Why You Don’t Hear From Jonathan Taylor Thomas Anymore

Why You Don’t Hear From Jonathan Taylor Thomas Anymore

If you were a girl growing up in the ’90s,
chances are you had a poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas hanging in your locker at school. The teen idol starred in ABC’s wildly popular
Home Improvement as the middle son of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, voiced kid-Simba in
Disney’s smash hit The Lion King, and was the marquee name in a string of live-action
Disney flicks, including I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Then, all of a sudden, Thomas disappeared. What’s he up to now? JTT’s OMG IQ Thomas left Home Improvement at the peak of
his fame in 1998 to focus on school, and it paid off in a major way: he enrolled at Harvard
University in 2000, studied abroad at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, and graduated
from Columbia University in 2010. “This is huge!” Thomas told People magazine in 2013, “I’d been going nonstop since I was eight
years old. I wanted to go to school, to travel and have
a bit of a break. To sit in a big library amongst books
and students, that was pretty cool. It was a novel experience for me.” Guest roles Thomas guest-starred on Smallville in 2002
and again in 2004. He also appeared in Eight Simple Rules for
Dating My Teenage Daughter and showed up in a few episodes of Veronica Mars in 2004. Years later, Thomas reunited with his Home
Improvement parents for several episodes of Last Man Standing. In addition to guest-starring, Thomas also
directed several episodes of the series. Bros for life In 2012, Thomas’ former TV older brother,
Zachery Ty Bryan, revealed that he and Thomas have remained close since Home Improvement
went off the air. Bryan told Hollywood.com, “We’ll go out, hang out for an evening, catch
up. All good stuff.” In 2013, Us Weekly reported that the two reunited
for a screening of the thriller Dark Tourist, which Bryan produced, in Los Angeles. No regrets Despite leaving Hollywood at the peak of his
career, Thomas is adamant that his decision was 100 percent for the best. He told People in 2013, “I never took the fame too seriously. It was a great period in my life, but it doesn’t
define me. When I think back on the time, I look at it
with a wink. I focus on the good moments I had, not that
I was on a lot of magazine covers.” Actor’s advocate In July 2017, Variety reported that Thomas
was running for a seat on the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television
and Radio Artists national board. Thomas decried exploitative producers and
unsteady wages in the industry in a statement, saying, “Since I started as a child actor, a group
still being taken advantage of by producers, times have become more uncertain for performers. Many members are facing chronic insecurity,
shrinking paychecks, and unlivable residuals in basic cable and new media. Periodic work at scale is simply not sustainable.” The following month, Thomas was successfully
elected to the board, alongside a number of A-listers, included Martin Sheen, Regina King,
and Matthew Modine. “That’s fantastic!” JTT 4 Ever In June 2016, Complex published a heartfelt
piece about the lasting star power of Thomas, particularly among girls that grew up in the
’90s: “JTT was our friend and unrequited crush. He was an anodyne symbol of purity and love,
and he epitomized our peaceful pre-9/11 world. He was intangible yet concurrently relatable.” The piece closed with a thirsty plea for JTT
to return to the spotlight: “While we continue to endlessly cycle through
’90s nostalgia, Taylor Thomas’ MIA status makes us yearn for him even more, much like
we did as hormone-fueled teens … JTT, I know you hate being called that, but if you’re
reading this, it’s not too late to come back.” “That’s a great idea!” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Hear From Jonathan Taylor Thomas Anymore

  1. I loved J.T.T. and I was a huge 'BOP' magazine reader. I wrote him a 3 page letter and got an autographed glossy snapshot of him with a short message. I was on cloud9! I miss the 90's

  2. New Description – If you were a girl or a bi or gay boy growing up in the 90's, chances are you had a poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  3. I never thought he was attractive when i was a kid. However, I find him attractive now LOL. He has a good head on his shoulders, i'm glad he's happy 🙂

  4. The little girls that once drooled over him grew up and realized they were literally a foot taller than him.

  5. I’m glad JTT didn’t get caught up in Hollywood because it’s too much disturbing stuff is being exposed over there, phew!!!

  6. This young man had a sensible and practical approach to his TV career. He thought outside the box and didn't stay confined to what t.v stardom put him in. What a great accomplishment. He stopped the stardom while at his peak in that role.. Then journeyed his education into Harvard. Wow. Good for him!! 👏👏

  7. JTT was one of the greatest celebrities ever. Both boys and girls loved him. He was an Everyman we could all relate to, and remained humble and hard-working. He has way too much integrity to waste his life on Hollywood today.

  8. He is still hot.. Cute and sweet looking.. I bet he can call shots if he wants.. Great piece.. Nice to see a Hollywood kid make good 👽👽👽

  9. They should be on last man standing all three of the boys from tool time or that one show with even tims sidekick from that show or the one who played his wife too

  10. Who cares? Another kid with some talent “earns” an unbelievable amount of $$ who doesn’t make much of a contribution but eventually gravitates to being an “expert” in AMERICAN politics, like Loony Cluny.

  11. In case you never noticed, people who leave hit television shows tend to disappear. Why do you think that John Goodman put up with Roseanne Barr for the better part of 9 years.

  12. come back to TV Jonathan Taylor Thomas ewe miss you still love home improvement reruns wonder what happened to you TV little brother mark

  13. I didn't think he looked like the rest of the family because he had very olive skin….also he's very small, even now….but good for him for making a good life outside of show business.

  14. Com Plex article, huh? what a load of $75 words forming an inedible salad of nonsense. in short, that was some ridiculously verbose writing.

  15. Some "people"and
    Journalists CANNOT
    Take criticism and
    Like trying to bring
    People down. And
    To be not "friended"
    Means you poss
    Then off only something
    They can do.

  16. I heard that he left home improvement to pursue his education but later they found out he was guest appearing in other shows then decided to pursue his education he did not go to school right away

  17. He was my biggest crush as a kid. Maybe a year older than me, I had to keep his posters folded up and stashed so my mom didn’t think I was gay….they got a bit sticky

  18. Smart man quitting acting as a child to get a proper education. But if he were to be offered a good, high paying role, I hope he is smart enough to take it. Especially with his education. Also, this young man is a great role model for other actors that started out as children. btw Cool role on Smallville. You were badass on that script.

  19. My sister liked him when we were younger too but I was more into Devon sawa and Jonathon brandis later into Joshua Jackson right when Dawson's creek came around 🙂

  20. It would be nice to hear something about your mother and father from you . I think I grew up around your mother in Knoxville Tn.

  21. I don't know why people get mad about Jonathan rising in fame, he deserves it, he worked very hard, especially to be a child actor, besides who really knows what all he had to endure to get where he went. Hollywood is hard, and he was just a kid. I learned that you can't dislike someone before you really know them. I think he was a terrific actor, and deserves all the credit. And how can people say he's ugly now, he has the same face he did when every girl in America pinned his poster to thier wall, He's just slightly older. Anyway I thought I'd say something after reading so many rude comments. Every can speak thier own opinion, but to me, he's talented child actor whos smarter than most about getting away from Superficial haters. Always a Fan of JTT!

  22. I always feel that it’s stupid when people walk away from a successful career. Sure I don’t doubt that he regrets it, but why would you deny yourself of such remarkable achievements and such a remarkable lifestyle. Especially with such a bright future ahead of him. This boy REALLY had it and could have made it BIG like Leonardo DiCaprio. He really would have made it to the big time! There are people who would give their left arm to have what he had for just 5 minutes. I think when you are blessed like that, it is your obligation to carry it through to the finish, no matter what that may be. But to just walk away is foolish. And for a college degree? I mean what the hell is that? Like Jamie Lee Curtis said, “Fuck college!” And I’ve never heard it put better. Call me crazy, but I find his choice very unwise. Ok, he’s got the degree. What’s he gonna do, go sit in an office somewhere? How pathetic is THAT? Can you imagine walking into a bank and seeing JTT as the teller? Now you run that image in your mind. How pathetic is THAT! Ah, ah there’s more to this story that we don’t know and will probably NEVER know. Something happened. No one just walks away from success like he had. I’m not buying it. And if he did, that’s one of the most unwise choices I’ve ever heard of. Call me nuts, but I’d rather spend the rest of my life as a “has been” than to spend it wondering what could have been if I had only stuck around for five more years. Can an actor’s career plateau and they never go any higher? You’re darn right it can, but it’s the fact that they took a CHANCE that counts. High risk, high reward. Celebrities are revered not only because of their many gifts, but because they had the NERVE to go out and live out a fantasy and make it become a reality. JTT could have been the best of them and walked away when he really could have been at the cusp of greatness. And to me, that’s an unwise a foolish choice. And all for what? You never hear about him anymore and 9/10 people (from the looks of the comments I’ve read) didn’t even remember that he’s yet alive. What a waste!

  23. Damn, this guy left fame and lots of money for getting a better education. Thats respect right there. I always wondered why i didnt see him much anymore, i always liked him as an actor.

  24. I always thought the kid was an egomaniac and was too afraid to really dish out a true acting role. At least he knew he couldn't act…. The same way Bieber knows he can't sing. What a joke.

  25. why all the stupid fkn girls fan girling over him. there's thousands of cute boys ffs. and isn't he a pro lifer?

  26. He looks like Val Kilmer too bad they never did a movie together they could have played father and son or partner up in an action movie

  27. I’m so glad JTT made the choice to stop acting and gotten an education. Most famous people who are actors/actresses as children usually have a battle with drugs and alcohol. JTT made a very smart choice. Most kids who were on Disney channel and a few other shows are now in a place mentally. I would never let my children watch them.

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