Wish List “Part 1” – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 116

Wish List “Part 1” – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 116

100 thoughts on “Wish List “Part 1” – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 116

  1. Just so yah know James, my mother's dog and cat from her childhood did actually have a pretty decent relationship, has she told me.

  2. It takes a special kind of talent to make a video game adaptation of a book which is less entertaining than the book.

  3. Well i know another bad sonic game it's sonic the hedgehog Genesis for GBA and sonic unleashed for PlayStation 2

  4. I remember the very catalouges from when I was a kid I used to dream over the 87 year catololuge ah miss those days I love nostalgia cause it's my youth!!!

  5. You son of a bitch! What did bad dudes ever do to you besides blessing you with how "bad" it was
    ( bad means good in the 80s)

  6. I actually liked karate champ. I played it in a mobile port for the iPad. It wasn't as bad as the nes release

  7. Guns in magazines and no school shootings. Kid proof media nowadays and lots of school shootings. Interesting.

  8. 1988: I got an NES for christmas and i love it!
    1998: I got a new computer for christmas!
    2008: I got Halo on Xbox 360 for christmas and it’s the best game!
    2018: lol y’all poor 😂 i got a juul and airpods for christmas 👌

  9. Could you imagine if reviews like this were as available as they are now back then?
    Like i wonder if games would have been any better? Or was this the best of what was available?

  10. Fun fact: Skate or Die was developed by EA. Yes. The same EA we all know and loathe today for stuff like Madden, Fifa, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, and Anthem.

  11. Say what you will about Karate Champ game itself but besides the controls it was graphically a pretty fair arcade translation, all things considered. That said…

    NES Karate Champ controls were loosely based upon the arcade version. Part of the problem though is that the arcade version had two joysticks per player. Additionally, while the left joystick was fairly intuitive for character movement, the right joystick was almost anti-intuitive. The right joystick was mapped for techniques, while additional techniques could be performed with a combination of both the joysticks (at the same time).

    When DataEast remapped the controls for the NES, they were actually easier and more intuitive than the arcade version. However, they were still complicated because, except for a few which were performed by buttons alone, they required d-pad input also. Therefore, many of the moves were mapped and the control turned out to be much less intuitive than the 6-button fighters that emerged in the early 90s. Until you got used to it, it was definitely a must-read-manual situation.

    Also, for all versions the hit boxes were essentially the head and the stomach of your character, so even if you were right on top of your opponent and punched past him, it wouldn't register a hit. As a player, this either added to your frustration or made you appreciate the "skill" of delivering techniques to their intended target.

  12. Karate Champ was one of the best arcade games of the 80s using the proper twin stick system. Never played home console version so cannot comment. Although IK+ on the Atari ST was amazing.

  13. The karate kid game picture looks like someone just drew a picture, because its not pixelated like all NES games were, its lines and textures are way too sharp to be an actual image from any kind of NES game, even the building has a super clean super sharp curve, which was impossible on NES because of course it was just an 8 bit console. It would be lookong more like stairs than actual clean curve like it is lol so im almost positive they literally just drew a picture lmao

  14. It's days like these where i ponder if AVGN will ever do a some sort of review-series for the Sonic Series, in general
    Like, going from obscure bad games to notorious bad games in one package.

  15. His wish is that every single video game without any exceptions should be erased and obliterated.

    Let’s face it, he’s a hater.

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