World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar, Farts in a Jar, Mellow Fluffs | A.T. #134

World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar, Farts in a Jar, Mellow Fluffs | A.T. #134

Hey drop in the comments if you think I should keep doing awesome time alright? This is the show where I tell you about all of the new stuff at vat19 and we’re gonna be doing some stinky science today Vat19 Awesome Time We got a lot of really cool products, but as you know before we get into that sign up for the email newsletter. Please do. It’s so easy to just follow the card or the link in the description you can save off your next order! From Vat19 all right let’s get going right into the products. Okay, just jumping right in “We’re not” Kara says we’re not jumping right into the products We do have a quick announcement You need to go check out this really fun video from Jesse and Mike they’re a comedy duo, And they had a lot of fun with our Mini circus clown bike and our VW Bus tent so go check that out Hit the description below alright now. We’re going to the products. Oh you know, I love sweet treats, and these are some of the sweetest these are called mellow fluffs and they are Marshmallow squares made for snacking. We’ve got three sweet flavors to start we got boom vanilla bean, birthday cake, and toasted coconut, oh yeah It tastes like icing on a birthday cake this one actually is called birthday cake it’s got like Sprinkles on it that tastes like the sponge cake Eric’s a focusing machine right now look at that Mmm Oh, good neuter darn good. These are all made in the USA They are kosher certified I was just thinking since they’re marshmallows like maybe we should try making a s’more out of them with our smart maker I got my mellow fluffs on here And we’re gonna send these s’mores out on the microwave s’mores maker available now at vat19 of course Kerr’s gonna go make those. I can’t really see when I eat s’mores. I’m sorry Holy gosh good dog everyone’s laughing at me cause. I’m so messy Mmm You a mellow fluff, but now I’m excited to put terrified by this next product. Send it in okay. This is the world’s hottest Chocolate bar we had this made exclusively for vat19 you cannot get this anywhere else in the entire world Not even Target okay this bar of chocolate is so Spicy that this little guy right here is all you need I don’t even think most people could eat the entire thing If you do it, how you’re supposed to which is one of these 12 pieces every minute okay, let’s roll a little footage of me trying it my legs are numb ah I Clearly could not handle the 9 million Scoville extract completely undiluted Extract okay, so it’s as hot as you can possibly get this little suckers made right here in the US I’ve already done this once and it melted my face off so I’m not gonna do it again because We have the perfect person to demo a product come on in your demo dude and demo this product oh Okay, all right all right if demo dude won’t do it. I will for you my vat19 fam squad I’m gonna try to do the challenge again. I’m gonna see if I can do more than three pieces I’m just gonna start with one piece, okay And I’m gonna do an additional piece every 60 seconds until I cannot take it anymore So this is me Jamie Salvatori. Okay doin the world’s hottest chocolate bar challenge It’s going into my mouth right now Doing pretty good. I think I can do better than I did last time though for sure where am I at? Oh, man, I thought I could do more five seconds ago. Ah Not now These lights are the worst thing Yeah Yeah, you think after a 134 episodes. I’d be used to being under these hot hot lights, but I’m not Just like my wife, I got it in my eye It’s really hot if you think you can do more than six pieces and go for more than six minutes Go ahead and buy yourself the world’s hot chocolate bar available now only at Oh, man, that was hot boom That’s right. It’s time for sponsorships outstanding reviews and recommendations Yeah This episode sponsor is guns of boom that’s right guns go boom Actually kept that may be a better name guns go boom anyway. It’s guns of boom. It’s a first-person shooter Here’s what I like about it all you got to do is get your crosshairs on an enemy, and it fires for you I love it for those of you serious gamers. You can turn that feature off though all right I think the best thing is to just show you the game and do a battle so I’ve made a clan Eric’s join my clan You ready to paddle, bro. Yeah? My seafoam iPhone case oh You need an old beer Spin it right back out. Okay, didn’t whine oh You’re level four right Yeah, okay, let’s do this get my six or something like that right got one of my sights Oh, there’s a sniper on the roof sniper got me. Ah so easy tagging me I’m throwing a grenade at somebody Is that you? Know that’s play I got 100 I’m gonna find I See you All I can’t build that guy I helped kill him with you nice existed killer behind you okay? Here’s this other two come on. Let’s pack it in pack it up pack it in there on the roof I Just went in on a suicide mission. There’s three of them on top of a roof man We got to get behind them, and throw some grenades those fools know they’re going down nah. They came down off that roof I want to get up on top of here and throw a grenade up. I just threw a grenade against the wall How do I? I was knifing that guy. I just might eat vanilla. I got the grenade up there though, man. We work in ER Lots kick yeah, 33 seconds I Just killed one. I feel like we’re coming to them. You know I just killed two dude EE. Gore +12 Nice, I’m saying it We need high score with 73 the head kills him and there sis you know what but look at this Yes–why player really had three people in our team. We were going up against four see it’s not our fault. We were out man Yeah, we are out man alright If you guys want to play guns of boom just check out the link in the description below level five, bro You just got a little arrow fibro I’m only at like four and a half. Let’s get back to the products We got another spicy item throw it in here This is pepper laced lemonade and it’s exactly what it sounds like it’s lemonade That’s been infused with a spicy habanero of pepper. It’s really good It’s made in the USA, and it’s sweet, and it’s spicy, but it’s not gonna kill you whose do like that much I’m just guessing on the ratio I Think I need a bit more. I’m just good Hmm, it’s spicy sweet, it’s nothing like the world’s highest chocolate bar. Just a nice kick I went ahead and I sent some of this to someone who I know would love it the southern gentleman I’ve got him on the phone. Let’s find out what he thought about it Great did you get the pepper laced lemonade I sent you hold on dear daddy. I was on my back porch Listen to the hum of the cicadas as I enjoy yes What did you think of it? Oh? Well it was spicy and a ghost pepper fought? Jamie I’ll tell you it was spicier then that guy named Sean oh Yeah I saw some highlights on Instagram. Oh it was spicier than Posh Spice It’s incredibly even spicier than that man me. She’s married to well. Thank you southern gentlemen I hope you enjoyed the pepper least lemonade get yourself some pepper laced lemonade I’m excited about this look throw it in okay. This is the finest quality farts in a jar batteries included Just take the top off It’s kind of wet there’s six of different sounds that was a their spinner right I Think your pants got dirty on that one for to the jar is also this episode’s stupid science come on in here stupid science Titillate my mind give me your best hippo Oh Hypothesis yeah hippo right short a question that could be tested yeah hit low for sure for the children out there the farts in the Jar Got me thinking could one actually store a fart in a jar for later hmm Right, so, I just so happen to have a fart in a jar yeah earlier today. I squeezed one out and his Chuck I’ll be the one to open up the the fart jar and see if I can smell Jamie’s fart inside of this jar because my Nose has been cleansed. I’m not smelling my own farts currently. Oh you. I didn’t want to escape I Think that fart has left that jar Jamie dang it I was worried. I was worrying it’s Possible the specimen was contaminated if you go back and watch the tape I was low worried that maybe the fart Didn’t quite get all the way in the jar maybe the bottling process was a little rushed if you’re a scientist watching this maybe take a break from like your important research and just See if you can get a fart Najjar Thanks alright. This is a fun one. This is called capture-the-flag Redux it allows you to play capture the flag In the dark which is awesome because capture the flags already a cool game And this has everything you need you’ve got to light up orbs So these are the flags that you have to capture and you also get a ton of these Bracelets they come in two different colors, and they light up as well to identify people on your two different teams And then you get all these little markers okay these light-up markers Which you can use to define jails or just like the halfway point of your game ton of fun We played it had a great time an awesome video for it You’ve seen footage of that right now for those of you where it’s still warm out And it’s getting dark earlier get yourself capture the flag Redux and you can have a ton of fun playing capture the flag in the dark Cara send me in something useful alright So this is a carabiner that also has a built-in fire starter see Boom, how perfect for the outdoors is that this thing is made from stainless steel, but it’s coated in titanium You’ve got a utility blade. You’ve got a flathead screwdriver right here, and this is a bottle opener This is not designed for climbing It’s more of utility carabiner But it does have a weight limit of 50 pounds so it can hold a lot of stuff, so let’s set something on fire Okay, I read on the internet that Cotton balls plus baby oil is a good fire sort of thing and in fact a lot of outdoor enthusiasts will pack that oh that was a lot oh I did it. I made fire. Let’s put that out That was cool. I’ve never done that before fire bener available now that nineteen calm. All right. It’s time for some fan art Maybe this is a sign we shouldn’t do awesome time anymore I mean I love these three, but awesome time episode 1000 so somebody wants me to keep making them I’m gonna stop feeling sorry for myself. I love your fan art If you want to send in your own fan Art here is our address and you can see it on a future episode of awesome time I’ve mentioned on the wall back there alright It’s about time to wrap this episode up But before I do oh and remind you to check out guns of boom download that now from the App Store Maybe you can find me and Eric in our clan all right. It’s few videos around me be sure to hit those great videos We’ve been working on social media leaks down here below Twitter Instagram Facebook fan art was great this time Thank you guys so much for all the fan art that you send us all the time always warms all of our hearts. He is Hilarious dudes that might be the mic and the jessie they did the thing and uh? We’ll see you next time. Oh, yeah See you next time Thanks p.m.. Squad

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  1. Friend’s Birthday

    Friend: Whats this?
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    Friend: Its empty…
    Me: No its not (⌐■_■) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. man screw you Eric you got your glory for winning over Jamie a couple of times, you took his hot dog and you don't want to demo the chocolate bar and make the glasses guy in pain? Eric you are such a coward.

  3. Maybe it’s because I like the outdoors and gear, but the carabiner is my favorite thing you guys have…that’s not edible.

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