he was credited as played by himself.

  11. I don't know if this counts or not, but when Shemp Howar d of The Three Stooges died the boys had four films left t o make so Joe Palma was p ressed into service as Shem p's stand-in while the other f our comedies were filmed. P alma was shown from behin d & his face was never seen.

  12. Ok, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the title of this video "why they remained faceless"? I saw no explanation for that in this anywhere. Are ya'll so desperate for views that you have to lie to people so they'll watch your video? Are people so obsessed with pop culture that they don't even realize they're being lied to or do they just not care? Wow, next time someone asks me what's wrong with the world, I'll send them this link. Then you'll have all the views you can ask for. That is all you want right?

  13. Columbo's wife never appeared, in one episode 'Rest in Peace Mrs Columbo' there is a photo but even that turns out to be her sister, as Columbo didn't have a decent photo of her. In 'Columbo' cannon the character Kate Mulgrew played in 'Mrs Columbo' is considered to have been married to one of Columbo's nephews.
    Elizabeth Mainwearing in 'Dad's Army' who only appeared as a lump in a bed and a shadow but was mostly featured via phone calls.
    Bob Sacamento in 'Seinfeld' often mentioned and met by all the characters off screen but never glimpsed.
    Father 'Windy' Shepheard Henderson in 'Father Ted' however there seem to around six Father's Windy Shepheard Henderson as discussed at one point. However none actually make it on screen.

  14. Charlie Brown 's teacher from peanuts cow and chicken's mum and dad Wizard Kelly from the proud family numbuh 5's mum and dad from codename kids next door Dr Claw from inspector gadget miss bellum from the powerpuff girls Tom's owner miss two shoes from Tom and Jerry dirty Joe from the cramp twins

  15. Vera from Cheers. Who in the couple of times you caught a small glimpse of her was actually played by the wife of George Wendt, who played Norm.

  16. We all wish we had a neighbor like Wilson. Whenever you got a problem, your buddy Wilson is there to give perspective. Home Improvement was a great show.

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