Williams-Sonoma Knock Off Friendsgiving Plate With Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

Williams-Sonoma Knock Off Friendsgiving Plate With Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

Coming up on this episode of Designed to
the Nines…if you loved my williams-sonoma easter bunny dish dupe
and i think you’re going to like this episode too because i’m duping more of
their fancy dishes if that sounds good to you stay tuned welcome to designed to the nines I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
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Bell notifications so you don’t miss any of my episodes that I’m uploading today
is a special episode because I am participating in a collaboration that is
being hosted by my good friend Lisa burningham and it is that entertaining
for the holidays collaboration and her co-host is Antoinette was simple yet
chic they both have wonderful and amazing channels about home decor and
entertaining and I know that you’re gonna love their channels so I’ll make
sure to link both of their channels in my description box below and when you’re
done watching my episode make sure you pop on over to Lisa and Antoinette’s
channels check out their episodes as well as all of the others participating
in this collaboration so today I have something very special planned I am so
excited about it in keeping with the entertaining for the holidays theme I am
doing a William Sonoma plate dupe of this one right here there friendsgiving
plate collection I’m really excited about it because you know me I love to
do designer knock-offs and we’re going to
be doing ours for just over a dollar a plate and the originals are around $7 a
plate which in fairness to William Sonoma is actually a pretty decent price
for them because normally I’ve seen some of them get upwards of twelve to fifteen
dollars for a salad plate so seven dollars a plate is actually a pretty
good price for a William Sonoma but we’re gonna do better have you noticed
this little elephant in the room right here I
been looking forward to this day for a long time
Cricut after a lot of research and a lot of due diligence on my part I felt
like Cricut was the right fit for me so I actually reached out to them and I
have teamed up with Cricut and they have sent me a machine to try out I have
never used a vinyl cutter in my life I actually can’t believe I’ve made it this
long in life without buying one of these I’ve been wanting one for years and it
felt like there’s always something higher on the priority list but I have a
feeling that I’m gonna wish that I just splurged a long time ago I am really
excited about this so I haven’t even opened it yet you’re gonna experience
that with me and then we are gonna use this to knock off those williams-sonoma
dishes and for those of you who don’t have a Cricut yet I’m gonna have an
option for you as well they have a feeling that using this Cricut machine
is gonna make for an even better dupe so let’s open it up you guys are gonna find
out what color it is before I am probably oh this is secretly the color I
was hoping for so I was telling my husband about all the things that I
could do with this cuz he’s always ordering vinyl lettering for his cars he
said to me if I knew you could do all these decals with this for my cars I
would have bought you one a long time ago ladies that’s a little tip for you
if you want your man to buy you one this color is pretty I am doing my craft room
upstairs this is one of the colors that’s already in there this is almost
exactly the color of my walls upstairs I think there’s a button I think we need
to (whispered) That is amazing!! that opened so gracefully I’m gonna play
them around with it for a second and then we’re gonna design a stencil for
our plates that we are knocking off. I am so excited so after installing my Cricut
software and fiddling around with it a little bit I figured it out it’s not too
hard for those of you who can’t fit a Cricut into your budget yet hang on
with me I haven’t forgot about you and I will tell you how you can also get a
similar look after you download the Cricut software and set up an account
you’re going to start out by opening a new project I had already pre-loaded the
text image for our knockoff which I had done on canva prior but you can actually
just do it right within the cricut workspace the font name is gelato de
stato …I don’t know if I pronounced that right and it’s off of dafont.com I will link it in
the description box below this is not an exact match for the original font but
it’s very close and I really like the font I will also be putting the
printable for what I used in the description box below so if you want to
just use that instead feel free to or go ahead and create your own in cricut
workspace so once you have your font or any image in there go up top where it
says fill and select no fill since this will be a stencil because we are using
it on the back of a glass plate this image needs to be reversed then go to
shapes and select square and unlock it on the bottom left hand corner so that
you can turn it into a rectangle use the green directional button to
shape it to the size you want to fit behind our words which are thankful and
grateful just like the inspiration plates make
sure you send it to the back then go ahead and duplicate the same image and
put it behind the other word then click on your rectangle and hit shift and hold
it down while you hit the word and then you’re going to hit slice at the bottom
of the screen and that will break everything apart then you’re just going
to click on the words and pull them out and hit the X button to delete them you
will do this until all that is left is your shaped rectangle with your words in
it then you can duplicate these and fit
four on a 12 by 12 page after you duplicate them you can highlight them
and hit attach so they’re all linked together then go ahead and adjust the
size making sure that you take up as much space as possible up to eleven and
a half inches that way you can cut stencils for all four plates at once
when you’re done designing go ahead and click the green button that says make it
now we’re gonna cut our stencil so it really doesn’t matter whether you use a
stencil vinyl or just a removable vinyl and so I just decided to go ahead and
use removable vinyl okay sorry about the way I talk I just got back from the dentist
and I’m still a little numb we are going to start out by peeling back the plastic
protective layer of our mat then we’re gonna place our removable vinyl down on
the mat making sure it is nice and smooth now go to your machine and hit
the open button and it will pop open so nice and smooth now we’re gonna load our
mat by lining it up with the wheels and hitting the load button and just giving
it a little extra nudge as you push it in then you’re gonna hit the “C” button
and then the magic happens it starts to cut your stencil which will blow your
mind it’s so precise and it’s kind of mesmerizing but it does take a few
minutes now we’re gonna do a process called weeding where we get rid of all
of the parts of the stencil that we are not going to use just get rid of it toss
it then you’re gonna need some transfer tape you put this right over the top of
the stencil hopefully do this a little more smoothly and gracefully than my
first couple of attempts I did get better at it then you remove all the
backing and then we are ready to put it on our glass plate the first thing we
need to do with the plate is make sure that it is really clean if you need to
use a little rubbing alcohol to make sure that there is no spots and no
fuzzies then we’re just gonna stick the stencil right on top of the plate
smoothing it out to the best of our abilities and make sure that it wraps
our if it overlaps on the edges that’s okay
because that’s how the original was as well then we’re just going to use a
little blue tape or masking tape whatever your preference is and mask off
the rest of the plate so the only part that is exposed is the words in the
inspiration plates the lettering is gray so I just end up using some primer
that I had on hand already and spray that on that is not what I’m going to be
using on my table you’ll have to check back to see what color I end up doing
but I do two light coats of the grey and let it dry then we peel everything off
all of the tape all of the stencil and hopefully you are left with word if
there’s any overspray or areas that are imperfect then you can just use either a
razor blade or rubbing alcohol or a combination of both but just make sure
that when you go to do this next step that it is all clean and ready for the
solid color then I spray two coats of white spray paint and let that fully dry
so now it’s time to make our dishes dishwasher safe because if we’re gonna
eat on and we want to be able to wash them what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
put on this dishwasher safe Mod Podge over the back it does make it dishwasher
safe it does need like 28 days to cure so the sooner the better there is a
faster way to do this but I will leave the instructions for that down in the
description box below I have a ton of this left over from my Easter Bunny dish
Dupe and so we’re gonna use it on this and I think we’re gonna have a ton left
over from this so this bottle will get you a long way so we’re only using a
tiny bit of it but it really does work and all we’re gonna do now that this is
dry is we are going to paint this on the back of our dishes and I’ve got kind of
a wide brush it does show brush strokes and that’s kind of why I wish they had
it in a spray you need to do at least two coats preferably three let it sit an
hour in between our williams-sonoma and knock off dishes
are done and whether or not they’re a great match you’ll have to let me know
in the comment section below but it doesn’t matter because I think these are
so cute I’m in love with them they were like around $2 a plate that’s savings of
about five dollars per plate and that adds up really quickly when you’re doing
a whole table scape so these would make wonderful gifts to give to your guests
when they come to your house for Thanksgiving plus they are going to be
washables these will be dishwasher safe what do you think I am so happy with
them now on my Thanksgiving slash friendsgiving table I’m going to be
doing black just because I think that is gonna pop a lot more than this but
for the sake of the dupe I did the gray but just think of the possibilities you
can do any color you want and on the note of possibilities I should have
invested in a Cricut machine years and years and years ago I have had so much
fun the results are so amazing I am obsessed with this so thank you so much
to cricut for sending me the machine to give it a try I love it if you don’t
have one already start saving your pennies I highly recommend one I’ll put
a link for them below if you’re interested no pressure
it would make a great Christmas gift or birthday gift I’m just thinking of all
the Christmases and birthdays that passed me by without getting a Cricut machine
and the funniest part is my husband has given me a honey-do list on my Cricut
machine already for those of you who it’s just not in the budget yet don’t
despair I’ve put a link to a printable down in the description box below all
you need to do is cut it out Mod Podge it on if you’re not quite sure how to do
it just pop on over to my William Sonoma Bunny dish dupe and follow those steps
it’s pretty much the same thing the only thing I would do different than the
bunny dish dupe is using the spray paint because it dries smoother and with a
much more even consistency on the back that is
method I’m in love with the Cricut this is my honest genuine feedback for you I
will always be real and authentic with you and I will always pick sponsors that
really align with who I am as a person and my brand and I will not lead you
astray I’ve got a lot more coming and if you
want to see how my tablescape turns out you’re gonna want to stop by on Monday
because I have the most beautiful Thanksgiving or friendsgiving tablescape
planned for you and that will air this coming Monday so thank you so much for
watching we’ll see you again soon

42 thoughts on “Williams-Sonoma Knock Off Friendsgiving Plate With Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

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