Wings Mural @ Madison HS

So, I’m President of Warhawk Buddies Club,
we work with the Special Education Department. And one of our club sponsors is heading off
this project so we’re helping out with it. So we have a wings mural happening for Inclusive
Schools Week. Basically what we did was we gave out feathers
to art classes, we also gave them out in lunches so basically any student can fill one out. And what we’re doing is having students write
their inspirations, their hopes, and their dreams on them. And then once they’re finished we’re making
them into this wings mural. So what I love about this project is, first
of all I’m in an art calss so we got to make these in art and it was super fun, and then
I also like to see all the different things that inspire students or what they want to
do at Madison because nobody has exaclty the same hopes and dreams as I do. So being able to see all the diversity we
have at Madison and how we all include each other is really great. So at the end of the week we’re going to hang
this up by the cafeteria so students can take pictures with it and the message is basically
that everyone’s hopes and dreams and inspirations are lifting every student at Madison. So we’re super inclusive and whatever you
want to do at Madison is accomplishable and we’ll all help each other together.

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