19 thoughts on “You Can Paint A Wall! My 5 Pro Tips

  1. I’m giggling lol. I buy a good angle brush for my cut in. I don’t need tape. Love the canvas too. Great tips.

  2. No Rubber Ducky! I watch because I like you're doings. Three things I put off as long as possible, first Painting, second Plumbing, third Roofing, drywall is a Never, Eric do try to get a little of that paint on the wall not the coveralls. Oh, Love the Tin Ceiling! Wish I had known you back when I was working in the City and out on the Island. 20 – 30+ years ago.

  3. Get paint clothes from the second hand store or when I was in school in shop my mother got us military clothes to wear, very durable

  4. Great vid! I never would have thought of a mini roller for cutting in.

    Question for you, since you have a lot of painting experience. My wife and I want to paint our house. The walls are previously painted with orange peel texture. Can I just paint over these walls or do I need to remove the orange peel texture and then paint the wall?

  5. Soooo, my wall was teal. I want to paint it butter cream. I put one coat of Kilz latex stainblocker. I think I see blue shadow in some spots. My roommate doesn't. My neighbor says go ahead and put the yellow on and the shadow will disappear. I think I should do another coat of the white Kilz primer first, but don't want to waste my time nor materials. What do you think? ❤🌅🌵

  6. I'm pretty good cutting in with a brush, but was going to try the mini roller, thanks for the confirmation. Any advice if my mini doesn't have the plastic button? ❤🌅🌵

  7. I've done a lot of painting, too, and I totally agree with all of your tips. Have you tried Frog Tape? I've seen ads for it and wonder if it works as well as they say. By the way, I love that green color.

  8. Hi Eric, thank you for sharing your tips with us, some really great advice. Can you please tell me the name of that colour, it's absolutely gorgeous, I want to see if I can get it in Australia; I have a room that colour would be perfect for. Cheers and thanks for a really great channel, I have been a long time subscriber and really enjoy your content. Best wishes from Australia. Brenden.

  9. Can you do a video on painting wood paneling. I have a basement with lots of paneling and I'm wanting to paint over it .

  10. I think, we don`t have Wall colour in such small Cans. The only Wall colour i know is in 5 oder 10 litre Plastic Buckets. And i REALLY just painted my living room from silver-grey/white to complete white (photos available) The good thing was, that i have NO base boards at the moment. Next part is, to complete the half-woodened floor…. 🙂
    By the way: i have a big one but i used the small roll for "everything". With brushes i am painting like in the Kindergarden… .-)

  11. Ok, I covered my roller and tray with plastic wrap, and life happens. How long do I have to get back to painting without suffering from dry spots on the tray etc. In your experience, does it help to put the tray & roller in the freezer or refrigerator to extend the time? 💜🌞🌵

  12. Keep a 5 gal pail of kitty litter around for paint spills. Won’t help on carpet much, but really helps on tile & hardwood.

  13. Paint the covers AND the outlet. Use a dry brush technique for the outlets. Pro hint. Afterwards cover with a matte poly or wax.

  14. Question: I’m still not convinced that painter’s tape or drop cloths are worth the time and effort. Did you use them that much you were a painter?

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