World Famous Rock Climber Gives Savannah Guthrie A Lesson | TODAY

World Famous Rock Climber Gives Savannah Guthrie A Lesson | TODAY

54 thoughts on “World Famous Rock Climber Gives Savannah Guthrie A Lesson | TODAY

  1. Even a small climb in Central Park is nerve-racking, so we're glad Savannah had Alex close by! Can't wait for everyone to see more of his bravery in "Free Solo."

  2. Alex Honnold's free solo of El Capitan was probably the greatest human athletic achievement to date – in any sport. I would think that should garner him enough respect from NBC to actually include his name in the title of this clip. Can't wait to see the latest (no doubt incredible) documentary from Jimmy and Chai.

  3. Why because we need him to live a long life in order to lead and teach others the mental game. Please G-d. Also the art approach perfected by Phillipe perhaps you guys can connect.

  4. Alex is a very likeable and intelligent young man. But to say that you’re ‘not afraid’ (at some point) is a mistake. You’ve proven yourself, Alex, so please don’t take any further risks – without a rope, particularly as you’ll now start to age. Free soloing can quickly turn to free falling, with intense regrets experienced on a very rapid descent.
    Dave, Australia

  5. Just watched free solo and it is the most intense film I have ever seen! Alex Honold is the most humble and grounded man, capable of things that no one in the history of humanity has even contemplated! Much love Alex, now….time to hang board!

  6. There is a great piece written about Hunnold's brain. Basically, he has a completely different reaction to stimuli than normal people. His amydala simply isn't triggered by things that usually invoke fear and emotion. Looking at a dismembered body basically feels the same to him than looking at a tree.

    "The control subject’s amygdala and several other brain structures “look like a Christmas tree lit up,” Joseph says. In Honnold’s brain, the only activity is in the regions that process visual input, confirming only that he had been awake and looking at the screen. The rest of his brain is in lifeless black and white… Where there is no activation, there probably is no threat response. Honnold really does have an extraordinary brain, and he really could be feeling no fear up there. None at all. None whatsoever."

  7. There is literally NOTHING impressive/cool/brave/awesome/amazing/inspiring about this. This man is a dangerous moron who has been lucky so far, however luck ALWAYS runs out. Anyone who understand maths knows that this man will die soon.

  8. Somebody needs to stop this guy and talk some common sense into him. All His skill in the world will mean nothing on his way down.

  9. This is a good time to exercise your ability to apply logic to a scenario. The film says "Anyone who made free-soloing a big part of this life is dead now" – This doesn't mean they died free-soloing and in fact some of them didn't, they died doing other things.

  10. Such a contrast when it pans back to the "journalists" in the studio. What a contrast in character that really is.

  11. I wonder how many people are going to get the free solo bug and push it too far because of this film! I hope no one but that seems unrealistic! Either way it's worth the cost! Exploring human possibilities always comes at a cost!

  12. its crazy that hes fell so many times doing the climbs with the ropes on, but without them never a single error, wow

  13. Its funny to see non-climbers look at this as just smething sombody did,when in fact you have the best climbers in the world with their jaws on the floor in awe of just how beyond their skill level this actually was.
    Its night and day

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