You’ll Never Guess Where He’s Actually Hiding • Hidden in Plain Sight #3

You’ll Never Guess Where He’s Actually Hiding • Hidden in Plain Sight #3

– [Jamie] Thank you to Wix
for sponsoring this video. Wix, the place to create
professional websites. – My boss and I like to play this game, where I try to hide from
him at work all day. This time I think I have a spot so good, he’ll be able to see me clearly, but it’s gonna take
him all day to find me. (funky music) – All right today’s the day, Hidden in Plain Sight number three, I’m just gonna go knock this
out in about 15 minutes, go find Danny, send him back to work, all right let’s do this. (upbeat music) So Danny is hiding somewhere
in the VAT19 building, he has to be in plain sight which means he can’t build
himself inside of a wall or be inside of an air conditioning duct, and he’s trying to make
it the entire work day without me finding him. Normally I start at 8:30 but today, I’m starting at nine because apparently Danny needed an extra
half an hour to hide. Mind you, they’ve been here since 6:30 okay so it’s taken him two
and a half hours to hide, what is he doing, wait a sec. My phone just, “Welcome
to work, glad you finally “decided to join us.” (laughs) I’ve been waiting around
for you to be ready, okay? What’s this, why is Nina in here? – What?
– What is this? – [Jamie] That’s your office. – This is my office. – So this is what you
guys have been setting up for the last half hour, is moving her computer into there? This is Nina’s office, she
moved all of her stuff, but see it’s just too obvious right why would he move her, I
would easily know that. What is he somewhere in here? I don’t know what’s going on here today. So Danny made a website for this, “I’m Danny and I like
to hide from my boss. “I’m currently hiding from my boss, “let’s chat in the box
below until he finds me “or gives up.” – So I might be the only
person on the video team who doesn’t know where Danny is. – [Jamie] You don’t know
where he is either!? – I don’t know where he is! So we’re kinda in the same boat here. – You wanna come help me find him? – I’m good, I’m just gonna
like do my job, I think. – Step one, I need to go
find a poking instrument to (laughing)
poke stuff with. This looks real good. (loud poking) See that would be clever
if he turned himself into a refrigerator. Is he in my office? I guess while we’re here we
should promote some products since we’re in the warehouse. These have been so hot so far. These are the Bob Ross
positive energy drinks. Maybe I should down one of these, get myself some positive energy, I’m gonna find Danny. Oh, I haven’t checked
any of the bathrooms yet. Coming to find you Danny! All right, I mean it’d be weird if he was in the women’s bathroom, but. I gotta check. All right, he’s not in
the women’s bathroom. (wooden clicks) It’s me, Danny, I’m in the wall. (intense booming) What is this? All right, why are all
the posters missing here? Normally there’s one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight posters. I’m sure it’s a ruse, I’m
sure it has nothing to do with anything, I’m sure
it’s a red herring. – I don’t know. – See, another red herring, right? You guys are all conspiring against me. Oh, would that be cheating, for me to go look at the security camera and see when he took all
these down, I don’t know. That’d probably be cheating. Where’d he put all the posters? Why am I like a cat that
keeps getting distracted by his stupid things that he’s doing? It looks like he’s sending
me more messages though, trying to taunt me. “‘Hey Danny, what do you gonna
do if he doesn’t find you?’ “‘I guess sleep at the office.'” He’s bunkered down then. You guys get here at the
same time Danny does, and you’re telling me
you didn’t notice him taking all the posters off the wall? – Who is this Danny you speak of? – Why are you guys being so weird today? – Sarah have you seen Danny?
– Nope. – Are you lying to me?
– Nope. – Would you tell me if you were lying to me?
– Nope. – What are you doing on your phone? – [Kara] Communicating. – [Jamie] Come here, let
me see your phone Kara. – [Kara] I cannot allow that. – What do you mean you cannot allow that, you guys are perpetrating all sorts of red herring type of
stuff on behalf of Danny. Has anyone said, “Hey
Jamie, I’ll help you look!” Look at these three, the
three Benedict Arnolds, all conspiring against me. (whacking)
Danny! Where are all my posters? – [Woman] Your yelling is scaring me. – I’m just looking for
anything out of the ordinary. (whacking) I don’t know what it’s like. Moving Nina and the DVD posters
is all a clue, or a ruse. I feel like it’d be a
mistake to hide in my office, ’cause I have to come in here to do stuff. (phone notification bleeps) “It’s Danny again, I’ve taken
over the Twitter account “you can chat with me,” okay. “I wish Jamie were better at this “so I could use the toilet. “Team Danny or Team Jamie?” What is this!? He’s really going too far this time. “Just leaving this here for Jamie, “good luck bro, Danny.” A red fish, oh it’s a red herring. (chill music) (intense sound) What what, guys, what’s
with the fake person in the forest set? – [Other Man] Are you talking about Donny? He found Donny! – Is this more red herrings? Pathetic, pathetic, just wasting time. (quirky music) I feel like it’s important to look up, that would be a smart play. What is this, some more red herrings here? These look like his clothes here. Look at that, slim skinny. If that’s not Danny I don’t
know who that belongs to. No one else wears slim
skinny khakis, I think, other than Danny, so those
had to be his clothes. If he’s gotten totally naked, just Austin Powers himself
inside of something and he’s just been in
there for like six hours sweating all day, I feel like maybe I’ve won already. There’s a pair of slim skinny khakis on the ground in there, which
have to belong to Danny. (chuckling)
Did he do that because he’s some place hot? Him taking off the clothes
he could be up high, because the heat rises. But I do wonder what form Danny has taken. If I’ve looked right him but
he didn’t look like a person, he was y’know a guitar case
or something like that. I’ve said it the whole time, he’s made himself look
like an inanimate object, and I just haven’t noticed it yet. – [Cameraman] Jamie have
you checked Twitter? – “Update from Danny, Jamie must have quit “because I’m assuming
he’s not even looking “if he hasn’t found me by now, “I’m practically staring him in the eye.” I know exactly where I was 15 minutes ago when this tweet came out. – [Other Man] You onto something? – I don’t know, he sent out a tweet saying I’m practically
staring him in the eye, so. He’s either in here or in that room. Unless he’s in my office. ‘Cause I was in my office
for a while doing some work. So maybe he’s sitting in my office? It might be illegal
but I just got an idea. I’m messaging Kara from Danny’s computer asking her to bring him some water, okay. So, we gotta quickly follow Kara. If Kara takes my text message bait, I can then pull open the security cameras on my phone and watch where she goes and she might lead me right to Danny. This is the security camera for Studio A. I don’t see Kara. I gotta see where she went. Again, on her phone. So you have been communicating with Danny throughout the day. Okay.
– Yeah. – Okay.
– Yeah, I have. Okay, cool, cool cool
cool, all right cool, cool. I just need to check something on your computer real quick. – [Kara] He just asked me. – [Other Man] It was him, it was Jamie. (suspenseful music) – What are you doing? – (laughs) I’m detecting! – [Kara] You’re being shady. – Yeah get back to taking stuff to Danny. Here’s what we know. Okay, he’s clearly half naked somewhere, sweating like crazy if that
slack got her that worried. Curled up half naked somewhere, just sweating and tweeting. Danny sent me another
picture of a red herring. So it’s the end of the day, and I haven’t found him. I’m gonna be so pissed
if he’s been in my office the entire time. I think I would notice that. Maybe I haven’t. (quirky-funky music) – When are you gonna give up? – I’ll let you know, but it’s not yet. – [Cameraman] I just wanna point out that this is a new record for Danny. – I’m running out of time. – I think you’ve probably seen him more in this one than you
have in the other ones. – That’s amazing. Down to the wire here, got five minutes. Probably seen him more today. Man, that’s frustrating. (sighs) We got one minute. I think he won this one. I don’t know where he is. – [Cameraman] You will
find Danny in your office. (groans) – I thought he might be in there. I had a lot of fears as I
was walking into my office, because if where he was
hiding was super obvious, I was gonna feel so dumb because I’d been in my office for like an hour and a half throughout the day doing work and taking phone calls. (suspenseful music) (laughing) Unbelievable.
– He was on your desk the whole time. (ascending suspenseful tone) – There’s this phenomenon
where security guards will look at their monitors all day long and not even notice something because they’ve been staring at it. So there’s one of these security
cameras in the warehouse, that’s right next to a shelf. The shelf is really high so it’s hard to see from the ground, so I thought if I put a big box up there I could just hide in their all day with the top open, so if
he knows where to look it’s basically not even hiding. – I’m gonna find Danny. – We put a bunch of my clothes that I wear normally every
day in the dressing room so it looks like I might’ve
changed into something. We put a dummy in camouflage
in the forest set. We’ve moved Nina’s computer
into another office and she’s gonna just
pretend like she’s never not been in that office. And then we’ve taken down all the movie posters in the hallways, we’ll try to just get him out of his zone. – I hid a camera here in all this junk here in Jamie’s office, and hopefully he doesn’t
see it all day, we’ll see. (lift buzzing) – So I can see all the
security cameras on this iPad, so I’ll be to track Jamie. What Jamie’s having trouble finding me, he goes in his office
and takes breaks a lot. So I’m really counting on him being right there next to me, and
me just waving the whole time. – Oh my desk?
– Mm-hmm. – I’m looking at my
desk, and I’m thinking, there’s nothing here! – [Cameraman] From where you are, you can monitor him. (amusing music)
– Monitor him? (upbeat comical music)
0h. (sighs) That’s pretty good. That’s pretty good. I am literally stunned. Was he sitting there like?
– The whole time. – [Jamie] What’s up Danny? I saw you on the camera. – You did?
– That was a good one. – [Danny] Staring you in the face all day. – I know, are you wearing pants? – I am wearing pants. – [Jamie] Okay, I saw the
pants you left for me. – That was a red herring. – I can’t believe you
were there the whole time, that was very clever. – Yeah, it was good. It was a lot of fun, at least for me. You know I got to be on
the website the whole time chatting with everybody,
which was pretty fun. – Yeah I was telling ’em about that, this video was sponsored by Wix. Tell ’em about the website we made. – Yeah they made it pretty easy, we just dragged in a
simple comment feature and I was able to chat
all day with anybody. We just shared that link to our audience and they hopped in. – [Jamie] Yeah it was really
fun to make a website dedicated to this series of videos,
Hiding in Plain Sight. I put the whole thing in like an hour. I mean I picked a template,
they have so many free templates to choose from, I grabbed some pictures that I had, uploaded ’em, cropped ’em, I even actually made one black and white using their editor, it took like two clicks. I was able to pick a design I liked, I was able to add a
video carousel into this, so I could put y’know the previous videos and then one I could add it and then subsequent videos will add to the video carousel, which was really easy to set up. I was able to give it its own domain name really easily, – You don’t have to be
a professional coder to do this website, it’s all drag and drop
and super easy to use. Awesome professional templates, great graphics, fonts. – The interface is extremely intuitive, what you see is what you get, I mean if you can use a word processor, you can make a website for your business or your resume, or portfolio. – If you can use the internet, you can put something on the internet now. – Oh, that’s smart. – Yeah, it’s that easy. – That was like a clever
little tagline there. – You can have that for free Wix. – Thanks again to Wix for
sponsoring this video, we had a ton of fun and
we’ll see you next time. (beep) If I set off the fire alarm I’d probably find him pretty quick. But, y’know that’d be cheating. (beep) No I’m giving John a tour. – [Other Man] Oh how’s the tour going? (beep) – Did we ever find out
where he was, I don’t know. – [Group]

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