YouTube – NSU’s Room Splash #11

YouTube – NSU’s Room Splash #11

Hi I’m Victoria Rajkumar, and I’ll be

showing you around my dorm tonight. Let’s start with the bathroom. All right. This is my bathroom.
It’s super clean. It’s nice. I put a bunch of flowers in there,
poster, and a towel. It looks really nice. My superhero poster. I love superheroes. This is my room. This is a painting I made a while back,
it’s the signature part of the whole room. This is my photo wall with
all my friends and family on it. I miss them so much, but they make
wall look absolutely beautiful.
Thank you guys. This is my schedule. I try to keep it colorful so I
can remember
and keep track of everything. This is a little shrine I have from gifts

I’ve been given throughout the years. It’s really sweet. Everybody gave me little things
to keep me safe. I have a book from Sister Helen Prejean and a little booklet from the Dr. Kevorkian interview. I got both of their autographs, and I think it’s so cool that we
got to meet these people and NSU decided to bring
them here. Thank you NSU. This is my big chair where I do my
studying. My books are there. Here’s the wall tapestry. It’s really colorful,
and the video does it no justice. It has om symbols decorated all around it. So it’s really cool. This is my study area where I do all
my work, my homework, meet those deadlines, all that good stuff. My wall decorations, another clock. None of the clocks in my
room work unfortunately. Let’s see.
Here are all my textbooks that I keep. More books, some tarot cards,
and lots of water. I have a lot of textbooks and water. All right.
Let me show you into the closet area. This is my closet.
I have a ton of makeup, a ton of belts. Here is another thing that I love. It’s a little necklace that says,
“Take risks, take risks.” It’s the perfect thing to
wake up to in the morning. Here’s my bed area. It’s really cool because it’s so magical.
Everything is just dreamlike. Let’s see if I can get it in the shot.
Another tapestry. Here’s my fridge area.
I have a lot of vitamins.
A lot of vitamins. I have a little surprise to
show you about the room, really. Let’s get a clear shot of it first. Very nice. My bed lights up.
I think it’s so pretty. It’s the perfect thing to fall asleep to.
The lights are completely safe. They’re little flowers with
light bulbs built into them, and it just makes it for a very
whimsical place to live. This is the best part of my dorm.

My dorm is a happy place. It’s colorful, it’s beautiful,
and it really matches the person. I think everyone should have
their dorm matching to them. So thank you. I hope you enjoyed my room
much as I enjoyed making it. All right, thanks.

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