Winter Home Decor & Living Ideas 2019 | Ultimate Hygge Style

Winter Home Decor & Living Ideas 2019 | Ultimate Hygge Style

the people in the country of Denmark are
said to be some of the most happiest people in the entire world despite the
fact that they have to endure these long cold and dark winters they’re lucky if
they even get to see the Sun during this time of year so what can we learn from
these Danish friends of ours that’s all coming up next hi I’m Becca a
stay-at-home mom and homeschooling mom of three and welcome to the carriage
house a channel that is centered around enriching the hearth and home and today
I wanted to share with you ten ways on how you can create with the Danish call
Hyuga into your home this winter and you may be asking what is Hyuga and it’s
actually difficult to translate into words but it’s essentially a feeling of
contentment and happiness and coziness and pretty much whatever you’re doing so
it could be a simple act of folding a blanket and laying it on your child’s
bed that evening or it could be something like sipping on a hot cup of
coffee while just gazing out the window I myself live in a place where we have
very cold winters and very long winters and I had just learned how to embrace
the beauty of it and to do these 10 things basically that I’m about to share
with you so I think you’ll I think you’ll enjoy them so let’s go ahead and
get started with the first tip probably one of the most important
elements of Hyuga is lighting Scandinavians have a very distinct way
in creating light inside their homes you’re going to want to achieve a warm
glow similar to an evening sunset or the glow that comes from wood burning in a
fire in order to create a pleasant ambience and atmosphere of both light
and shadow which are both equally important come to you love all of Oh the and thus candy home would not be
complete without lit candles candles are just an amazing source of relaxation and
wonderment I sometimes like to light a candle when the Sun is about to set
while I’m making dinner that evening or curled up on the couch while reading
before bed according to a famous Norwegian saying
there’s no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable clothing but it’s still
nice to bring some of nature’s beauty indoors you can liven up your home with
houseplants of course which is lovely but don’t forget other things that
nature has to offer it’s just dried herbs and spices wooden furniture
coasters and even wooden kids toys things you need to find way now you’ll never change your mind one of the most amazing ways to create
coziness in your home is by having soft textures all around and about take cats
for example cats are amazingly soft and so cozy to cuddle up with on a cold
winter’s night what’s your big I’d love to add new
winter sheets to our bed I’m really loving bed scapes classic sateen sheets
and thank you bed scape they are sponsoring today’s video
but the pinions I have are my own and our genuine I will never promote random
things for you and that’s only products that I have used for a long time or
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we were like oh my gosh they are so comfortable you will not want to get out
of bed but the bed scape is an American brand that’s freshly launched so they’re
brand new and their sheets are designed in New York and our chemical gmo-free
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ones which I have right now are sateen which has a really nice Sheen to them
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40% discount off your entire order when you enter the promo code that I’ll give
you down below a third way to embrace the art of Hyuga is to see it finca is a
Swedish word and it means to take a break from work or activities of the day
and come together and share a cup of coffee or tea with maybe a sweet pastry
of some kind and sit back and really connect with one another fireplace is one thing that we do not
have and I really wish we did we do have a heater that looks like one but but if
you are lucky if you’re lucky enough to have one and definitely take advantage
of it there’s nothing like sitting next to a roaring fire with a warm blanket
along with a book during a cold winter’s night taking the time to prepare a rich
and comforting winter student some kind for yourself for your family or for
those in need is also nice one of my favorite things to do in the late
afternoon is get in the kitchen light a candle pour glass of red wine maybe turn
on some relaxing music while making something warm hearty and nutritious for
my husband and kids it’s also comforting knowing that their little bellies are
full and pretty soon we’ll drift off into a peaceful winter slumber indulging in a nice warm cup of hot
chocolate or tea during a cold and dark wintry afternoon is also a great way to
warm your soul whether you’re sitting down and sharing with your kids or loved
ones or just simply sitting in quiet solitude it’s nice to take a minute out
of your day to relax and unwind another tip I have for you is to keep lots of
different types of books placed throughout your home I love to keep
little baskets out of books around the house for a quiet evening at home whenever I make the time to genuinely
care for someone or put people’s feelings and needs before my own the
feeling is just amazing and the more you do this the more you’ll notice an
amazing transformation within yourself and lastly making new family traditions
is a wonderful way to cozy up with one another during this winter season we
love to sit down and plan with different types of seeds we’ll be planning in the
spring but you can plan a pizza night ritual every Friday or a family game of
movie night on Saturday nights which is always fun but creating new family
traditions and remembering the past ones probably is the most ultimate Hyuga
experience at all so I hope this has inspired you to create a little bit of
Hyuga into your home this winter thank you so much for coming back to watch
another one of my videos or if you are new then welcome we’d love to have you
as part of this channel if you’re interested in watching more my videos
and you’ll see them pop up here in just a second and thank you so much for
stopping by and I hope to see you in my next video bye sure

83 thoughts on “Winter Home Decor & Living Ideas 2019 | Ultimate Hygge Style

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    Btw.. love your nails๐Ÿ˜
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  5. Yessss….we do most of those things. I just love to curl up nice and cozy with a good book, a warm cup of chai latte tea, and a soft throw when its snowing or raining and chilly out. Have been looking for one of the fireplaces that look real. Used to have a brick one, but it was sold a few years back for some reason, thinking back it was a silly idea. Lol. I do not take well to the cold in the winter, but I just love being inside when its all snowy out. I do go out and make snow angels occasionally, my neighbors think I am nutso, a sixty five year old lady making snow angels. Only problem, my son has to help me get back up. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ””โœ๏ธGod Bless.

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  25. I love it! I am all about things that help us to pause and enjoy the simple joys that are all around us. I think these are especially helpful for people who live in areas that are cold and snowy in the winter. I hear so many people complain about it, but I love that kind of weather because I find it to be peaceful and so much more relaxing than the summer weather that makes me feel like I need to be outside getting things done in the yard. Winter is just such a beautiful time to slow down, cuddle up and eat things that make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside too! I think that's why Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.

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