Xiaomi COPIA a Samsung con su nueva Mi Mural TV | El Recuento

Xiaomi COPIA a Samsung con su nueva Mi Mural TV | El Recuento

Today in “El Recuento”: Xiaomi launches a new TV with pure Samsung’s style! Also, we have another release by Samsung concerning the Fold. Huawei announces an approximated launching date of the Mate X. Moreover, Apple pays a lot of money to Amazon to have its own cloud services. And to finish: a student demands Apple for fake accusations. Let’s start! Hello, thanks for coming to a new video of this channel. We’re here ready to bring you all the updates from the tech world, and you know, be sure to subscribe to keep updated everyday about what’s happening here. What do you think if we check the results from last video’s survey. I asked you if you think or not that Huawei beats Samsung as the number one before the year ends. The majority of the people think that yes. So, it’s very interesting this competition between both of them that honestly, are fighting face to face. Let’s go to the first news, it’s very beautiful, very attractive. Finally, a manufacturer has dared to launch a prototype very similar to Samsung’s in the area or segment of screens, televisions. As you know, Samsung has a model called The Frame, which is technology allows that practically, it’s simply a frame in your wall. The screen doesn’t stick out, leaning or that you must collocate it on a table. In fact, it’s like a painting that you put there as a decoration. In this case, Xiaomi has launched a similar model. Moreover, it launched four new models like common ones, smart TVs of 32, 43, 55 and 65 inches. Prices vary around 145, 265, 397, and 530 euros respectively as I mentioned the models. But, as I told you, these are basic models, common ones of smart TVs. All of them with a processor of 64 bits to even play on the TV since they have a very good operating system, compatible with HDR10. Excepting the smallest model of 32 inches. Here the interesting screen is the called Mural TV or Art TV. In this case, this is the one competing against Samsung’s Frame TV. In this case, it’s smaller! It’s size is 65 inches, only this model, 4K resolution, of course it supports HDR, and it has a 1.8 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 of storage. Also, it has a system of speakers with two tweeters, two buffers and two loudspeakers with 24 watts power. The screen technology isn’t specified, but I considered its OLED because of its thickness. I’m not completely sure about that info. What is true is it has the technology Mi-port by Xiaomi which is very similar to something that Samsung launched some time ago. This allows the screen to be completely thin to simply paste it on the screen. Connections and everything else is in a separated module which connects to the TV with only one cable. So, only a very thin cable will connect to the TV and anything else to connect like the HDMI, everything else, you connect it to the separated module. You have a very good style, in your TV, your television, your wall. So, this looks very, very well! It has an artistic feature very similar to Samsung’s. This shows a gallery of artworks, and even camouflages with the wall. So, everything is very inspired on Samsung. This screen’s price is around 950 dollars. Honestly, because of its characteristics, its design and everything else, it’s very attractive its price. Obviously this is in China, but we hope Xiaomi little by little launches its TV screens to other regions. Let’s go next news. Time to talk again about the Galaxy Fold case. Samsung has released a new statement, more complete concerning the info we’ve been checking from mini statements. So, in this case, Samsung has said: “Samsung has just introduced a new mobile category totally innovating which uses a lot of new technologies and materials to create a screen very flexible than can folds. We feel very excited concerning expectations generated by the Galaxy Fold.” So far, it’s giving an idea of encouragement, not a tragedy. It continues, “Many of the people who have tested this new device have emphasized its great potential, but some of them have indicated it needs some improvements to guarantee the best user experience ever! To carefully analyze such feedback and execute more internal testings, we’ve decided to postpone the Galaxy Fold’s launching. In the next weeks, we’ll announce the official launching date of this device.” So, just as I told you in these days, Samsung canceled these events, and simply has just said a new date will come but they haven’t established it, so we aren’t sure when the arriving will happen. They haven’t said in a month, for example, so, this could be postpone until they launch its next high-end device, like the Note 10. We aren’t sure in this moment when the date will be. The statement continues, “The initial results from the problems in the screen which we’ve received show that these could have happened because of impacts in the more exposed areas of the hinge, the upper and bottom parts. We’ve also known an incident where substances found inside the device affected the screen performance. We’re going to take measurements to better protect the screen, and we’ll improve the guide of use and care of the screen, including the protecting cover so that our customers have the maximum performance of their Galaxy Fold. Samsung values our customers’ confidence to Samsung, Customers are always our priority. Samsung’s compromise is to always work closely with our customers and partners so that industry advances. We thanks you all your patience and comprehension.” So it turns out that sadly, Samsung again trying to be the first company and launch a new device, or in this case a new device category, it has done something wrong. They didn’t prepare everything as they should have. They’re gonna delay the launching which is good so that there aren’t more incidents and it finishes as a totally tragedy. This is already a small one but it neither isn’t a big one! So, we must wait for the next date to be revealed. As I told you, we don’t an exact day or month. Let’s go to the next news because the ones who came back to confirm their device launching are Huawei, who have said that for July, of this year of course, it will be launched the Mate X, Huawei’s foldable phone. They haven’t made fun of Samsung like they could since Samsung failed. Huawei usually does it. However, they’re seriously taking it (it could be their phone also failed). Then, they’ve only affirmed that in July, this devices launching will happen and now, we question who will be the first successful foldable phone. We knew that the first foldable phone, for example, was Flex Pie, but it wasn’t a great tech phone. It was very ugly and uncomfortable. Then, Samsung arrived saying, “Hey, we’re finally here!” We thought everything would be great, but sadly, we’re at the middle of a small tragedy. So, now there is Huawei at the end. Let’s see if they’re the first successful foldable phone, I repeat. Although when having its foldable screen in the outside part, it’s a little more delicate, from my point of view. This screen will always be exposed to the bad atmosphere, So, let’s see what measurements Huawei takes to avoid a failure or tragedy when this device is for sale. Let’s go to the next news, according to a statement from CNBC, Apple pays 30 millions of dollars monthly to Amazon, it’s a lot of money! But this because Apple doesn’t have its own servers, they might have some of them, but to save data like iCloud, which they bring to their users for some bucks to have this service with enough storage, they provide for free a small part but then you must pay, so it neither is that Apple has to cover all the expenses with its own money. I guess with the money they receive each month, they also pay their rent. It’s not only for those services but also the app store, Apple Pay and Apple Care apparently are they all saved there. In this statement, they said Apple is investing money to have its own data-center, if we can call it that way. They surely don’t want to depend on Amazon since, if in any moment, Amazon dares to increase the rent cost, Apple should increase users’ rent, and this type of problems. Then, Apple doesn’t want to depend on other companies. Talking about Apple, the next news is very polemic since a student has decided to demand Apple after receiving accusations by this company which were false. All of this informed by Bloomberg, so this young man is Ousmane Bahes, he’s 18 years. He lives in New York and according to this information, he asking for 1,000 millions of dollars for damages and prejudices. Apparently he was accused multiple times of stealing on Apple’s stores. After that, they said, “Oops, no, you weren’t the wanted person. We got confused with our identity system.” Police arrested at his house this young man since November 29th. The curious part, this person told Bloomberg that he didn’t look like the one in the photo. That’s why he’d decided to demand Apple which is very curious. It’s okay they try to stop this type of robberies to stores since they’re disgusting, but it’s very weird and curious that they arrest a person who neither is a culprit. And mainly that they did it with facial recognition and all this type of things! It’s supposed that technology should help us to make less mistakes, but in this case it helped to make more mistakes! Now, we’ll see if Apple wins or losses this judgment. It’s very strange! A lot of money for this demand! CNET has tried to contact Apple to know Apple response, but by the moment, Apple has decided to say nothing and we supposed they won’t. If we know something new, it surely will be through the accused student. He’s very young, but also very smart trying to demand and get a good money amount for reputation damages. So, I hope you liked this video; if yes, you can indicate it, see you next time! SUBSCRIBE – CONTINUE ENJOYING MORE CONTENT

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  1. Amigos, tal como Samsung les agradezco su paciencia y comprensión con mi editor (o sea yo mismo), los títulos y la encuesta están mal.

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