World’s Worst Wedgie?

World’s Worst Wedgie?

– Ah!
– Oh God! – What? – Oh wait, what just broke? – Today we’re having
fun with the Heroclip, a strong carabiner with
a super handy hook. Now we’re gonna be testing its
weight limits with a twist. Each Heroclip will be supporting a barrel, which is connected to a wire, that is clamped to our
contestants’ underwear. Drawing a ping pong ball will determine how much weight to add to your barrel. Now when your Heroclip breaks, (barrel thudding) you get a massive wedgie. Now we’re only doing one
thing with the Heroclip, but it’s a whole lot
more versatile than that, so check it out. – [Narrator] The Heroclip
attaches your stuff, but also lets you hang your gear. The hook is double-jointed
with a fully rotating arm and a gripping rubber cap, so you can hang your stuff anywhere. It’s really handy for outdoor
trips, and in everyday life, and just for random things that come up. This clip is rated for 60 pounds. But we’re gonna see how
much it can really hold. (ominous music) – All right nerds, you
ready to get wedgies? – The Heroclip is rated for 60 pounds, so we’ve preloaded it with 60 pounds. (laughing) – Wait, what? – Okay.
– And what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna see how much
weight we can add to this before the Heroclip breaks. And once the Heroclip breaks. – Oh! – What?
– Look at how tight that is. – That is a serious wedgie.
– In the glutes. Is this safe, Danny? – Ish.
– We’ll put cups on you guys, ’cause there have been incidences where there have been
injuries to the front regions from a back wedgie, believe it or not. – I guess let’s go get ready. – [Danny] Put the cups on. – For this fun game. (dramatic music) – Drew, you’re up! – All right. – That was a good one. – Oh, good pick!
– Well done. – 20 to start.
– 20 pounds! – [Joey] Nice. – Oooh! – I think we’re alright! – Guess it’s my turn. – [Drew] 20, 20, 20, 20. – Five, baby!
– Are you kidding me? – I’m still nervous even
though I got a five, and I just watched you get twenty. Nope, no breakage! – Ohhh! – No! – This is starting to seem
like a really bad idea, guys. – Starting to? (laughs) – It looks like it’s
bending, but I have no idea. – Is it bending? I don’t know, should I
clench my butt or not? I don’t know what to do with my butt! (laughing) – Ohh!
– Yes! – Look at Danny, how he’s backing up. – He’s got his feet away from the bottom. – He’s got his feet away,
he thinks it’s gonna pop! – You’re in like, borderline tears. – You’re more than
double its weight limit! – I feel like I’m golden still. – Five? – Five? – Are you (bleep) kidding me? (laughing) – He is cheating, I don’t
know how he’s doing it. – Okay, a 10, a 10. Again, I don’t know
what to do with my butt. (laughing) Like, I don’t know. – I can’t help you. – Oh, oh! – Did you feel something? – I felt something! – Drew, you’re up! – Oh gosh. – Ohh!
(laughing) – I got a 20! (laughing) Just like, bending forward. I don’t want it to hit me in the back. – [Danny] It’s not gonna
hit you in the back, buddy. It’s gonna hit you in the butt! – I got a 20! (clapping) My first 20. Guys, I gotta share something
with you real quick. – Uh-oh. – Uh-oh. – When I get nervous, sometimes I fart. – Oh God. Guys, look! The clip, the little latch, it’s pulled away so it
doesn’t even work anymore. – [Drew] Mine is way off! – 20! – Jamie takes the lead! (laughing) – Why are you moving away, Danny? – I don’t want it to smash
my feet when it breaks. – Are we in the danger zone? – No comment. – Do you know when it’s gonna pop? Is it ready to pop? Look at that face! – [Joey] 20 more! – I got 20 more. – I think this is it for you, dude. – Look at Danny. – Look at how far away he’s standing. – You would, too! – How’s it looking, Joey? – It’s not good, man. – Oh, I can’t believe these
things are still holding. – I got a 5! – Why are you even playing this? – You are such a jerk! – I just feel like it’s
gonna be a 20 again, I just want a five. Okay, 10, I guess that’s better than a 20. – The suspense in here, man, everybody’s– – Cut it with a knife! – Quiet as a mouse. – 10, again. – Oh man, I’m getting so nervous. I’ve already farted twice, guys. (dramatic music) (gasps) – Oh, oh, Drew, don’t look! Your little clippy thingy, the shiny one, it just went boom. – Oh, okay, Drew, Drew, you should look. You should look now. – Yes! – 20. – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. I just have like, feelings
that I wanted to share about, just like what’s happening in this video. – Any more stalling gets 40 pounds. – Five pounds! Oh, no. – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12! – He’s covering his eyes back there! (gasping) What’s that noise? – That was the little thing coming out. – Oh, man. – You guys keep getting–
– What’s that, Drew? – It’s a 20! – That’s your new leader, folks! (groaning) – Come on, break! Break, break, break! – Come on, Heroclip! – It’s holding! – What’s Joey at? – Oh, oh! I don’t know, but he’s 20 more now. (laughing) – 270! – Oh my gosh, Jamie, you are so close. – That, oh. – What’s with the face? – I just saw the top clip go (squeaks). – Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man. My poor butt. – That’s it!
– You’ve got to be kidding me! How? – Oh, sh, dang, there’s
not a lot left there! – You think it’s gonna
slip off the bottom one or the top one? – No, I don’t think
it’s gonna slip at all. In fact, I think it’ll
hold infinite weight. (laughing) (dramatic Western music) – 20! – [Joey] Take your time. – Do a quick dump! Joey! (clapping)
Joey! Another 20! – Oh gosh, this is really wobbly. – So we’ve run out of sand ’cause these have gone past
our tested breaking point. So we’re switching to weights now. – A 10.
– 10! – What’s 10 more pounds
when you’re at 350, right? No big deal. It’s like three percent. (loud booms) – Oh gosh! (screams) – Wait, what just broke? (exhales) Come on! (exhales) It’s like getting a shot, you know? You don’t want to look at it. (gasps) – I don’t feel anything. – Oh God. – We’re at six times
the weight limit, baby! – This feels like a five. – Yeah it does. (laughing) – But it is a 20. It’s been fun playing, guys. – You’re probably fine. – But your butt won’t be. – It’s a 20. – Here we go. 10 pounds. It’s not gonna break, not gonna break. (metallic clangs) (yelling) – What just happened? – Mine started to drop! – The hook at the top was like, over, it bent and caught on that little hook that was holding the gate. – ‘Cause yeah, I’ve got a slight wedgie! Mine’s pulled up! – Yeah, I’m getting snug. – Drew, go get it! Go get it, Drew! – 20! – 20! – You’re welcome. – Okay. – Oh boy. That’s gotta go. – Yup, it’s going. (yelling) – Oh, how is it hanging on? (yelps) – It’s hanging on just like
ours, by that little tiny hook! – This is terrible! (laughing) – This is the worst game ever! The anxiety! 10. – 10! Give him a 10! – I like how you’re running away like you just lit a firework, and you’ve got your ears covered. (sighs) – I don’t know if it’s
gonna make it another 20. – I don’t think it’s gonna–
– I don’t either! – It’s looking real rough. – It’s hanging on by nothing! (loud metallic snaps) (yelling) (slowed metallic snaps) (slowed yelling) – Oh, it’s so high! (laughing) – (pained yelling) – Oh, oh, ow my butt! – Guys, it’s up to his shoulder blades! Oh my gosh! – I’m getting out of here. – I’m getting out of here! – Oh, so far up! It’s permanent! – That had to be the world’s
fastest wedgie of all time. (laughing) That was like, instant wedgie! – [Danny] After about
over 400 pounds, it broke! – Everything’s out of wack. So what’d you guys think of the Heroclip? – I’m impressed. – I can’t believe it. – I can’t believe it! – The wedgie was uncomfortable. – Little bit? – Yeah, the wedgie was very uncomfortable. – It looked rough. – Is that the biggest
wedgie you’ve ever had? – Yup, it’s up there. – Yeah?
– Yeah, probably. – Oh, it’s up there. – Probably top one. – It’s really up there. – Top one wedgie. – Yeah. – Alright guys, thanks for watching! If you wanna buy your own Heroclip, head on over to,
check out these videos. See you next time. – Whose idea was this? – This was yours?
– That’s why we played – I thought it’d be funny! – This is a good new rule, VAT19, I’m instituting it right now. You come up with the
idea, you have to play it. – What are you guys doing
today? Gettin’ wedgies? Cool. – You don’t wanna play? – Nope, I’m out. – ♪ ♪

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