Wow! DIY Lamp Post: Farmhouse Christmas Decor On a Budget!

Wow! DIY Lamp Post: Farmhouse Christmas Decor On a Budget!

For most of my adult life I have
desperately wanted a fireplace with a mantel that I could decorate and make
beautiful and of course hang my Christmas stockings from… and I’m not
gonna tell you how old I am and how long I’ve been waiting but it’s been a while and while I do have plans to build a fireplace wall hopefully in the near
future I still don’t have one for Christmas but that is okay now you’re
gonna want to stick with me to the very end because in addition to the DIY
lamp post project that we’re going to do which is going to be amazing by the way
I’ve also partnered with Cricut to bring you another additional amazing DIY using
my all-time favorite find I’ve ever found at the Dollar Tree so if you want
to find out what that item is and what I’m doing with it if you’re gonna want
to stay tuned I am on my way to the store to pick up a few things for our
DIY I’ve seen a couple of episodes out there kind of a similar idea but they’re
using items from like the Dollar Tree like stacking rolling pins on their
sides and I applaud the ingenuity I think it’s great and awesome but I just
picture my kids just destroying that within like the first 30 seconds so
today we’re gonna be building one that will hold up to kids and stand the test
of time hopefully that’s the idea alright so it’s a whole 57 degrees outside here in Florida I know you there’s a lot of you probably going Oh cry me a
river but that’s actually kind of cold for Florida but we are starting out in
the garden center I’m hoping to find a pot or something that we could use as
the base of the lamp so we’re gonna see what we can find maybe it’s inside
I hope it’s inside that’s warmer! at the bottom of lamp posts
there’s usually like a nice decorative thing at the bottom so I’m thinking
about getting a pot and just cutting a hole and sliding it on as a little
decorative element so I think this will be perfect I’m here in the outdoor
decking area and they’ve got several options here they’ve got a big spindle
that I’m considering and then they also have some little spindles here that I
might consider those are a little cheaper
I’m just really debating with the lantern that I have since it’s a little
bit smaller I might do this two spindles together or I might do the big bulky one all right so we’re back from our field trip and I’ve got my hot glasses on and
that’s because we’re gonna be cutting here on my saw I ended up deciding on
going with the big one it was only like $13.50 (US) and it was just so much more
substantial and more sturdy and I just thought it would work better overall and
$13.50 (US) is a great price if you got this in the indoor one it would be about fifty
to eighty dollars of course this is an outdoor one so the the finish is much
rougher so we may want to sand it down a little bit depends on if you’re ok with
the rustic look or not I decided I want to screw a piece of wood into the top
part and for that to be flat so we’re just going to go ahead and flip this up
onto my miter saw and take the finial part off so make sure you wear safety glasses and
take extra precautions we can cut this off it’s not a big deal we’ve got this! so let’s line this up and here we go that was such a perfect cut that I can
definitely use this somewhere else for something so I’m going to hang on to
that but this is a nice flat flush cut and it’s going to be perfect so now what
we’re going to do with this post is I have some end cut offs from a dowel that
I used for another project so I have these for free but you can go to any
craft store or even Walmart and pick up a dowel this is a 5/8 inch dowel and it’s
going to be less than a buck so they’re really really inexpensive and what I’m
going to do is I’m going to drill a hole into the sides of my post and we will
just use some gorilla wood glue and glue these into the sides and that is going
to be perfect for hanging stockings or attaching a wreath or other decor so
these are going to be very functional as well as decorative we want our dowels to
be on the same spot on either side so I’m just going to measure down three
inches and then we’re gonna find Center which on this is 1 and 3/4 inch now I’ve
got a wood boring drill bit you can see here and this just drills out really
nicely for a dowel so that’s what we’re going to be using and I’m gonna protect
my eyes because I think a lot of dust might be flying and then we are going to
drill super easy you can handle this I promise you! and then we’re just gonna do
it on the other side and there you have your hole for your dowel and now it’s a
good time to give the whole thing a good just sand down all right so it’s not perfect but it’s a
lot less rough I just ran my electric sander over it if you really wanted to
do a good job then you would want to take like a hand sanding sponge but this
is good enough for me I’m not being super picky on it okay so before we put
our dowels in we are going to build a base for it just so it’s more sturdy I
mean this is pretty sturdy but you can easily knock that over and the way we’re
gonna solve that is we’re gonna attach this to the bottom so this is just a
piece of scrap wood left over from my bench that I built and in the past I’ve
told you how to get some free scraps: ask a friend, check construction site
dumpsters, and then also you can find free scrap wood on Facebook so you don’t
need to spend any money on this part so this is just for my scrap pile and then I picked up this you’ll remember from our shopping trip and what we’re gonna
do is I’m gonna just kind of cut a rough circle it’s not gonna be a perfect
circle because it’s out of scrap and that’s what’s gonna fit but what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna set that on top of it and then we’ll cut a hole for this
post to set into this is not going to be offering any kind of stability it’s just
more purely decorative this is shaping out great I’m so excited
about this I’m gonna put in four screws just for
good measure I couldn’t get this to squeeze out so all we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna cheat the system here a little bit and we’re just gonna dunk it
in the glue and shove that in hopefully it will go in be nice and snug though
like that’s the idea we’ll just clean up any wood glue that’s dripping so now
it’s almost time to paint it but before we do so I was looking at this and I
felt like these edges were a little unfinished so I went searching around my
house and let’s see what I got in my pocket all right so here’s what I came
up with because I didn’t want to spend any money on finials I went rummaging
through some old games and I came up with a couple of chess pieces and I
think this is like a mini I don’t know checker or something so what I think I’m
going to do is I’m going to use this mini checker piece and that will finish
that off and then we’ll put the little chess piece on end and that will kind of
serve as a little finial and I think it’s gonna work out just great and I
didn’t have to spend any money on it so feel free to do that when you need it
like a little something extra go rummaging around your house you’d be
surprised what you come up with so what we’re going to do is I’m gonna use some
e6000 it’s my go-to adhesive it’s a very strong stuff and then we’re also gonna
put on a little bit of this hot glue as well just because it will give us some
instant stick just a quick reminder that we still have
that secret project coming up at the end of this episode so make sure you hold on
for that when I originally planned this project I had a lantern that I was going
to use and it was this one and it’s really cute right?! after I got the larger
base I put this on top and it looked like a tiny little head on a big body
it’s a really cute Lantern and I think it would have worked really well if I’d
have gone with a skinnier spindle but since I went with a bigger one I decided
I needed a bigger Lantern so I went over to Michael’s and got this right here and
that looks much better right so much better
so I pre drilled a hole we are going to line everything up I think this turned
out fantastic and we did it for under 40 bucks even with getting the new lantern
it was still under 40 dollars which is a steal for something this big that we can
use year-round now I promised you that a secret project then we’ll come back and
style this and you’ll see it in its full glory now it’s time for that secret
project I told you about at the beginning of the episode and my favorite
dollar tree find that I’ve ever come across and that is this Buffalo check
Christmas stocking honestly it is a really good quality and for a dollar it
just blows my mind the fur is actually pretty nice and very
soft and I like the color and the Buffalo check is really cute but I still
thought that I could take it up a notch with the help of cricut’s easy press so
this is what we’re gonna do is I found some of this strong bond cricut
black glitter what I was thinking is that I could put our names on these
stockings using the easy press which is I’ve had a chance to play around with it
and is so much fun so the first thing I’m going to do is go into the Cricut
design studio so for the boys I’m going to put in more of a masculine font and
then for the girls then I’m gonna use a more of a feminine font so we’re just
going to go in here so one little tip I’d give for you
is that you need to set this on custom settings because it’s a glitter product
and under custom settings you hit on glitter iron-on so I’ll cut deep enough now it’s my favorite part- weeding. I use this pointy little tool and then we
should in theory be able to pull this back and the iron-on stays okay so now
for the fun part we’re going to turn on our easy press we’re going to set it to
320 degrees and once that’s warmed up we will set it right in the middle there I
like that so now we’ll just take our easy press it warm it up for five seconds: one,
two, three, four, five… set it aside real quick that warms it up then we’re going
to place our name press it down a little bit and then we’re going to do 20
seconds of firm pressure so we’re gonna hit our timer and that’s 20 seconds
there and then we’re gonna peel it back and look at that! isn’t that amazing I love it look at the
sparkle I am so obsessed with this lamp what I
love about this lamp post is that it’s a very sturdy this is something that’s
going to stand the test of time it’s not gonna fall to pieces and so therefore
it’s a really good value at under $40 so the foundation of this was probably
right around 20 bucks and then whatever you spend on your lantern it is gonna
kind of determine the rest of the cost it might be one of my favorite DIY home
decor projects I’ve ever done what do you think let me know in the comment
section below what you thought and also in the comments section below let me
know what you think of the Dollar Tree buffalo plaid stockings that I
customized with the glitter vinyl and using the easy press
I love cricut products I’m such a fan like seriously I wish I would have got
one years ago they are a little bit pricey but Christmas is coming up so if
you want to get one i’ll provide a link below I would put on those because it’s
just so much fun in the so versatile the possibilities of the Cricut machine are
endless thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed today’s episode let me
know by hitting the like button and if you haven’t already I’d ask you to
consider subscribing to my channel below and making sure to turn on the Bell
notification so you don’t miss out on any of my episodes I hope you learn
something new today and I hope you have a fabulous and wonderful day see you
next time

89 thoughts on “Wow! DIY Lamp Post: Farmhouse Christmas Decor On a Budget!

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